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Road Tax in Jharkhand: Complete Guide on Calculation, Rates & Online Payment

Team AckoApr 30, 2024

Numerous wildlife sanctuaries, lush green forests, dazzling waterfalls, and a wealth of mineral reserves - this state in eastern India is blessed with it all. Jharkhand enjoys excellent road connectivity thanks to its extensive network of state and national highways.

While few experiences are more exhilarating and satisfying than driving your dream car, doing so comes with a set of obligations that you must fulfil. If you are a registered vehicle owner, Jharkhand road tax payment is a legal obligation you must comply with.

The Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of Jharkhand, 2001 requires every vehicle owner to pay the mandatory Jharkhand vehicle taxto lawfully drive a vehicle on its roads. Read our in-depth guide on Jharkhand road tax to learn further details about the same.




Jharkhand Road Tax

All vehicle owners are obligated to settle the statewide road tax at the time of registration as stated under the provisions of the Jharkhand Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 2001.

The authority to direct the management and implementation of the Jharkhand vehicle tax rests with the state government.

The revenue generated through road tax is directed towards the development of the infrastructural network of the state where you register your vehicle at the local RTO. This ensures that the safety of commuters is not at stake.

The key features of the Jharkhand road tax are given below.

  • A green tax must be paid in addition to the standard one-time tax. Transport vehicles older than 12 years and personal vehicles older than 15 years are liable to a green tax at 10% on the total amount of tax owed.

  • All battery-powered vehicles are eligible for a 25% rebate on tax payments.

The regulations governing road taxes vary from state to state. If you hail from Jharkhand, it is precisely for this reason that you must be aware of the Jharkhand vehicle tax structure to ensure prompt payments.

Calculation Of Road Tax In Jharkhand

The imposition and execution of the Jharkhand vehicle tax lie with its state government which evaluates it based on a set of defined parameters. The established criteria for the computation of Jharkhand vehicle tax are as follows:

  1. Vehicle's unladen weight

  2. Vehicle's engine capacity

  3. Age of the Vehicle

  4. Intended use

  5. Model

  6. Location

Road Tax In Jharkhand For Two-Wheelers

Schedule 1 of The Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of Jharkhand, 2001 lists road tax against two-wheelers in the state. Take note of the following table for details on RTO charges in Jharkhand payable at different phases of vehicle registration.

Stage of Registration

Percentage of one-time tax

Upon first registration or up to 1 year of age at registration

A road tax equal to 6% of the vehicle's cost before GST is due

The registered vehicle is between 1 and 2 years old

95% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle is between two and three years old 

90% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle’s age is within 3 to 4 years

85% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle is between 4 and 5 years old

80% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle’s age is within 5 to 6 years

75% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle is between 6 and 7 years old

70% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle is between 7 and 8 years old

65% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle’s age is within 8 to 9 years

60% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle’s age ranges between 9 to 10 years

55% of tax paid at registration

The registered vehicle’s age exceeds ten years

50% of tax paid at registration

Jharkhand Road Tax For Four-Wheeler Vehicles

The percentage for road tax levied by the Jharkhand RTO is 6% of the vehicle's purchase price, GST excluded. For a pre-owned car, an additional 3% tax is levied. Moreover, a further 15% is chargeable if the vehicle is priced above 15 lakhs, excluding GST.

The table below depicts the road tax in Jharkhand for four-wheeler vehicles.

Duration since vehicle registration

The tax rate paid while registration

Within 1 to 2 years


Between 2 to 3 years


Within 3 to 4 years


Between 4 to 5 years


Within 5 to 6 years


Between 6 to 7 years


Within 7 to 8 years


Between 8 to 9 years


Within 9 to 10 years


Beyond 10 years since registration


Online Payment Of Road Tax In Jharkhand

All vehicles operating within the limits of Jharkhand, whether commercial or otherwise, are liable to pay Jharkhand vehicle tax according to the Jharkhand Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 2001.

The authority to collect the one-time taxation amount payable by vehicle owners in Jharkhand is vested with the RTOs. Failure to settle the required Jharkhand vehicle tax in the appointed time frame can subject you to legal trouble with significant penalisation.

A hassle-free alternative to the conventional offline payment method is to pay the RTO charges in Jharkhand online. All you need to do is adhere to the easy-to-follow steps mentioned below.

  • Access the official website link of the Transport Department of Jharkhand.

  • Tap on the "Tax Payment" tab.

  • Enter your vehicle registration number and press "proceed".

  • Select the "Pay your Tax" option.

  • Fill in your mobile number to generate an OTP.

  • Tap on "Show Details".

  • Proceed to payment once you verify the information displayed.

  • You shall be redirected to the payment gateway, where you must pay the Jharkhand vehicle tax to conclude the transaction.

Vehicle owners may also head to the nearest RTO to pay the Jharkhand Vehicle taxoffline. With the assistance of an RTO official, you will be able to complete the payment process. You may receive a receipt after clearing the tax dues, which you must keep secure as documentation of your payment.

Penalty For Non-Payment Of Jharkhand Vehicle Tax

The Jharkhand Motor Vehicles Taxation act provides for the imposition of road taxes on vehicles in the state. You risk severe punishments and steep fines if you fail to comply with the specified deadline.

The state determines the penalty for failing to pay road tax. These fines, however, cannot go beyond 100% of the taxes owed.

For instance, the penalty charged for non-payment cannot be more than Rs. 1,500 if the road tax payable is Rs. 1,500. In this instance, the total tax sum levied cannot exceed Rs 3,000.

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The Final Word

As a vehicle owner commuting to and fro on the roads of Jharkhand, staying well-versed with the norms and regulations specified by the state goes a long way toward being a responsible citizen.

One such legislation you must comply with is paying the Jharkhand vehicle tax. Since tax evasion is a punishable offence, you must refrain from it by paying your outstanding road tax within the designated timeline.

Additionally, the Motor Vehicles Act directs every vehicle owner to maintain insurance coverage against his/her vehicle. Non-compliance with these norms draws steep fines and penalties. Explore Acko's wide assortment of car insurance plans to discover the one best suited to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the common questions regarding to Jharkhand Road Tax.


 Is it possible to check a vehicle's validity with its registration number? 

Yes. Follow the simple instructions provided below.

  • Access the state transport department's official online portal.

  • Select 'vehicle registration'.

  • Fill in your vehicle's registration number and proceed to 'search'.

  • You may now be able to view all the data associated with registration, including its validity.

How is the road tax paid? 

To make an offline payment- show up at your local RTO with KYC and relevant registration-related documents, fill out form 20 and submit the paperwork. Remember to collect your receipt after completing all payment formalities.

To make an online road tax payment in Jharkhand, log on to, tap on 'Tax Payment' and follow all essential steps to fulfil the payment process.

Can a vehicle from another state be driven in Jharkhand? 

Under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, it is permissible to drive a vehicle duly registered in a State in any part of India. However, if the registered vehicle owner brings his/her vehicle and relocates to Jharkhand from a different state, such individuals must re-register the vehicle in the state they are currently residing in, i.e., Jharkhand within 12 months of moving.

Are there any vehicles exempt from paying road tax in Jharkhand? 

The Jharkhand Motor Vehicles Taxation Act exempts vehicles operated exclusively for agricultural purposes from paying the road tax in Jharkhand.

Is there any said duration for payment of road tax? 

Vehicle owners are liable to pay a road tax in Jharkhand at the time of registration. Individuals may opt for a lifetime tax charge or yearly payments, subject to the vehicle type.

Where do I file road tax appeals in Jharkhand? 

If you wish to raise an appeal, inform the taxing officer at your nearest RTO of your concern. The official shall be able to address the inquiries regarding your concern.

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