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7 Advantages of Having a Family Insurance Plan

Team AckoJun 12, 2024

Hectic lifestyle coupled with unhealthy eating habits is causing more and more individuals to fall sick and depend on medical attention. Added to this is the increasing medical costs. It becomes impossible for the common man to bear the financial distress in a medical emergency. That is why a health insurance policy is sought after so that a sizeable amount of medical expenses are taken care of.

Health insurance plans also allow family floater plans to cover all the family members under one plan. In fact, health insurance plans for family are quite popular because of the benefits they provide.





How Family Insurance Plans Differ from Individual Plans

Insuring a family comes with unique needs compared to covering just yourself. Health insurance plans for family bundle coverage for 2 or more people, usually parents and children, under one policy. This consolidated approach makes securing coverage more affordable through discounted premiums versus separate individual policies. Family plans also simplify administration with one renewal date and paperwork for the household. 

Coverages are designed for common healthcare needs across different age groups, like well-child visits, maternity care, and general practice. Provider networks aim to include top specialists for both kids and adults in a given area. Out-of-pocket maximums may also be pooled across the family, capping total expenses.

What are the Benefits of Family Insurance Plan?

Coverage for the entire family

Health insurance plans for family cover all the family members under one plan. You can cover yourself, your spouse, dependent children, dependent parents and even dependent parents-in-law. In fact, there are a some plans which allow you to cover your extended family too. So, family medical insurance plans are a one-stop health insurance solution for all your family members. They also allow health insurance for parents who need affordable health cover.

The premiums are affordable

The premium payable for a family medical insurance plan is much cheaper compared to the premium payable for individual plans for each family member. Thus, the plan allows affordable coverage and is lighter on your pockets. Many carriers offer 20-40% discounts when bundling multiple people under one policy. This helps households manage cash flow dedicated to health costs.

Every covered member gets high coverage

The sum insured under the family floater policy can be used entirely by any member who falls ill. As such, each family member has complete access to the sum insured and can avail a high coverage if you choose an optimal sum insured level. Maximum flexibility in using pooled funds helps offset major health events without tapping personal savings reserved for other goals.

Maternity coverage is allowed under many plans

For a young couple who would be starting a family in the near future, family health plans having maternity coverage is a good choice. These plans allow coverage for maternity related expenses. Some may cap pregnancy benefits, so read fine print carefully when evaluating options. Choosing a plan with sufficient maternity protections makes expanding your family feel less financially risky.

You can opt for a comprehensive cover

Family health plans come with different coverage benefits, and you can compare and choose a plan which has the most inclusive coverage features. When you do so, your family can enjoy complete coverage, and you would ensure peace of mind knowing that every major medical expense would be covered by the plan.

New members can be easily added

Family floater plans allow you the convenience of adding new family members. If there is a new member in your family (childbirth), you can easily avail coverage for the child from the middle of the policy term, depending upon the terms and conditions of the policy. You would just have to make a request to the insurance company, pay an additional premium and the child would be covered under the policy without any hassles.

You get health insurance tax benefit

The last and also the most important benefit in family floater health plans is that they allow you tax benefits. You can enjoy a tax deduction of up to INR 25,000 when you buy a family floater policy. This deduction increases to INR 50,000 if you are a senior citizen. Moreover, if you buy a separate family floater health insurance for parents, you can avail an additional deduction of INR 25,000 which also increases to INR 50,000 if your parents are senior citizens.

Family health insurance plans are, therefore, an ideal solution for the health insurance needs for your family members. The plan is easily available, covers all members and is affordable. So, invest in a family health plan for your family and secure their health.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan for Family:

Here are these factors that you must consider:

Premium Price

When researching plans, check the quoted monthly or annual health insurance premium for family coverage and determine what each member gets for that base rate. Make sure pediatric, adult, and maternity services likely need to align with the price point based on your family's profile - don't overpay or underpay.

Plan Value Analysis  

Beyond premiums, deductibles vary widely between carriers for things like hospital stays, lab tests or high-cost drugs. Run coverage scenarios for frequent healthcare users in your family and projected out-of-pocket costs for the year to ascertain true value.


Understand if the deductible is aggregated across family members or per person. Confirm when the annual deductible bank resets by the anniversary date or calendar year. This impacts your household medical budget.  

Out-of-Pocket Maximums

Similarly, determine whether medical out-of-pocket maximums to limit expenditures are pooled at the family or individual level. Setbacks like injuries or emergencies become less financially risky with unified caps protecting the entire family's bottom line.  

Evaluate Needed Services 

When evaluating plans, tailor benefit assessment to your family's evolving needs from childhood into adulthood. 

Age-Specific Services

Make sure well-child visits, vaccines, paediatrics and OB/GYN providers crucial for younger family life stages are covered and affordable.

Holistic Services  

Also, confirm perks like vision, dental and behavioural health are included or available as add-ons. These become progressively vital to the quality of life and financial planning over time.

Research Details on Included Networks

Having the right specialists and facilities participating is imperative - double-check that kids' current paediatricians are contracted, and that hospital affiliations work for current and future maternity needs. 

Prioritise Continuity  

Since transitions of care can disrupt physical and mental progress, minimising provider changes as kids grow and adults age is ideal. Verify PCP and specialist options are robust enough to serve the family through major life stages.  

Seek Added Convenience

Plan administration is easier when digital access and family-friendly support are baked into the offering.

Online Service Capability    

Evaluate self-service portal capabilities, app ratings and tool integration to handle basics like ID cards, network searches, and claims checks without needing to call in.

Member Experience Feedback

Check rating sites to confirm the carrier's service team satisfaction scores and pain point handling for families managing multiple policies. Knowing help is there if needed brings peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions related to Family Health Insurance Plan


What are the main advantages of a family health insurance plan over individual policies?

Some big perks of a family plan are discounted premiums when bundling multiple people, simplified policy administration with one renewal date, tailored coverage for needs across different age groups, and often pooled out-of-pocket maximums capping costs for the whole family.

Does a health care insurance plan allow maternity coverage?

Many family plans do include maternity coverage for prenatal visits, delivery and hospitalisation, and postnatal care. However, some may cap pregnancy benefits, so read the fine print carefully when evaluating options if you plan to grow your family.  

Can I add new family members to my family health insurance policy?

Yes, most family floater plans allow you to easily add new members, such as a newborn child, mid-policy term, subject to the insurer's guidelines. You would just submit a request, provide supporting documents, pay any additional prorated premium, and coverage kicks in.

What factors should I consider when selecting a family plan?

Important aspects to weigh include premium costs, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, covered services, provider network participation for current and future needs, digital convenience like self-service portals, and customer service reputation. Evaluate based on your family's profile.

Do you get any tax advantages when you buy health insurance?

Yes, you can get tax deductions of up to INR 25,000 for the family floater policy cost and up to INR 50,000 if you are a senior citizen. If you purchase separate coverage just for parents, that allows an extra deduction, too, annually.

Is it necessary for both parents to be covered under a family health plan?

While ideal to have both parents included for complete coverage, family plans can be purchased covering one parent and all dependent children only as well. Shop for solo-parent family plan options if you need coverage for kids while keeping premium costs down.

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**The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.


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