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Safety tips for pillion riders during long bike rides

Team AckoApr 12, 2023

Bikes are more prone to accidents than cars as both the rider and the pillion rider are exposed to the surroundings. Even minor accidents can result in injuries like bleeding or a fractured bone. Thus, ensuring safety is the only way to mitigate such injuries. Most of us have basic knowledge about how to follow safety while riding a bike. However, taking care of the pillion rider is also necessary. We have focused on safety tips for pillion riders in the following sections. Take a look.

Safety Tips For Pillion Rider During Long Bike Rides



Bike riding safety tips for travelling with a pillion

Long bike rides with a pillion rider can get quite dangerous if the pillion is uninformed. Here are some useful tips for your long journey.

Drive safely

Driving safely will help in all situations, whether it is a solo journey or with a pillion rider. Follow traffic rules to avoid an unintentional accident. You may also want to ride the bike with a pillion rider only after gaining experience and confidence in bike riding. The pillion adds more weight to the bike, and manoeuvring can be slightly difficult. Always ensure that you practice as much as required before heading out on a long journey with a pillion rider.

Avoid sudden movements

Unlike a four-wheeler, riding a two-wheeler is all about balance. You need to position your body weight in such a way that your centre of mass aligns with that of the bike’s. Sudden movements can disturb this alignment and cause an accident. The same goes for your pillion rider as well. Both must create a good balance to keep the bike steady. Thus, avoid sudden movements that can increase the chances of an accident.

Stay alert

A long bike ride can be tiring for both you and the pillion rider. However, losing focus can cause a major accident and result in fatal injuries. Do take breaks whenever you feel tired. Being alert is crucial while riding a bike as you need to make quick decisions in case you are approaching an obstacle. Thus, stay alert at all times while riding the bike.

Choose the right bike model

A bike that can bear the weight of two people is the ideal vehicle for you. Thus, choosing the right bike model when you wish to ride the bike along with a pillion rider is a great way to achieve balance and experience a smooth ride. 

Communicate with the pillion rider

Riding the bike involves multiple tasks that you as a rider need to perform. Some of these tasks include watching the road while changing gears and at the same time maintaining the balance of the two-wheeler. If the pillion rider is not informed about the complexities of this task, then they can easily distract you. Thus, communicate the necessary information like the basics of bike riding, safety-related instructions, or traffic rules to the pillion rider.

Avoid sharp turns or brakes

Sharp turns can make the pillion rider lose their balance and this can lead to a major accident where other vehicles are running at a high speed. When you make sharp turns or press emergency brakes, the pillion rider, if unaware of any such action, can get badly injured. Avoid doing so, or give a heads-up to the pillion rider.

Protect the pillion rider with safety gear

People often emphasise on the bike rider to wear a helmet and other safety gear. However, it is equally important for the pillion rider to ensure enough protection and avoid injuries in case of an accident. Consider pairing knee guards along with good quality helmets as safety gears and keep the pillion safe.

Do’s and don’ts to be a good pillion

A lot can go wrong if the pillion rider is not well acquainted with the basics of how to be a good pillion rider. The following are just a few examples of what a pillion rider can do to help with a smooth bike ride. However, being calm and helping the bike rider whenever required will ensure a safe journey.

Do’s Don’ts
Stay steady and keep your body weight stable Shift your bodyweight frequently and create an imbalance while riding
Be aware of the surroundings during the bike ride Distract the bike rider with sudden conversation or music
Sit straight in the pillion seat Lean on the bike rider
Help with the navigation Panic if you and the bike rider are lost during the journey
Be alert about traffic rules Urge the bike rider to break traffic rules by asking to go faster

Why is bike insurance necessary for long rides?

The right bike insurance policy helps you cover the financial loss in case of bike damage. You can even claim for services like on-spot repairs, fuel refill, breakdown assistance, etc. with the right bike insurance policy. 

Apart from providing financial coverage (as per policy terms), buying bike insurance is also mandatory by law. You may have to pay heavy fines in case you fail to buy or renew your bike insurance plan. Thus, bike insurance is necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Following are some common questions people ask about pillion riding and bike insurance. You can always get in touch with us at ACKO by sending an email at [email protected].

Is it safe to ride a bike with a pillion rider?


Yes, it is safe to ride the bike with one pillion rider. Following the rules and safety tips mentioned above will be helpful in avoiding an accident during the bike ride.

Is there a legal age for becoming a pillion rider?


The legal age of the pillion rider must be 12 years or more. Thus, the law prohibits small children from riding on a bike as a pillion rider.

Is bike insurance necessary for riding the bike with a pillion rider?


Yes, bike insurance is mandatory irrespective of riding the bike with or without a pillion rider. Buying comprehensive coverage is helpful when you need insurance for your bike as well.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions. Explore More:


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