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Five Point Checklist for a New Bike Rider 🚴

Team AckoNov 23, 2021

There are so many emotions attached to a new bike. For some – it might be a reward, for others – an escape, and in general – a god-send ride that saves them from the ever-growing crowd in public transport vehicles. Whatever your reason to buy a new bike, you must agree on one thing, safety. Bike riding has its share of adventurous spirit associated with it, but it is often at the cost of safety.

Checklist for a New Bike Rider

As a new rider, you must acknowledge the thin line between being adventurous and inviting trouble. Accidents are unpredictable, no one can guarantee an accident-free ride. However, one can certainly say that not following basics increases the chances of an unfortunate incident.

The importance of safety is closely followed by apt bike maintenance and other related activities. Read ahead to know more about a 5-point checklist for a new bike rider.

1)  Traffic Rules:

Rules ensure order. Imagine you are riding your bike on a highway and suddenly 50% of the riders stop following traffic rules. Chaos. As a new rider, it is your responsibility to understand basic traffic rules and follow them.

Not following such rules can not only cause damage to you but also have the potential to create a massive accident injuring several people. You should be familiar with the road signs and symbols, maintain lane discipline, and respect traffic signals. This is non-negotiable.

2) Riding Level:

Riding at top speed on a flyover will certainly not be advisable for a new rider. Even seasoned riders should refrain from pushing the speedometer beyond a point. New riders must understand their riding level, no one else can gauge that accurately.

Ask yourself – Are you comfortable making those sharp turns? Can you manage the clutch-gear shift smoothly? Do you know your everyday route, along with the position of potholes? Know your riding level and grow towards becoming a pro rider by sharpening your skills and gaining experience.

3) Importance of Brakes:

As a new biker, you should prioritize befriending the brakes over the accelerator. Often, a helmet is something that comes to mind on thinking of rider safety. However, the bike’s brakes are also equally important. They matter not just from a safety perspective but also from a better and controlled riding perspective. 

New riders might concentrate on oil change, chain lubrication, etc. while speaking with the bike mechanic about two-wheeler maintenance but tend to overlook brakes. Brakes might appear as a tiny component but there’s a lot to examine – brake callipers, brake pads, brake lines, brake rotors, etc.

4)  Parking Right:

Parking has become a nuisance in today’s crowded metro cities. Fortunately, bikers can find some space as compared to four-wheeled vehicles. Here are some tips regarding parking right:

  • Try to park in a place where there is a roof over the bike.

  • Place a cover over your bike, especially in the rainy season.

  • Do not park your bike on any random street, especially at night.

  • Install a certified anti-theft device on your bike and fetch a discount on two-wheeler insurance premium.

5)  Proper Documentation:

Not possessing proper documentation while riding your bike on Indian roads can lead to legal hassles. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced one, make sure to possess the proper documentation. Here’s a list of important documents that you should have while riding a bike:

  • Active driving license

  • Active two-wheeler insurance policy

  • Updated Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

  • Registration Certificate

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