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Nagaland Regional Transport Office - Nagaland RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoDec 6, 2023

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Nagaland plays an integral role in the administration and regulation of vehicles across the state. Operating under the Nagaland Transport Department, these RTO offices deliver essential services to vehicle owners and motorists for legal compliance.


This comprehensive guide provides complete information on the functions, locations, services, fees and documentation procedures applicable at Nagaland RTO offices.



Objectives and Scope of Nagaland RTO

The key objectives fulfilled by the state RTO include:

  • Effective administration of the vehicle registration process

  • Systematic issuance of high-security registration plates

  • Efficient delivery of driving licenses through centralized testing

  • Rigorous inspection for vehicle fitness certification

  • Granting stage carriage permits for intra-state bus operators

  • Control of vehicular emissions through authorized PUC centers

  • Collection of road taxes as per the Nagaland Motor Vehicles Taxation Act

  • Standardized functioning of recognized automobile workshops

  • Regulation of traffic movement and promotion of road safety

The RTO offices facilitate these critical functions across all 12 districts to ensure legal compliance of vehicular documentation and licensing in Nagaland.

Organizational Structure of Nagaland RTO

The main RTO office is located in the capital Kohima under a Senior Regional Transport Officer (SRTO) who oversees all the district RTO offices.

At the district level, RTO offices are managed by Regional Transport Officers (RTO) or Assistant Regional Transport Officers (ARTO) who coordinate with Motor Vehicle Inspectors (MVI), vehicle examiners and clerical staff for delivering citizen services.

The Nagaland Transport Commissioner exercises administrative control over the roster of RTO personnel across Kohima and all district offices. RTO staff work closely with the state Traffic Police to enforce motor vehicles regulations on ground.

List of RTO Offices in Nagaland

As per the area jurisdiction, Nagaland has RTO offices established across all its 12 districts. Here is the comprehensive state-wise list:

RTO Name and Address

RTO Code

Kohima, Secretariat Complex, Kohima, Nagaland - 797001


Mokokchung, Imnameren Road, Mokokchung, Nagaland - 798601


Tuensang, Near Government High School, Tuensang, Nagaland - 797001


Mon, Mon, Nagaland - 798603


Wokha, Near Police Point, Wokha, Nagaland - 797001


Zunheboto, Near Public Ground, Zunheboto, Nagaland - 798620


Dimapur, Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112


Phek, Phek, Nagaland - 797107


You can also locate the contact details of your nearest Nagaland RTO office by accessing the online RTO finder tool. Just key in your address, pincode, or district details to find the office under whose jurisdiction your location falls.

Key Services Offered at Nagaland RTO Offices

The Regional Transport Offices across Nagaland districts deliver essential services to vehicle owners and motorists for compliance under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.

Vehicle Registration and Ownership Transfer

  • Fresh registration of new vehicles

  • Temporary or tourist vehicle registration

  • Renewal of vehicle registration certification

  • Duplicate registration certificates

  • Transfer of vehicle ownership

  • Change of address records

  • Vehicle scrapping and de-registration

  • Inspection clearance for registered vehicles

Driving Licenses and Renewals

  • Application for new learner’s license

  • Issue of permanent driving licenses

  • Renewal of driving licenses

  • Duplicate licenses for lost or damaged ones

  • Addition of new vehicle classes to existing licenses

  • International driving permit

Permits and Clearances

  • Stage carriage permits for buses

  • Private service vehicle permits

  • National permit for inter-state transport

  • Temporary single-journey permits

  • Authorization of personal vehicle as stand-by taxi

  • Conductor license

Taxation and Payments

  • One-time road tax collection

  • Special lifetime tax

  • Green tax

  • Quarterly tax payments

  • Fitness testing fees

  • Collection of various application fees

Registration of Transport Vehicles

  • Private bus operator registration

  • Goods carriage registration

  • New crane/recovery vehicle registration

  • Maxicab registration

  • New school van registration

Dealer and Agency Licensing

  • Automobile workshop registration

  • Driving training school authorization

  • Vehicle dealer licensing

  • Manufacturer dealer registration

  • Vehicle broker/agent licensing

  • Goods booking agent permit

Fitness and Emission Certification

  • Vehicle fitness testing

  • Granting pollution under control (PUC) certificates

Database Management

  • Maintaining records of vehicles

  • Keeping driving license holder details

  • Recording permit details of buses

  • Digitization of registration and permits data

Facilitation Services

  • Monitoring authorized testing centers

  • Setting up vehicle fitness camps

  • Operating Vahan centers for online services

  • Assisting online SARATHI driving test appointments

Road Safety Initiatives

  • Conducting awareness programs and rallies

  • Distributing educational material and signboards

  • Promoting safe driving through campaigns

  • Documentation Required for Nagaland RTO Services

Here are some of the key documents individuals need to submit to avail major RTO services:

Vehicle Registration

  • Application Form 20/21

  • Proof of identity and residence

  • PAN card copy

  • Vehicle invoice from dealer

  • Insurance papers

  • Old RC copy for transferred vehicles

  • Local authorization letter from vehicle owner

Driving License

  • Application Form 1

  • Age proof certificate

  • Medical fitness certificate

  • Learner’s license

  • 3 passport size photos

  • Residence proof

Permit Renewal

  • Existing permit papers

  • Vehicle registration papers

  • Tax payment receipts

  • Vehicle fitness certificate

  • Audited passenger records

  • Bank solvency certificate

Fitness Certificate

  • Application form

  • Registration certification

  • Insurance papers

  • PUC certificate

  • Proof of road tax payments

Duplicate RC or License

  • Records of loss FIR

  • Documents loss affidavit

  • Age and identity proof

  • Original copy (if available)

Ownership Transfer

  • Records of sale affidavit

  • NOC certificate

  • Insurance papers of new owner

  • Age and address proof

Process for Vehicle Registration at Nagaland RTO

Follow these stepwise procedures for registration of new and old vehicles at Nagaland RTO offices:

A) New Vehicle Registration

Step 1: Purchase new vehicle from dealer

Start the registration process only after purchasing the vehicle along with invoice and insurance papers from the dealer.

Step 2: Get Form 20 from RTO and fill application

Obtain the application Form 20 online or from the RTO office and accurately fill out all vehicle and personal details.

Step 3: Submit documents and registration fees

Submit the completed Form 20 along with:

  • Purchase invoice

  • Insurance papers

  • PUC certificate

  • Proof of ID and residence

  • Applicable registration fees

Step 4: Get allotted date for physical inspection

The RTO inspects the vehicle at authorized testing centers on an allotted date. Bring the vehicle along with all documents mentioned in the RTO notice.

Step 5: Collect registration certificate

After successful inspection and clearance, the RTO issues the RC book containing the allocated registration number within 30 days.

B) Transferring Ex-State Vehicle Registration

Step 1: Produce current RC at RTO

Provide the registration papers of the vehicle currently registered outside Nagaland.

Step 2: Fill out Form 21 for ownership transfer

Submit the completely filled application Form 21 along with proof of ID, residence and NOC from previous RTO.

Step 3: Get vehicle physically inspected

The RTO inspects the vehicle and verifies chassis-engine records as per submitted documents.

Step 4: Pay relevant Nagaland road tax

Submit road tax for the vehicle model under Nagaland slab rates at the RTO cash counter.

Step 5: Collect new registration certificate

After approval, the RTO issues a fresh registration certificate with Nagaland registration number.

C) Renewing Expired Vehicle Registration

Step 1: Submit renewal application at RTO office

Provide the expired registration certificate while filling out the prescribed renewal application form.

Step 2: Pay late renewal penalty along with fees

Clear any accrued arrears on motor vehicle taxes plus late fine applicable as per Nagaland MV Act.

Step 3: Get vehicle physically inspected by RTO

The vehicle is thoroughly inspected by the RTO at approved testing centers to verify roadworthiness as per under Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

Step 4: Collect renewed registration certificate

On obtaining fitness clearance, the renewed registration certificate is issued with updated records valid for 15 years.

Registration and Permit Fees at Nagaland RTO

The applicable fees and taxes payable for major transport services in Nagaland are:

Vehicle Registration and Fitness

  • Registration fee - Rs. 200 (two-wheelers) and Rs. 600 (private cars)

  • Fitness testing fee - Rs. 200 per certificate

Driving Licenses

  • New learner's license - Rs. 150

  • New permanent license - Rs. 200

  • License renewal - Rs 100

  • Duplicate license - Rs. 150

Permits and Clearances

  • Stage carriage permit - Rs. 1000 per permit

  • Private service permit - Rs. 600 per permit

  • National permit - Rs. 5000 per vehicle

Transfer and Taxation

  • Temporary registration - Rs. 300

  • Ownership transfer - Rs. 500

  • Special number - Rs. 5000

  • One-time road tax - 9% for bikes, 9% for private cars

Other Charges and Fines

  • Pollution under control certificate - Rs. 60

  • Reflective tape charges - Rs. 300

  • Delay in permit renewal fine - Rs. 40 per month

  • RC book or license loss FIR charges - Rs. 100

How to Check Vehicle Registration Details Online

Individuals can access the registration status of their vehicle or search any vehicle registered in Nagaland through the following methods:

Parivahan Sewa Portal

Visit and search the vehicle number to get a national record of registration details, taxes paid, fitness etc.

Nagaland Transport Website

Go to and enter the number for Nagaland registration details of owner’s name, address, fitness validity etc.

mParivahan Mobile Application

Use the mParivahan app by the Transport Ministry to enter the vehicle number and get RC details along with insurance validity on your phone.

Nagaland MVI Mobile Application

The Nagaland Motor Vehicle Inspector app also allows searching vehicle details registered across the state via the registration number.

SMS Service

Send the vehicle registration number via SMS to 56161 to instantly receive Nagaland registration details over text message.


The RTO offices under the Nagaland Motor Vehicles Department play an indispensable role in administering the legal compliance of vehicles and regulating road transport across the state.

From new registrations and fitness certifications to ownership transfers and license renewals, these RTOs implement the critical facets of vehicular documentation as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.

Familiarizing oneself with the applicable processes, fees and documentation guidelines for Nagaland RTO services can help individuals seamlessly avail these citizen-centric offerings. This ensures smooth process completion without delays or rejections due to informational gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nagaland Regional Transport Office



Q: How many RTO offices are there in Nagaland? 

A: Nagaland has 12 RTO offices, one in each district - Kohima, Mokokchung, Tuensang, Mon, Wokha, Zunheboto, Dimapur, Phek, Peren, Kiphire, Longleng and Noklak.

Q: What is the code and contact details of Kohima RTO office? 

A: The Kohima RTO office code is NL01. It is located at the Secretariat Complex in Kohima. Contact number is not provided in the article.

Q: What documents do I need for transferring vehicle registration to Nagaland from another state? 

A: The required documents are - current registration certificate (RC), Form 21 transfer application, proof of identity and residence, NOC certificate from previous RTO and applicable road tax payment.

Q: What is the fine for late renewal of permits in Nagaland? 

A: The fine for permit renewal delays is Rs. 40 per month in Nagaland, along with clearance of any motor vehicles tax arrears.

Q: How can I check if a vehicle is registered in Nagaland? 

A: You can check Nagaland registration details by vehicle number on portal, website, mParivahan app or via SMS to 56161.

Q: What is the fees for getting a permanent driving license in Nagaland? 

A: The charges for obtaining a new permanent driving license in Nagaland is Rs. 200.

Q: How do I apply for a fresh registration number in Nagaland? 

A: Special registration numbers can be obtained in Nagaland on payment of Rs. 5000 extra as fancy number charges over the standard registration fees.


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