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5 Things to Be Cautious About Before Modifying Your Two-wheeler

Team AckoJul 21, 2021

A lot of young bikers might have grown up watching blockbuster Hollywood movies where bikes take the centre stage. Not to forget the enthralling Moto Grand Prix races and a few Bike Exhibition Events here and there. All this adds to the fact that bikes are simply irresistible to avid followers. There is a certain charm associated with shiny sports bikes. Steely cruiser bikes are also equally alluring. Different bikers have different tastes, and this is what makes the entire industry thrive.

The Indian market also offers a range of exciting bike models. However, things might look pale in front of those larger-than-life bikes that one views in movies or on foreign social media handles. This is where bike modifications come in the picture. Modifying your bike can lend a sense of satisfaction. 

For some, modifying their bike is extremely personal. It is a way of expressing their thoughts, their passion, their creativity. It is a way of expressing themselves. Having said that, one needs to be cautious while doing so. If you are someone who is looking to modify your beloved two-wheeler, read ahead to know some important pointers regarding making changes to your bike.

Things to Be Cautious About Before Modifying Your Two-wheeler

5 Crucial Points Regarding Bike Modifications:

1. Follow the Law:

If you want to modify your bike and ride it on Indian roads, you will have to follow the law while making modifications. For better understanding, any kind of structural changes need prior approval of the respective authorities. Which means, if you want to make changes to the bike’s engine, those should reflect in your bike’s Registration Certificate (RC). Thus, you will have to visit your respective Regional Transport Office and get the changes made to your RC.

You are not required to take action for making basic aesthetic changes such as adding a sticker on your bike. However, if you change your bike’s entire colour scheme, then the same needs to be mentioned in the RC. There are laws regarding usage of indicator lights, the decibel of the horn (pressure horns), etc.

2. Choose Function Over Aesthetics:

Aesthetic changes might look good in the short-run but functional changes yield results in the long run. You might want to replace medium-sized tires with bulky ones. But the question you have to ask here is are they going to hamper the bike’s performance? If yes, are you okay taking that hit in order to make your bike look a certain way?

A lot of people choose to modify the bike’s fibre parts. You to keep in mind that doing so can affect the bike’s performance. This is because the manufacturers consider a lot of things while designing the bike, for example – aerodynamics. Changing the bike’s parts can affect the bike’s inherent nature, which can hamper its performance over a period.

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3. Anti-theft Devices:

If you are considering making modifications, installing an anti-theft device is a productive measure. It can not only prevent theft but also reduce your insurance cost. If your bike has a certified anti-theft device, you are likely to receive a discount on bike insurance premium. Make sure to install only those devices that are certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). 

4. Trusted Professionals:

Modifying your bike is expensive. It needs professional handling. In an effort to save a few bucks, and in the excitement of getting your bike modified, do not hand your two-wheeler to any mechanic. Trust only those professionals who know a thing or two about your bike’s brand, the kind of changes it can sustain, its ideal capacity, etc.

At the end of the day, your bike is a machine and every machine has its limitations. You need a professional bike modifier who can understand your bike’s capacity, take into account your requirements in terms of changes, and then start working on a plan. Discuss the modification plan as per your budget and then go ahead.

5. Inform Your Insurer:

Keep your insurance company informed about the changes you make to your bike. Not informing your insurer can backfire. Certain bike modifications can increase your insurance premium and not disclosing those modifications can be perceived as a fraudulent activity by the insurance company. This can lead to claim rejection.

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Bike Insurance Online:

Just as following the law is important while modifying your bike, it is also crucial to do so while riding. Bike insurance renewal and buying new bike insurance is a critical aspect of bike riding in India. Riding an uninsured bike is as good as inviting trouble. You can be penalized for it. Therefore, it is highly important to opt for timely bike insurance renewal and purchase new bike insurance before hitting the road. Like almost everything else, you have the option of purchasing/renewing bike insurance online. Contrary to offline methods, buying bike insurance online is super simple, extremely convenient, and light on the wallet.

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