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BMW G 310 R Bike Insurance

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BMW G 310 R Bike Insurance

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BMW’s two-wheeler arm BMW Motorrad is known for their desire to build dynamic and performance bikes. The premium bike manufacturer has partnered with TVS Motors to manufacture the BMW G 310 R, its smallest capacity motorcycle in India. For a premium and well-designed bike, it needs an insurance cover to protect against liabilities. Read on to learn about BMW G 310 R bike insurance and how to buy insurance online.

Importance of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance for BMW G 310 R Model:
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Insuring your BMW G 310 R with the Third-Party two-wheeler insurance is mandatory as per the law. It is your responsibility to at least insure the bike with the Third-Party cover to avoid any penalties as well as the third-party liabilities. BMW has set the standard of quality very high with the G 310 R. The bike comes with several new features and technology which makes it one of the best 300cc bikes in India. Repairing or replacing these parts can be expensive. Hence, the BMW bike insurance for the G 310 R offers the following benefits and why it is important to insure your BMW G 310 R:

Bike Insurance Plans for BMW G 310 R
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Motor insurance for your BMW G 310 R is of the following two types:

Third-Party Bike Insurance
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Damages or losses to third party life or property is covered under this mandatory insurance plan with no coverage to the insurance bike.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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Along with Third-Party insurance, it covers the insured bike as well with the option to include add-on covers.

Add-ons for BMW G 310 R Two-Wheeler Insurance
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Add-on covers offer additional coverage with the basic Comprehensive bike insurance plan. Below are the add-ons that you can choose from:

1. Zero Depreciation
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The insurer does not consider the depreciation of the bike parts being replaced or repaired.

2. Invoice Protection
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In case of a total loss of the insured bike due to fire or theft, the insurer will pay the invoice value of the bike.

3. Pillion Rider Cover
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Apart from coverage for the policyholder or the owner-rider, get insurance for the pillion rider as well.

4. NCB Protect
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Get the benefit of No Claim Bonus even if you raise a claim during the policy period.

5. Engine Protection
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In case of damages to the engine due to ingression of water or oil leakages, the add-on will provide coverage for the same.

Claim Procedure
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The process to register a claim can differ between insurance companies. However, the basic approach remains the same. Below is the process to raise a claim through the online method:

Note: You can also opt for the reimbursement method, but it will be a longer process.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Motor insurance for your BMW G 310 R is not complex to understand. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about BMW G 310 R bike insurance:


1. Can I buy insurance for my BMW G 310 R online and is it reliable?

Yes. Digital-first companies such as Acko are at the forefront in reshaping the way you buy insurance. From shopping for the best bike insurance for your bike, renewing the policy to registering claims, the entire online experience is hassle-free and paperless. For an excellent bike such as the BMW G 310 R, it requires robust insurance. You can visit the website or download the mobile app to complete the process by entering a few details. It is that simple and reliable.

2. How to reduce the insurance cost for my bike?

Online insurance companies offer insurance directly through their online platform. This results in direct contact with customers and not relying on agents or middlemen and thereby, reducing the insurance premium. Additionally, installing security devices such as anti-theft devices can reduce the insurance cost since insurers consider your priority for security. You can also become a member of the Automobile Association of India or the Western Automobile Association to get benefits on insurance policies.

3. How to renew insurance for my BMW bike?

Renewal of bike insurance is faster than before. Thanks to the internet and smartphone. You can download the app or you could visit the website to renew two-wheeler insurance and receive the policy document almost immediately. By entering a few details, you can renew insurance for your BMW bike and be protected from third-party and own damage liabilities.

4. How much does it cost to insure my BMW G 310 R?

Vehicle insurance primarily depends on the cost of the vehicle, location, the year of manufacture, among others. You can get a quote for your BMW G 310 R by visiting the website of Acko so that you cannot make an informed choice.

5. What documents are required to insure my BMW G 310 R bike?

Traditional insurance policies require several documents to buy bike insurance; however, with digital-first insurance companies, there is a completely paperless experience. That being said, you need to enter a few details such as the registration number, soft copy of your Identity Proof, existing policy details to buy insurance online instantly.

6. What is the best Insured Declared Value (IDV) for my bike?

IDV for bike insurance is the approximate market value of your bike which is the Sum Insured amount. In case of a total loss of your bike, the insurer will pay the IDV after considering the depreciation of the bike. While buying the insurance policy, you have the option to increase or decrease the IDV. However, the premium will differ accordingly. It is ideal to insure your bike as per the current market value or higher.

7. What are the best add-on covers for my BMW G 310 R bike?

There is no best add-on cover for a two-wheeler. It depends on your requirement. There is the Pillion Protection which protects the pillion, hence if you ride your bike along with the pillion, you may consider buying the add-on. There is also the NCB Protect, which protects your No Claim Bonus even if you raise a claim during the policy period. So, it is important to select the right add-on covers for your BMW G 310 R. You can refer to various add-ons mentioned above.

8. Is inspection mandatory to renew my bike insurance for my BMW G 310 R?

If your insurance policy has expired, the insurer may inspect your vehicle for any damages before fixing the insurance cost. However, if you are planning to switch to a new insurance company before the expiry date, the insurer may not inspect the bike. That being said, the process can differ between insurance companies and you will have to check the terms and conditions about the inspection of vehicles.

9. Can I buy only the Third-party bike insurance instead of the Comprehensive plan to reduce cost?

The Third-party insurance is indeed affordable compared to the Comprehensive plan; however, your bike will not be covered in case of losses or damages. It is best to cover your bike with the Own Damage component to avoid any unfortunate financial loss due to accidental damages. Additionally, the Comprehensive cover has the option to include add-on covers which further increase the coverage for your BMW bike.

10. What does cashless claim in bike insurance mean?

In case your vehicle is damaged due to an accident, you can choose to get it fixed at any network garages that the insurer has tied up with. Through these garages, you can avail cashless facility since the bill is settled by the insurance company and the garage. You may have to pay only the deductibles.

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