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BMW R nineT Two-wheeler Insurance

Riding and maintaining a high-end bike is a challenge in India as two-wheelers are prone to damages given the chaotic road conditions. Two-wheeler insurance is critical for bikes such as the BMW R nineT. A Comprehensive Motor Insurance Plan protects you against financial losses due to damage to your bike and makes sure that you adhere to the rules and regulations. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about BMW R nineT bike insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Two-wheeler Insurance for your BMW R nineT

Below are the advantages of purchasing online bike insurance for your BMW R nineT bike:

1. No Hassle of Paperwork

When you think of buying two-wheeler insurance, the first thing that comes to your mind is documentation and filling forms. But when you buy bike insurance online from ACKO, you need not worry about those things. Visit the ACKO website/app and enter three basic details: vehicle make/model, year of purchase and previous policy details to buy two-wheeler insurance. There is no paperwork and tedious documentation.

2. Easy Access Round The Clock

You can visit the ACKO website/app from your computer/smartphone to buy/renew two-wheeler insurance. You can purchase/renew the insurance policy anytime and from anywhere in the country. You need not visit the insurer’s office or agent to buy bike insurance online. Without the hassle of travel and paperwork, you will save a lot of time and money.

3. No Additional Cost

When you buy 2-wheeler insurance online from ACKO, you purchase the policy directly from the insurer. No agent mediates between you and ACKO. The entire process of purchase/renewal is transparent, and there is no hidden/additional cost. You pay only for what you buy, that is bike insurance. Without the influence of agents, you can make a wise purchase decision and get your bike insured with a comprehensive coverage at an economical price.

Bike Insurance Plans for BMW R nineT Bike

There are mainly two types of two-wheeler insurance plans for BMW R nineT bikes: Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan and Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. Below are the coverage and benefit details of both the insurance bike insurance plans:

Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan

A Third-Party 2-wheeler Insurance Plan is compulsory for your bike to comply with The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The insurance plan covers loss/damage to third-party property or life. However, the Third-Party Policy is a basic insurance plan for your bike as it does not provide coverage against damage to your motorcycle. The insurance plan comes only with a Third-Party Liability (TPL) cover and misses out on Own Damage cover.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan

A Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Plan provides better coverage for your bike as it offers Third-Party and Own Damage cover. The insurance plan covers damages to your BMW R nineT bike caused due to an accident, fire, or man-made/natural disasters. Comprehensive Plan also covers unfortunate incidents such as theft or total loss of your bike. Moreover, you can enhance the coverage benefits by opting for add-ons. The Comprehensive Policy is an ideal insurance plan for your high-end bike.

What’s Covered in BMW R nineT Insurance? (Inclusions)

BMW R nineT Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan from ACKO provides coverage against the following:

Exclusions of BMW R nineT Bike Insurance

BMW R nineT bike insurance does not provide coverage under the following circumstances:

Add-ons for BMW R nineT Two-wheeler Insurance

Add-on is an optional individual cover that enhances the coverage of the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan. You can buy add-ons when purchasing/renewing the two-wheeler insurance policy. Below are the available add-ons for the BMW R nineT bike:

Good-To-Have Add-ons for BMW R nineT Bike

You can consider purchasing the below add-ons for extensive coverage for your BMW R nineT bike:

Engine Protect Cover:

The BMW R nineT comes with a high-capacity twin-cylinder engine. Any damages to the engine can lead to a hefty repair bill. Generally, a bike insurance plan does not cover damages to the engine. But if you opt for the Engine Protect add-on, ACKO covers the cost incurred due to engine damages. Engine damages due to an accident or natural/man-made disasters are covered by the Engine Protect add-on.

Zero Depreciation Cover:

A motorcycle’s parts/components suffer wear and tear over time. During claim settlements, you receive the depreciated value of the bike. However, with the Zero Depreciation add-on, ACKO pays you the original value of the bike without considering the depreciation value. Zero Depreciation cover is one of the crucial add-ons for a high-end motorcycle, such as the BMW R nineT.

Outstation Emergency Cover:

The Outstation Emergency add-on comes into the picture when you are outside a 100 km radius of your residence. ACKO provides assistance if your bike suffers a breakdown or is involved in an accident. The add-on is useful if you go on long rides on your BMW R nineT bike.

Consumables Cover:

Generally, a bike insurance plan does not cover the cost of consumable items such as engine/gearbox oil, nut and bolts, etc. But if you opt for the consumables cover add-on, ACKO covers the cost of consumable items whenever your bike is repaired. The cost of BMW consumable items is on the higher side, so it makes sense to opt for a Consumables add-on for your BMW R nineT bike.

Why Choose ACKO Bike Insurance Policy for BMW R nineT Bike?

Below are the reasons why should you buy ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance Policy:

1. Instant Purchase/Renewal

You can get your bike insured instantly when you buy ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance Policy. Just visit the ACKO website/app and complete the online process, which takes only a few minutes. Your policy will be delivered to your email address instantly. Policy renewal also takes only a few minutes, as the entire process can be completed online.

2. No Hassle of Pre-Inspection

Generally, if you are buying a new insurance policy for your bike and if the previous policy is expired, a pre-inspection is necessary. But there are no such hassles when buying two-wheeler insurance from ACKO. There is no need for vehicle inspection, even if your previous policy has lapsed. Get your bike insured instantly without getting your bike inspected.

3. Quick Claim Settlements

You will receive an instant on-account transfer claim settlement for minor damages. If your bike needs an extensive repair due to severe damages, you can get the repair work done at any of ACKO’s network garages. You can also get your bike repaired at your desired garage and raise a reimbursement claim online at ACKO.

4. Low-Premium Bike Insurance Plans

ACKO offers bike insurance plans at a low premium thanks to the 100% digital buying journey. ACKO saves on the operational costs due to the tech-enabled digital process. Also, no agents are mediating between you and ACKO. The savings are passed on to you in the form of low-premium insurance plans.

ACKO Claim Procedure

The claim procedure at ACKO is simple, easy and quick. Filing a two-wheeler insurance claim at ACKO takes only a few minutes. Follow the below steps to raise a bike insurance claim at ACKO:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers related to BMW R nineT bike insurance:

Commonly Asked Questions About BMW R nineT Bike Insurance

How can I buy ACKO two-wheeler insurance for my BMW R nineT bike?

To buy ACKO bike insurance, all you need to do is visit the ACKO website/app. Enter three basic details: vehicle make/model, year of purchase and previous policy details. Next, choose your insurance plan and add-ons and make the payment online. That’s it. Your two-wheeler insurance purchase is complete. There is no filling of forms or documentation. The insurance policy will be instantly sent to your email address.

Which 2-wheeler insurance plan should I buy for my BMW R nineT bike?

Since the BMW R nineT is a high-end bike, you can consider purchasing the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. The Comprehensive Policy provides all-around coverage for your bike, including, Third-Party and Own Damage cover. The insurance plan also covers unfortunate incidents such as theft or total loss of the insured bike. Apart from that, you can also buy add-ons to enhance the coverage of the policy.

Which add-ons should I buy for BMW R nineT bike insurance?

You can consider purchasing Engine Protect Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, Outstation Emergency Cover, Consumables Cover and Zero Depreciation Cover for BMW R nineT bike. Note that only a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan allows you to buy add-ons. For the full list of add-ons offered by ACKO, click here.

How much time does it take to renew the ACKO Bike Insurance Policy?

It takes only a few minutes to renew ACKO 2-wheeler Insurance Policy as there is no documentation or filling of forms. Log in to your ACKO account via website/app, select the insurance policy and add-on on your policy card and make the payment online. The renewed two-wheeler insurance policy will be instantly sent to your email address.

What if my bike gets damaged due to flooding? Does bike insurance cover such losses?

Yes, a Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Plan covers damages to your motorcycle caused by natural disasters such as flooding, earthquake, etc. So, if your BMW R nineT gets damaged due to water-logging or flooding, you can raise a claim against the insurance plan, provided you have opted for the Comprehensive Policy.

What is NCB in BMW R nineT bike insurance?

NCB or No Claim Bonus is a discount benefit awarded to you by ACKO for making zero claims and riding safely during the previous policy period. The NCB discount is applied to the premium at the time of renewal of the two-wheeler insurance policy. The percentage of NCB discount depends on how many claim-free years you have accumulated over time. The discount goes up to 50% if you have made no claims for five consecutive years.

What is IDV in BMW R nineT bike insurance?

Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the approximate current market value of your two-wheeler. IDV can also be defined as the maximum claim amount ACKO pays you as compensation if the insured bike suffers a total loss or stolen.

Can I set the IDV as per my needs when buying two-wheeler insurance?

Yes. You can set the Insured Declared Value as per your requirement when buying a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan from ACKO. By default, ACKO will suggest you the optimum IDV for your bike. But you can adjust the IDV as per your needs with the help of the IDV slider. IDV is the maximum sum insured amount that you will receive if your scooter is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Hence, you must declare the correct value of your bike.

How can I get discounts while purchasing ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance Policy?

You can get a discount while buying ACKO bike insurance by installing an anti-theft/security device, which is certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). You can also get discounts by opting for Voluntary Deductible and via the NCB (No Claim Bonus) earned by you.

Is Personal Accident cover included with ACKO Bike Insurance Policy?

No. Personal Accident (PA) cover is not included with the policy. You have to purchase the PA cover separately while buying/renewing the bike insurance policy. A Personal Accident cover is mandatory as per law. You need to have only one PA cover if you own multiple vehicles.

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