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Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Bike Insurance

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Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Bike Insurance

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Mahindra Two-Wheelers is known for its commuter motorcycles and scooters, and the Centuro Rockstar is one such product, which offers an incredible value for money. Insuring the motorcycle is a must to comply with the rules and regulations, and it also provides you with financial and legal liability coverage. This article will provide you with all the information related to Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Bike Insurance.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Bike
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ACKO bike insurance comes with a host of benefits. Here are the advantages of purchasing ACKO two-wheeler insurance for your Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike:

Digital Process
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You can purchase Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike insurance online from ACKO, and it does not require any paperwork. The entire process of buying an insurance policy can be completed online, and the simple documentation and digital payment modes save you a lot of time.

Quick Claim Settlement
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At ACKO, you can register a claim online, and it takes only a few minutes. ACKO offers instant claim settlement for minor damages to your motorcycle. For major damages, the claims will be settled within a few hours, depending on the condition of the damaged motorcycle.

Expert Advice
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Two-wheeler insurance experts at ACKO will provide you with unbiased advice on bike insurance. The insurance experts will assist you in purchasing the right bike insurance policy for your Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike.

Best Bike Insurance Plans
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ACKO suggests the ideal Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your motorcycle and provides two-wheeler insurance plans. You can compare different types of insurance plans and add-on covers before making the purchase.

Bike Insurance plans for Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Bike
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There are mainly two types of bike insurance plans for Mahindra Centuro Rockstar: Third-Party bike insurance and Comprehensive bike insurance. Both the two-wheeler insurance pans come with different sets of coverage benefits. Below are the coverage details of comprehensive and third-party bike insurance plans:

Third-Party Bike Insurance
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A third-party bike insurance policy is mandatory to ride your motorcycle on the road. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory to have a third-party liability (TPL) coverage for your bike. However, it only provides third-party cover and does not cover damages to your motorcycle.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides extensive coverage which includes third-party and Own Damage cover. Buying a comprehensive bike insurance plan is optional, but it provides coverage against damage and theft/total loss of the motorcycle. The damage coverage includes damage caused due to an accident, fire, explosion or man-made/natural disasters. Apart from that, you can also extend the coverage benefits with the help of add-on covers.

What’s Covered in Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Insurance (Inclusions)
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Mahindra Centuro Rockstar comprehensive two-wheeler insurance provides coverage against the following:

Exclusions of Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Bike Insurance
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Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike insurance will not provide coverage against the following circumstances:

Add-ons for Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Two-Wheeler Insurance
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You can enhance the scope of coverage of a comprehensive bike insurance policy by purchasing add-ons. Below are the available add-ons for Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike insurance:

Claim Procedure
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Follow the below steps to register a 2 wheeler insurance claim at ACKO General Insurance:

Frequently Asked Questions
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Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy for your motorcycle can be a tricky task if you are not well-aware about the fundamentals of insurance.

To make things easier for you, below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike insurance:


Is bike insurance compulsory for my Mahindra Centuro Rockstar?

Yes, buying at least a third-party liability two-wheeler insurance is compulsory to comply with the rules and regulations. It is illegal to ride a two-wheeler on roads without a valid insurance policy.

From where can I buy Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike insurance?

You can buy bike insurance online or offline. But you can consider buying two-wheeler insurance online as it will save you a lot of time and money. You can also compare different insurance plans before buying one.

Is online bike insurance valid for Mahindra Centuro Rockstar?

Yes, online 2 wheeler insurance is valid as you will get a soft copy of the insurance policy certificate, soon after the purchase/renewal of the policy.

Can I renew bike insurance online, and how much time will it take?

Yes. You can renew bike insurance online. It takes only a few minutes to renew the insurance policy as there is no paperwork and you pay via digital payment modes.

What is Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike insurance?

IDV is the sum insured amount and the current market value of your vehicle. The insurer will pay you the IDV if the motorcycle suffers a total loss or gets stolen. The bike insurance premium is calculated based on the IDV of the vehicle.

What all documents do I need to renew the bike insurance policy?

If you are renewing bike insurance online, there is no need for documentation. For offline renewal of the insurance policy, you will need the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration certificate

  • The previous insurance policy certificate

  • Identity proof

What is NCB (No Claim Bonus) in Mahindra Centuro Rockstar bike insurance?

NCB is the discount provided by the insurer for not making any claims during the tenure of the previous insurance policy. NCB translates to a certain percentage of discount on the premium while renewing the two-wheeler insurance policy.

What is an add-on in bike insurance policy?

An add-on is an additional coverage benefit, which is sold separately for a comprehensive bike insurance plan. There are a host of add-on covers available for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

Can I buy add-ons for third-party liability (TPL) bike insurance?

No. You cann’t purchase add-ons for 3rd party bike insurance as it does not offer an Own Damage cover. Only comprehensive bike insurance plans allow you to buy add-ons.

Can I renew my expired bike insurance policy?

Yes, you can renew the expired bike insurance policy within the grace period provided by the insurance company. Post grace period, the insurance premium can be higher owing to additional service charges. Note that an expired bike insurance policy does not provide coverage.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Mahindra Bike Models/Variants
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