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An Introduction to the Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh

Team AckoJul 21, 2021

RTO Offices in Lucknow

What Is Road Tax?

The road tax is known by different names throughout the whole world and is also levied in India. The road tax is a type of tax which is to be paid on every vehicles and automobile before it is being used on any public road. Road tax in India is imposed both by the State Government as well as the Central Government. At places, it is also imposed by the local bodies. Road tax is usually paid either annually or as a one-time payment. Road tax has to be paid to the Regional Transport Office in your area. The taxes on different vehicles are calculated on various factors and are generally based on the seating capacity, engine capacity, and cost price along with the un-laden weight.

What is the Need of Levying of Road Tax?

The Government of India has levied road tax so that the cost of the construction, as well as the maintenance of the roads, could be raised. This tax is essential as it not only helps the citizens of India but also the foreigners in traveling through the states, towns, and cities both conveniently and comfortably. Another important point is the security on the highways. Till date, the highway robberies in different parts of India have become an important concern that needs to be checked. The taxation made on the road helps in ensuring and maintaining the safety and security of the road. It is to be kept in mind that there are different kinds of road taxes and they are usually based on the place and state one is traveling. The toll tax is the most common form of road tax that is collected from the vehicles.

Which vehicles have to pay Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh?

Every Indian citizen has to pay the road tax while he is purchasing a vehicle. While purchasing a vehicle or a car, one not only has to pay the ex-showroom price but also an additional amount which comes in the form of road tax in Uttar Pradesh. The road tax charged in every individual’s case is different. It generally gets calculated on two of the most important factors.

  1. The type of vehicle, according to a two-wheeler or four-wheeler

  2. The purpose of using the vehicle, whether being used for personal use or for transporting goods

According to Section 3, of the Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1962, every individual who owns a vehicle will have to pay the road tax in Uttar Pradesh during the registration of that particular vehicle and thereafter according to the formulated rules.

What is the Online System for Paying the Taxes?

According to the Motor Vehicle Taxation Rules, all the commercial vehicles which enter Uttar Pradesh for a limited span of time has to pay the “other state vehicle tax” which are to be paid at the check posts of the toll tax that are located on the borders of the state. Continuous transportation of different vehicles which keep coming from the other states engages the toll tax posts 24 X 7 and throughout the day, the long queues can be witnessed at the toll tax centers. The joint effort of the National Informatics Center and the UP Transport Department has led to the development of a successful online system has enabled the owners of the vehicles in depositing the Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh through the online services with the help of a secured website and internet banking at almost any time of the day.

The amount of Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh is calculated by the system and the calculations are generally based on the vehicle’s parameters. One can pay the taxes through the option of Net Banking of his own bank. After making the payment, a receipt is generated by the software. The user then can print the receipt and produce the same at the check post. The web-based interface allows the officials at the check post to verify the payment that has been made by the user.

What is the Payable Road Tax for Two Wheelers in Uttar Pradesh?

The Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh is charged yearly for:

  • The passenger vehicle whose weight does not exceed 90.72 kg is Rs 150.

  • The two-wheelers whose value is up to Rs. 0.20 lakhs is 2% of the vehicle’s value.

  • The two-wheelers whose value ranges from 0.20 lakhs to 0.60 lakhs is 4% of the vehicle’s value.

  • The two-wheelers whose value ranges from 0.60 lakhs to 2.00 lakhs is 6% of the vehicle’s value.

  • The two-wheelers whose value exceeds 2 lakhs is 8% of the vehicle’s value.

What is the Payable Road Tax for 4 Wheelers (Cars) in Uttar Pradesh

The Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh yearly charged for cars are:

  • With value, up to 6 lakhs is 3% of the car’s value.

  • With value above 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs s 6% of the car’s value.

  • With value above 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs is 8% of the car’s value.

  • With value above 20 lakhs is 9% of the car’s value.

What is the Payable Road Tax for the Goods Vehicles

The yearly Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh that is imposed on the goods vehicle in UP:

  • If the loading capacity is not exceeding 1 ton then it is Rs.665.00

  • If the loading capacity is exceeding 1 ton but not 2 ton then it is Rs.940.00

  • If the loading capacity is exceeding 2 ton but not 4 ton then it is Rs.1430.00

  • If the loading capacity is exceeding 4 ton but not 6 ton then it is Rs.1915.00

  • If the loading capacity is exceeding 6 ton but not 8 ton then it is Rs.2375.00

  • If the loading capacity is exceeding 8 ton but not 9 ton then it is Rs.2865.00

  • If the loading capacity is exceeding 9 ton but not 10 ton then it is Rs.3320.00

  • If the loading capacity is exceeding 10 ton then it is Rs.3320.00+ Rs 470/ton

List of the RTO Offices in Uttar Pradesh

The RTOs or the Regional Transport Offices in Uttar Pradesh helps the people to pay the Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh while they are traveling through the state and national highways in the particular state. Every location of the RTO in the state has a unique code. Some of the most important RTO for the Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh are:

  1. Saharanpur – UP11

  2. Bulandshahar – UP13

  3. Muzaffarnagar – UP12

  4. Noida – UP16

  5. Greater Noida – UP18

  6. Ghaziabad – UP14

  7. Meerut – UP15

  8. Baghpat – UP17

  9. Shamli – UP19

  10. Moradabad – UP21

  11. Bijnor – UP20

  12. Rampur – UP22

  13. Bareilly – UP25

  14. Badaun – UP24

  15. Shahjahanpur – UP27

  16. Jyotiba Phule Nagar – UP23

  17. Ayodhya – UP28

  18. Kheri – UP31

  19. Pilibhit – UP26

  20. Raebareli – UP33

  21. Yusuf – UP29

  22. Hardoi – UP30

  23. Lucknow – UP32

  24. Unnao – UP35

  25. Hapur – UP37

  26. Sitapur – UP34

  27. Amethi District – UP36

  28. Sambhal – UP38

  29. Faizabad – UP42

  30. Bahraich – UP40

  31. Barabanki – UP41

  32. Ambedkar Nagar – UP45

  33. Gonda – UP43

  34. Balrampur – UP47

  35. Shrawasti – UP46

  36. Sultanpur – UP44

  37. Deoria – UP52

  38. Azamgarh – UP50

  39. Basti – UP51

What are the road rules to be followed in Uttar Pradesh

Besides paying the Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh, one should not be driving without the documents mentioned below. whether he is a resident of UP or someone from any other state of India-

  1. A valid driving license

  2. Form 23 or the Vehicle Registration Certificate

  3. A valid PUC(Pollution Under Control) Certificate

  4. Vehicle’s permit

  5. Fitness certificate of the vehicle if only it is a transport vehicle.

The above-mentioned documents are to be produced if any uniformed police officer or any other official from the Transport Department or the Road Tax Uttar Pradesh asks for the same.

What are the General Rules for Driving?

Some of the general rules while driving on the road are to be followed strictly while you are in UP. You should be having a proper insight about the Road Tax Uttar Pradesh and knowledge about:

  • Sharing the road

  • Driving at night

  • Overtaking

  • Right of way

  • Intersecting

  • Approaching the roundabouts

  • How to stop quickly

  • Turning and U–turn.

How to pay Road Tax?

Paying for the Road Tax Uttar Pradesh, especially for the outstation vehicles has become a lot easier. The Transport Department of the State has introduced the new online system of paying the road tax for the registered vehicles that are coming from the other states on commercial trips or with a temporary permit.

By logging into the website of the transport department, the owners of the vehicles can pay the Road Tax Uttar Pradesh directly from their home even before starting the trip. This helps them in avoiding trips and subsequent queues at the RTOs.

By providing the needed information about his own vehicle to the website’s software, you get to know the Road Tax Uttar Pradesh that you have to pay and you can do the same with the net banking options.

Also, read: Vehicle Scrappage Policy in India

UP Anounces Road Tax Relief for EV Manufacturers – June 19, 2020

The cabinet of the Uttar Pradesh government has announced road tax relief for Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers while it hiked fines for traffic violations. In an effort to promote EVs in the state, the cabinet has approved of up to 100% road tax exemption for the promotion and manufacture of EVs. As per the approval, the first 1 lakh electric two-wheelers will receive a 100% exemption from road tax, while four-wheelers will receive an exemption of 75% from road tax. The state cabinet also decided to increase the traffic penalties to ensure the discipline of the vehicle owners while plying on public roads.


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