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6 Lesser Known Health Issues Caused By Smoking

Team AckoDec 12, 2023

Smoking a cigarette can induce temporary relaxation. Thus, people are often seen smoking after an intense fight, or on a particularly stressful day at work. But soon a smoker no longer needs to be a part of an argument or under stress to smoke, it becomes a habit and then an addiction.

Studies suggest that smoking not only affects the person who smokes but also those around. In this article, we will discuss some lesser known effects that smoking has on one’s health. We are not including cancer and lung problem as these are commonly known effects of smoking.

6 Lesser Known Health Issues Caused By Smoking



6 Lesser Known Health Issues caused by Smoking

#1 Fractures

Smoking can lead to low bone density that is called as “Osteoporosis”. This results in weak and fragile bones that can break easily. Fractures from osteoporosis can result in pain and disability. According to studies, there is a direct relationship between smoking and low bone density. The major cause of concern can be the hip bone, it is difficult to recover in case this bone gets fractured. Smokers who have health insurance should make sure to get coverage for a hip replacement surgery.

#2 Loss of vision

Not many are aware that one of the detrimental effects of smoking is the loss of vision. An excessive smoker can go blind if he/she continues the habit for a prolonged period of time. Other adverse effects include cataract. The risk of developing a cataract increases multi-fold for people who smoke excessively. Smokers can also suffer from the Dry Eye Syndrome, its symptoms include irritation, redness, discharge, easily fatigued eyes and/or blurred vision.

#3 Infertility

Smoking can increase many fertility issues for both men and women. A couple who smokes regularly can have trouble in conceiving. In women, smoking can cause the following issues:

  • Smoking can affect the egg and cause ovulation problems

  • It can damage the cervix and fallopian tubes

  • The risk of miscarriage and other problems increases

Smoking can have a direct effect on sperm motility in men and in-turn cause infertility. Remember that the cost of treating infertility may not be covered in your health plan. Be sure to get in touch with your health insurance company and inquire about the respective coverage.

#4 Diabetes

Smoking can cause Type 2 Diabetes. According to a study, the chances of a smoker suffering from diabetes increases around 30-40% as compared to a nonsmoker. It is also found that smokers who already have diabetes find it difficult to control the disease and have trouble with their insulin dosage. It’s harder to keep diabetes under control if a person smokes. Also, a health insurance policy can cost more for a diabetic as compared to others.

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#5 Rheumatoid Arthritis

Heavy smoking can become the cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is an autoimmune condition that causes continuous pain in joints when the immune system, that is supposed to protect your body, starts attacking it instead. As a result, inflammation in the lining of joints can occur which leads to red, warm, swollen, and painful joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis affects joints on both sides of the body, like both the hands, wrists, or knees. The symmetrical symptoms help doctors to identify the pain as a result of Rheumatoid Arthritis as opposed to other forms of arthritis. It can also affect the heart, lungs, skin, blood vessels, etc. If you are looking for medical insurance to get this disease covered, a waiting period might be applicable. Usually one needs to wait for 2 to 4 years before making a claim against a health plan.

#6 Heart Diseases

Smoking has a severe effect on the heart due to increased blood pressure. This can weaken the heart due to continues stress and decreases its ability to pump blood to other parts of your body. Lack of oxygen and increased levels of carbon monoxide in the body can lead to a heart attack. Other reasons include increased density of the blood and/or cholesterol and unhealthy fats circulating in the blood, this can lead to palpitation and profuse sweating. Heart surgeries are covered under medical insurance, however, a waiting period might be applicable.

Wrapping up

Smoking has been the cause of death for a number of people. If you are addicted to smoking, remember that the battle is not lost as you can still give it up and pave a way for a healthy future. Regular exercise, fresh air, and a balanced and healthy diet can still improve your health.

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