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BMW G 310 GS Bike Insurance

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BMW G 310 GS Bike Insurance

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BMW Motorrad is known for its penchant for producing quality and premium motorcycles. They include roadsters, cruisers, sports and adventure motorcycles. The latter has created a niche for itself among adventure motorbiking enthusiasts. With the BMW G 310 GS, the company has entered the much-coveted and competitive mid-capacity adventure motorcycle segment. For a bike built with passion and the utmost care, it also requires a well-balanced insurance plan to protect against accidental damage. Read on to learn about BMW G 310 GS bike insurance, how to buy or renew online and the claim process.

Importance of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance for BMW G 310 GS
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Motor insurance for your BMW G 310 GS with the Third-Party two-wheeler insurance is mandatory as per the law. Since it is a legal requirement, it is your responsibility to insure your bike at least with the third-party insurance. BMW has raised the bar with G 310 GS with premium parts, features and technology making it one of the best mid-capacity adventure motorcycles in India. Repairing or replacing the premium parts can be expensive, especially due to accidental damages. However, with comprehensive insurance, you can be assured that both third-party liabilities and own damages are covered. Below are the benefits of buying bike insurance for BMW G 310 GS:

Bike Insurance Plans for BMW G 310 GS
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The mandatory Third-party bike insurance does not cover the insured vehicle, which the Comprehensive covers both third-party and the insured vehicle. Below are two types of insurance plans for your BMW G 310 GS:

Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance
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Damages to the third-party property or life will be covered under Third-Party bike insurance plan; however, it does not cover the insured bike.

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance
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Offering a wider coverage, this plan includes both third-party and the insured bike in case of damages or losses.

Coverages Comprehensive Insurance Third-Party Insurance
Third-Party Yes Yes
Damage to the Insured Bike Yes No
Riots, vandalism, and other man-made calamities Yes No
Personal Accident (PA) cover for the policyholder Yes Yes
Fire, explosions, theft, etc. Yes No
Floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities Yes No
Add-ons Yes No
Customise Sum Insured Amount Yes No

What’s Covered in BMW G 310 GS Bike Insurance (Inclusions)?
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The Comprehensive bike insurance for your BMW G 310 GS includes mandatory Third-party insurance along with the benefits or coverage for the mentioned-below liabilities:

Exclusions of BMW G 310 GS Bike Insurance
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The following are the main exclusions of the insurance policy for the BMW G 310 GS adventure motorcycle:

Add-ons for BMW G 310 GS Two-Wheeler Insurance
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To increase the coverage of the basic Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan, add-ons increase the scope of the policy. Below are the add-on covers available under two-wheeler insurance:

1. Zero Depreciation
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The depreciation of parts being replaced or repaired is not considered while settling claims.

2. Pillion Rider Cover
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Through this add-on, cover your pillion rider apart from the Personal Accident cover for the policyholder.

3. Invoice Protection
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Get the invoice value of the bike in case of total loss or damages due to fire, theft, etc. instead of the Sum Insured amount.

4. NCB Protect
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Protects the No Claim Bonus (discount) even if you raise a claim during the insurance policy period.

5. Engine Protection
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Get coverage for engine damages such as oil leakage or water ingression since it is not covered under the comprehensive insurance.

Claim Procedure
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The claim process can be different between insurance companies. However, the basic approach is the same and the following are the steps to raise bike insurance claim online:

*You can also opt for the reimbursement method, usually considered a long process.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Vehicle insurance for your BMW G 310 GS is not as complex as it seems. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions related to two-wheeler insurance for your BMW G 310 GS:


Can I buy online insurance for my BMW G 310 GS and is it reliable?

Yes. New-age digital insurance companies such as Acko, offer paperless and hassle-free experience while shopping for a bike insurance policy. Not just while shopping, but also while renewing and registering a claim. For a premium bike such as the BMW G 310 GS, it needs premium bike insurance as well. You can simply visit the website or download the mobile app to transact online without much effort.

How can I reduce the insurance cost for my BMW G 310 GS?

Compared to the traditional insurance companies, digital-first companies deal directly with the customer without the need for an agent or middlemen. This has led to a reduction in the operational cost for the insurer and the benefit is passed on to the customer. Also, you can instal security devices such as anti-theft devices to secure your bike. Insurers consider your priority for safeguarding your bike and may offer a lower premium on the bike insurance policy. Additionally, you can become a member of the associations such as the Western Automobile Association or the Automobile Association of India.

How to renew insurance for my BMW G 310 GS?

Renewal of two-wheeler insurance has become quicker with the advent of online insurance companies. The entire journey of renewal is easier with the paperless transactions. Simply log in to your account through the website or the mobile app and select the insurance to renew. Also, you can switch to a new insurance company while renewing the insurance for your bike. Enter a few details such as the registration number, existing policy details, year of manufacture, the variant, location and personal details to renew the policy and get the policy document instantly to your email address.

How much does it cost to insure my BMW G 310 GS in India?

The cost of bike insurance for your BMW G 310 GS depends on various factors. These include the cost of the bike, location, year of manufacture, among others. You can get a bike insurance quote from digital insurance companies such as Acko and then decide the best insurance for your adventure motorcycle.

What is the best IDV for my BMW G 310 GS bike?

IDV or Insured Declared Value is the approximate market value of the bike. This can be customised as per your requirement. However, any changes to the IDV will alter the premium cost. IDV is the payable amount in case of a total loss of the insured due to theft, fire, etc. It is important to insure the bike at least with the current market value and not lower even though that might decrease the insurance cost.

What types of documents are required to insure my BMW G 310 GS bike?

To insure your bike, you will require the registration details, cost and location details of the bike. Furthermore, you will have to provide personal documents such as ID and address proof. However, with digital insurance companies such as Acko, you do not have to submit any physical document. It is completely paperless. Through the power of the internet, you can visit the website or the mobile app to insure your bike. Enter a few details such as the registration number, year of manufacture, the location of the bike and existing policy details to insure your bike almost instantly.

Is the inspection mandatory to renew the expired bike insurance for my BMW G 310 GS bike?

The inspection may be required in case your existing policy has expired. The insurance company will assign a surveyor to assess any damages before fixing the insurance cost. That being said, the insurance policy can be renewed within 30 days of the expiry date without any penalties. Post the 30 days, the insurer may charge a penalty or a fee to renew the policy. Any No Claim Bonus (NCB) that you have earned may be valid for a period of 90 days after the expiry and this may differ between insurers.

What are the best add-on covers that will suit my BMW G 310 GS motorcycle?

Add-on covers are designed to cover a specific aspect of the bike. For example, the Pillion Rider Cover provides coverage for the pillion rider in case of any liabilities. There is also the NCB Protect, which shields the NCB even if you raise a claim during the policy period. There are several other add-ons to choose and you can refer to the above-mentioned add-on covers.

What does cashless claim mean and how does it work?

The insurance company is tied with several garages across the country, and they are referred to as “network garages”. In case of accidental damages to your bike, you can opt to get it fixed at any of the network garages that the insurer has tied up with. The repair bill is paid directly by the insurer to the garage, thereby offering a cashless experience. This is known as a cashless claim.

Can I buy Third-Party insurance to reduce the insurance cost of my insurance policy?

Compared to the Comprehensive cover, the Third-Party insurance cost is lower. However, it does not provide cover for the insured bike. In case of an accident and that leads to damages to the insured bike, the insurance company will not cover the same and you have to pay from your pocket. Also, with the Comprehensive cover, you can opt for several add-on covers to increase the coverage for your BMW G 310 GS.

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