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How to Check Voter ID Status: Track Your Voter ID Card Status Online

TeamAckoApr 30, 2024

Voter ID card is provided by the Government of India who wishes to participate in electoral functions, either to vote or to participate in elections as a representative. Moreover, it acts as an important identity document, any correction or update can be done in the voter portal website.

The voter portal site was created to provide a variety of services to voters like applying for a new voter ID card, accessing contact details of officers, applying for corrections in voter ID cards, and accessing details such as electoral lists and constituency-related information. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to check voter ID status, including details about voter ID card status, voter ID status check methods, and steps to track voter ID application status.




Steps to Check Voter ID Card Status in NSVP Portal

To track the voter ID status, you will have to first register in the NVSP portal. If you have applied for the new Voter ID Card or any corrections in it, a couple of years back it was only possible through a physical visit to the election office you can track them. Nowadays you can check them online, by phone call or even through SMS. Now follow these steps to track the details.

  1. Log on to the NSVP portal.

  2. Enter the registration ID number that was provided to you at the time of registering your Voter ID.

  3. Click on the “Track Status” button.

  4. The status will be displayed on the screen.

  5. You can also track the status by calling 1950 from your BSNL phone.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to register in the portal.  

  1. Open the NSVP portal.

  2. Select the Login/Register on the site.

  3. Now, register as a new user on the site.

  4. Enter your mobile number and the captcha given, to get an OTP in your phone.

  5. After the registration process, you will be able to register either with an EPIC number or without it.

You will get two options after this, 

  1. If you choose the ‘I have EPIC’ option, you will get registered by providing your EPIC number, email ID, and password for the same.

  2. If you choose the ‘I don’t have EPIC’ option, you will get registered by providing details such as name, email ID, and password.

Once the registration is complete, you can now track the status of your application on the NSVP portal.

How to Check Voter ID Status via SMS

To check the status through SMS, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. SMS your ‘EPIC’ number followed by the Voter ID application number.

  2. Send the SMS to the Electoral Officer.

  3. The phone number for sending SMS differs for each state. The SMS Format is as follows; VOTE<space>voter ID number.

Given below are the lists of contact numbers for different states.

Andhra Pradesh


VOTE< space >voter ID number



ELE< space >voter ID number



BTH< space >voter ID number



KAEPIC< space >voter ID number


54242 | 537252

ELE<  space >voter ID number



CEOODI< space >voter ID number

Tamil Nadu


EPIC< space >Voter ID number

Uttar Pradesh


UPEPIC< space >voter ID number

West Bengal


WBEC< space >voter ID number

Example: Voter ID card Status Chennai

For instance, voters belonging to the capital city of Chennai-Tamil Nadu can check their Voter ID status on the official website of CEO Tamil Nadu. If you are from Delhi, you can easily track your application status using your phone and contacting the registered number of the Tamil Nadu election commission. You will have the unique serial number on your application, provided to you when you completed your submission. The CEO Tamil Nadu website also has additional features which enable you to locate their Block Level Officer , respective polling booths and other information on the elections.

Each state has a unique website address that allows you to keep track of your application, depending on the steps mentioned in their respective websites.

List of the states with respective website for tracking Voter ID card status:

Name of State


Andhra Pradesh (AP)

Telangana (TG)

Assam (AS)

Arunachal Pradesh

Goa (GA)

Gujarat (GJ)

Bihar (BR)

Haryana (HR)

Himachal Pradesh (HP)

Jammu and Kashmir (JK)

Karnataka (KA)

Kerala (KL)

Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Maharashtra (MH)

Manipur (MN)

Mizoram (MZ)

Odisha (OR)

Punjab (PB)

Rajasthan (RJ)

Sikkim (SK)

Tamil Nadu (TN)

Uttar Pradesh (UP)

West Bengal (WB)

Delhi (DL)

How to Check Voter ID Application Status by Name

An individual can check the status through name also, by entering the details of name, father's name, age, gender, name of the district and state of the constituency on the official website of the Election Commission of India.

Wrapping up!

Once you have applied for new voter ID card or correction of the same, you ID card will be dispatched within 2 to 3 weeks to your address; in the meantime you can check the status through online methods using your EPIC number, SMS or through your name by entering your details in the official website of NSVP portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Voter ID Status


How can an individual check their voter ID card status online?

An individual can check the status of their application online through the Official website of the Election Commission Of India, through SMS and by calling the helpline number.

What are the details to be provided to check the status of the application?

The status of the application can be known by entering the details such as Name, Age, and Gender or through the EPIC Number provided while filling out the Form 8 applications.

Are there any methods to check the status of an application?

Yes, you can check the application status through SMS or through a phone call by dialling 1950 on the BSNL phone.

How can voters check their name in the electoral roll online?

To check their name in the electoral roll online, customers will have to visit their state Chief Electoral Officer’s website on the link, 'Check Your Name in the Voter List' and fill in the required details and information.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.


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