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Mahindra Gusto Scooty Insurance

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Mahindra Gusto Scooty Insurance

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Riding a scooter is fun. You can easily navigate via the congested city roads and enjoy the thrill of a smooth bike ride. However, it has its share of danger. A bike accident can be devastating. Such an incident can lead to injuries to self, damage to someone else’s property, and dents on your bike. While insurance cannot undo the incident that caused the damage but it can certainly lend a helping hand when it comes to the money required to manage the damage. If you own the Gusto, opt for Comprehensive Mahindra Gusto Bike Insurance. This article will let you know how to go about the same. Read on.

Importance of buying Two-wheeler insurance for Mahindra Gusto
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Here’s why it is important to insure your Mahindra Gusto bike with a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan.

The Motor Vehicles Act Compliance
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By purchasing an insurance policy for your Mahindra Gusto, you will comply with the requirements of The Motor Vehicles Act and stay safe from non-compliance-related penalties.

Liability Coverage
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If your bike is involved in an accident and harms a third party or disrupts their property, the insurer will offer liability coverage.

Save Repair Costs
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With the right kind of cover, you will end up saving a lot when it comes to bike repairs. The insurer will take care of the bulk of the bill and you will just have to pay a fraction of it.

Insurance Plans for Mahindra Gusto Bikes
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In India, you need scooter insurance for the following four main reasons.

The first two points are taken care of by a Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy. It costs less and is a mandatory requirement. The premium for this plan is stated by the regulatory body and not by the insurers.

All four points mentioned above are covered by a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy. Such a plan costs more than the Liability Cover. It is not mandatory but comparatively, a better policy in terms of coverage and services. Insurers are free to decide the cost of this plan.

What’s Covered in Mahindra Gusto Bike Insurance (Inclusions)
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This section is about top policy inclusions of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance plan. Note that the exact list can be different for Mahindra Gusto Two-wheeler insurance policies sold by different insurers. You can check them by going through the Mahindra Gusto Bike Insurance’s Policy Wordings. Here’s the list of instances where the insurer will help you out.

What’s Not Covered in Mahindra Gusto Bike Insurance (Exclusions)
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Policy exclusions are events where the insurance company will not be able to help you out. These are situations that as per the insurance contract are not covered by the insurer. Thus, if you raise a claim against an exclusion, your claim will be rejected by the insurer. Go through the list of exclusions before purchasing a plan and sending a claim application. Here’s a list of top policy exclusions.

Add-ons for Mahindra Gusto
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The Liability Cover is a simple, straightforward cover. The Comprehensive Plan is a layered and a wide-ranging one. If you want to go a step further and include more insurance covers to the Comprehensive Plan, you can pick from a list of suitable add-ons. Here are the popular ones.

Benefits of Purchasing ACKO Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Mahindra Gusto Two-wheeler
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You must have spent a few minutes thinking about why you should purchase the Mahindra Gusto bike. Similarly, you must spend some time thinking about choosing the right Mahindra Gusto bike insurance company. If you are looking for a digital-first insurer that offers convenience while buying the policy and enables stress-free claims, then do consider ACKO. Here are the top benefits of buying a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Online from ACKO.

1. Quick Online Bike Insurance
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The online infrastructure has reduced the turnaround time of several tasks to a great extent. For example, you can pay bills online immediately, invest in mutual funds, and book tickets easily. Similarly, with ACKO, you can buy insurance in no time via the website or the app. With ACKO, your Mahindra Gusto can be insured within minutes.

2. Hassle-free Buying
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Insurance has traditionally been associated with a lot of form-filling and heavy documentation. But ACKO has changed this perception. You can insure your two-wheeler with ACKO without any physical form-filling. You are not required to upload a bunch of files as well. Simply visit, share bike-related details, choose your plan, and insure your bike.

3. Incredibly Low Costs
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Being an online-focused insurer, ACKO does not spend a lot on operational costs. Also, when you purchase a policy directly from the website or the app, there is no dependence on agents or aggregators. These two points help to reduce the overall premium and you get a top-notch insurance plan at an affordable price.

Claim Process
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Primarily, the claim process is of two types: Cashless or Reimbursement. The basic difference between the two is that in a Cashless Bike Insurance Process you do not have to arrange cash to pay the entire repair bill. A major part of it is settled between the insurer and the garage. You just have to pay the residual amount.

In the Reimbursement Process, you need to settle the repair bill on your own and then contact the insurer for reimbursing the paid amount. The steps in these processes can vary depending upon the insurance company. Here’s an overview of the bike insurance claim process.

Step 1: Send an email, call the insurer, or visit their website to initiate the claim process.

Step 2: Share essential information about the damage.

Step 3: Arrange for documentation if any. For example, the First Information Report.

Step 4: Discuss the claim process with the appointed insurance executive.

Step 5: Claim processed and closed.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are ten common queries concerning bike insurance for Mahindra Gusto.


Is insuring Mahindra Gusto a costly affair?

The final insurance bill will depend upon the kind of policy you choose to insure your Mahindra Gusto. If you pick only Liability insurance, it won’t cost much. However, if you pick a Comprehensive Plan with add-ons, the insurance bill will be considerably higher. You shall also receive wide-ranging coverage with such a cover.

I already have a two-wheeler insurance policy for my sports bike. Is it possible to somehow include the Mahindra Gusto policy in that for better policy management?

Since you already have an existing cover for your sports bike, you will be required to purchase a separate cover for your Mahindra Gusto.

Will the Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Mahindra Gusto cover incidents related to tree-fall?

Yes, damages due to tree-fall and other calamities shall be covered by a Comprehensive Plan as per the applicable terms and conditions.

Can I renew my Mahindra Gusto’s insurance policy online even if I had purchased it previously via the bike dealer?

Yes, it is not compulsory to renew via the same route that was used to buy the policy. You are free to buy or renew your bike’s policy with an online insurer directly.

Can I get a discount on the premium payable for a Third-party Plan if I have not raised a claim during the previous policy period?

No, there is no such provision concerning a Third-party Liability Two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Mahindra Bike Models/Variants
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