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Telangana Regional Transport Office - Telangana RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoDec 7, 2023

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) or Telangana RTO is critical for monitoring and supervising vehicle licensing and registration. Nearly four million people and one and a half million vehicles use Telangana's extensive transport network.


Learn all there is to know about the Telangana RTO with this thorough tutorial.



Overview of Telangana RTO

The Telangana RTO operates under the state's Transport Department to implement the Motor Vehicles Act. It is responsible for:

  • Vehicle registration and transfers

  • Issuing driving licenses

  • Collecting road taxes

  • Conducting fitness tests

  • Issuing permits for commercial vehicles

  • Implementing vehicle safety and emission norms

The RTO has offices in each of Telangana's 33 districts, making its services more accessible. The Telangana Transport Department's website also offers many RTO services.

The respective RTO offices are overseen on a daily basis by RTOs and DRTOs, who are known as regional transport officers. 

They assist MVIs, inspectors, and other RTO staff members in ensuring that services are delivered efficiently.

The key objectives of the Telangana RTO include:

  • Effective implementation of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

  • Administering the registration process and issuing high-security registration plates.

  • Ensuring the roadworthiness of vehicles through fitness testing.

  • Granting driving licenses after conducting computerized tests.

  • Regulating permits for commercial vehicles.

  • Facilitating inter-state transport of passengers and goods.

  • Promoting road safety through awareness programs.

  • Maintaining databases and records of vehicles, licenses and permits.

  • Collecting revenue through taxes and fees.

By achieving these objectives, the RTO plays a critical role in ensuring that vehicles and drivers comply with legal requirements. It also enforces road safety regulations in the public's benefit.

List of RTO Offices in Telangana

Telangana has over 71 RTO offices mapped to each district and sub-division. Here is the list of all the RTO codes and offices in Telangana:


RTO Code


TS 01


TS 02

Warangal Urban

TS 03


TS 04


TS 05


TS 06

Ranga Reddy

TS 07


TS 08

Hyderabad Central

TS 09

Hyderabad North

TS 10

Hyderabad East

TS 11

Hyderabad South

TS 12

Hyderabad West

TS 13

Reserved for Hyderabad

TS 14


TS 15


TS 16


TS 17


TS 18


TS 19

Kumaram Bheem Asifabad

TS 20


TS 21


TS 22


TS 23

Warangal (rural)

TS 24

Jayashankar Bhupalpally

TS 25


TS 26


TS 27

Bhadradri Kothagudem

TS 28


TS 29

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri

TS 30


TS 31


TS 32

Jogulamba Gadwal

TS 33


TS 34


TS 35


TS 36

You can locate your nearest RTO office using the RTO code finder on the Transport Department website. Key in your location details, and the site will display contact information for the RTO office serving your area.

Key Services Offered by Telangana RTO

The RTO in Telangana provides various services to vehicle owners and drivers. Here are some of the critical services offered:

Vehicle Registration

  • Fresh registration: For newly purchased vehicles within the state

  • Temporary registration: For vehicles brought into Telangana from other states

  • Renewal of registration: Upon expiry of the 15-year registration period

  • Duplicate registration certificate: In case of loss or damage of the original RC book

  • Transfer of ownership: Upon sale of the vehicle to another party

  • Change of address in RC: When the owner shifts to a new address

  • Hypothecation termination: Upon full payment of the vehicle loan

  • Reassignment of registration mark: For retaining the old number on a new vehicle

  • Alteration of vehicle: Approval for modifications in vehicles

  • Trade certificate: For automobile dealers buying and selling vehicles for business

Driving Licenses

  • Learner's license - For new drivers aged above 16 (valid for 6 months)

  • Permanent driving license - For experienced drivers (valid for 20 years)

  • Renewal of driving license - On the expiry of the license validity period

  • Duplicate driving license - In case of loss or damage of the original license

  • Addition of another class of vehicle - For drivers trained to drive a new type of vehicle

  • Change of address in license

  • Change of name in license

  • International driving permit - For driving abroad

  • Permits for Commercial Vehicles

The RTO issues multiple types of permits for vehicles used for commercial or public transportation:

  • Stage Carriage permit: For buses plying on fixed routes

  • Contract Carriage permit: For private charter buses/taxis

  • Goods Carriage permit: For transport vehicles carrying goods

  • Private Service Vehicle permit: For employee transportation vehicles

  • National permit: For inter-state operations

  • All India Tourist permit: For tourist vehicles

Other Services

  • Collection of motor vehicle taxes - Quarterly or annual taxes as levied by the state

  • Collection of fees - For services like registration, licenses, fitness certification etc.

  • Vehicle fitness testing - Testing for roadworthiness as per MV Act

  • Registration of automobile dealers - For dealers involved in selling new/used vehicles

  • Trade certificate registration - For vehicle dealers buying and selling vehicles

  • Issuing NOC for vehicles - No objection certificate for interstate transfer of vehicles

  • Authorization of inspection & certification centers - For authorizing fitness testing centers

  • Driving school licenses - For authorizing training schools as per MV Act

  • Scrap vehicle certification - For vehicles being discarded permanently

  • Records maintenance - Keeping databases of registered vehicles, licenses, etc.

Vehicle Registration Process in Telangana RTO

Follow these steps to register your new or old vehicle with the Telangana RTO:

Step 1: Obtain Application for Registration - Form 20 Form 20 is the application form for vehicle registration, which the vehicle owner must fill out. It captures details like:

  • Personal information (name, address, phone number etc.)

  • Vehicle category

  • Fuel type

  • Engine and chassis details

  • Vehicle cost

  • Insurance details

  • Details of the dealer selling the vehicle

Form 20 is available online on the Transport Department website or at the RTO office.

Step 2: Fill out Form 20 with vehicle and owner details The vehicle owner must accurately fill in all the details in Form 20. Leave no field blank to avoid issues later. Enter the 17-character chassis number correctly as per the vehicle invoice.

Step 3: Submit Form 20 along with supporting documents Some key documents required along with the registration application Form 20 are:

  • Proof of identity and address of owner - Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc.

  • PAN card copy

  • Vehicle invoice - From the dealer selling the vehicle

  • Valid insurance certificate

  • Emission test certificate - Obtained after testing by an authorized centre

  • Old RC copy - In case of renewed registrations

Self-attested photocopies of documents must be provided. Invalid or incomplete documents can delay the registration process.

Step 4: Pay the registration fees and applicable taxes The applicable registration charges and road taxes have to be paid at the RTO. This includes:

  • Registration fees - Rs. 600 for new two-wheelers and Rs. 1200 for new four-wheelers

  • Road tax - Between 9% to 20% of vehicle cost price

  • Fee for trade certificate - If purchasing from a dealer

  • Fee for temporary registration - If it is not a fresh registration

  • Green tax - For transport vehicles older than 8 years

The RTO calculates taxes based on the Form 20 details. You can pay via demand draft, cash or debit/credit card at the RTO.

Step 5: Get your vehicle inspected by the RTO Once you submit Form 20 and the documents, the RTO will allot a date for the inspection of your vehicle. On the given date, you must bring your vehicle to the RTO premises. The RTO inspector will:

  • Verify vehicle details against submitted documents

  • Check critical safety components

  • Look for any unauthorized modifications

  • Conduct emission testing using meters

  • Take photos of the vehicle

  • Assign an engine and chassis number if not already engraved.

Step 6: Collect the registration certificate (RC book) from RTO If your vehicle clears the RTO inspection, you will receive the registration certificate (RC book) within 1-2 weeks. It will have the registration number assigned to your vehicle.

Step 7: Get high-security registration plates installed The RC book must be accompanied by registration number plates issued by an authorized vendor as per the prescribed design and dimensions. These high-security plates come with a unique registration mark.

Only after fixing the number plates can you legally drive your registered vehicle on the road.

Vehicle Registration and Related Charges

  • Registration fees: Rs.600 for new two-wheelers and Rs. 1200 for new four-wheelers

  • Temporary registration: Rs.300 valid for 1 month

  • Renewal of registration: Rs.300 for every 5 years

  • Duplicate RC: Rs.50

  • Number reservation: Rs.300

  • Fancy/special number: Rs.5000 extra

  • Fitness certificate: Rs.200

  • Transfer of ownership: Rs.300

  • NOC fee: Rs.50

  • HP termination: Rs.100

How to Check Vehicle Registration Details?

You can check the registration details of any vehicle registered in Telangana with its registration number through these methods:

  • Online verification - Visit and enter the registration number to get the vehicle owner's name, address, registration date, tax status, fitness, etc.

  • SMS service - Send the registration number to 7738299899 to get key vehicle details via SMS.

  • Mobile app - Use the mParivahan app and enter the registration number to view complete registration details along with insurance validity.

  • Vahan portal - Visit and search with the registration number to get pan-India registration data.

  • RTO inquiry - Visit your nearest RTO office and inquire in person with the registration number to get verbal confirmation of details.

  • Legal verification - Apply for an official Certificate of Registration from the RTO by submitting relevant documents.


The Regional Transport Offices across Telangana provide essential services related to vehicular regulations. From fresh registrations and license renewals to permit issuance and tax collection, the RTO offices facilitate compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act.

Knowing the documentation, fees and processes applicable for different RTO services will help you avoid any hassles or delays.

Frequently Asked Questions on Telangana Regional Transport Office



Q: How many RTO offices are currently present in Telangana?

A: As of 2023, there are over 71 regional and sub-regional RTO offices covering all the districts and sub-divisions of Telangana.

Q: What documents do I need when transferring ownership of my vehicle in Telangana?

A: You need the original RC, insurance papers, NOC from financier, signed Form 29 and Form 30, address proof, transfer fee receipt and signatures of the seller and buyer.

Q: What is the penalty for driving in Telangana with an expired vehicle registration?

A: Driving a vehicle in Telangana without renewing its expired registration can attract a minimum penalty between ₹2000 - ₹5000. The vehicle may also be impounded.

Q: How can I obtain a duplicate registration certificate (RC) if the original gets lost?

A: You can obtain a duplicate RC in Telangana by submitting an FIR copy of the document loss along with prescribed fees to the RTO. The cost is ₹50.

Q: What is the maximum validity period of a permanent driving license in Telangana?

A: Like other states, the permanent driving licenses issued in Telangana have a standard validity period of 20 years from date of issue before requiring renewal.

Q: Is a PUC certificate mandatory during renewal of old vehicles in Telangana?

A: Yes, a valid PUC certificate from an authorized test center is mandatory across Telangana for renewing old vehicles and obtaining fitness certificates.

Q: How can I check if a vehicle is registered in Telangana?

A: You can instantly check Telangana registration details of any vehicle using its registration number on the Parivahan portal or mParivahan app.


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