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Tripura Regional Transport Office - Tripura RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoDec 7, 2023

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Tripura or Tripura RTO operates under the state's Transport Department to regulate vehicular movement. With over 4 million population and 3 million registered vehicles, it oversees transportation operations across Tripura.


The Tripura RTO implements the key provisions of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Rules 1989. Its main objectives are:

  • Effective administration of vehicle registration and licensing

  • Ensuring roadworthiness of vehicles via fitness checks

  • Promoting road safety through awareness programs

  • Maintaining detailed records of vehicles, drivers, dealers etc.

  • Collecting MV taxes and fees as sources of revenue

The RTO has offices across all 5 districts headed by Regional Transport Officers (RTO). It works closely with agencies like Traffic Police, Highway Authority etc. on various initiatives covering road safety, infrastructure improvements, traffic management and more.



Complete List of RTO Offices in Tripura

As per the latest records, Tripura has 5 regional RTO offices mapped to key districts and sub-divisions. Here are the details:



RTO Code

Office Location

Contact Details


West Tripura


Motor Vehicle Department, Agartala





Motor Vehicle Department, Kailashahar



South Tripura


Motor Vehicle Department, Udaipur





Motor Vehicle Department, Dharmanagar



North Tripura


Motor Vehicle Department, Teliamura


Key Functions of District RTO Offices

The RTO offices in respective districts perform these major functions:

  • Fresh registrations and renewals of private and commercial vehicles

  • Issuance of permanent, temporary and learner's driving licenses

  • Collection of road taxes and fees for various services

  • Conducting fitness inspections to certify roadworthiness

  • Maintaining all records in centralized state databases

Citizens can locate their nearest RTO office using the RTO code finder services on Transport Department websites. You can also contact individual RTO offices directly for specific information.

Key RTO Services Offered in Tripura

Under the various provisions of the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the Tripura RTO provides a wide array of services for vehicle owners and drivers across the state.

Vehicle Registration & Related Services

  • Fresh registration - For newly purchased vehicles within Tripura

  • Temporary registration - For vehicles entering Tripura from other states

  • Renewal of registration - Upon expiry of the 15-year validity period

  • Duplicate RC book - In case of damage, loss or theft

  • Transfer of ownership - Upon sale of the vehicle

  • Change of address in RC - When the registered owner shifts residence

  • Alteration of vehicle - Approval for modifications as per safety rules

  • NOC for vehicles - For interstate transfer of cars to another state

  • Scrap vehicle certification - For vehicles being permanently discarded

Driving Licenses & Learner's Permits

  • Learner's license - For new drivers above 16 years of age

  • Permanent driving license - For experienced drivers meeting skill criteria

  • Driving license renewal - On expiry of license validity period

  • Duplicate driving license - In case of damage, loss or theft

  • International driving permit - For driving abroad as per 1968 Convention

Permits for Commercial Passenger & Goods Vehicles

  • Stage carriage permit - For buses operating on fixed routes

  • Contract carriage permit - For private charter taxi services

  • Tourist vehicle permit - For specialized tourist transportation

  • Goods carriage permit - For vehicles transporting goods

Other Allied Services

  • Motor driving schools - Issuing licenses to qualified driving schools

  • Registration of dealers - For dealers involved in selling new/used vehicles

  • Trade certificate registration - For dealers buying and selling vehicles

  • Records maintenance - Of registered vehicles, licenses issued etc.

  • Collection of taxes & fees - As mandated under the Central Motor Vehicles Act and state rules

Thus the RTO provides all services related to vehicular regulation for enabling safe and legal transit. It also enforces critical road safety norms.

Vehicle Registration Process at Tripura RTO

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to register your new or used vehicle at the Tripura RTO:

Step 1: Obtain Application for Registration - Form 20

  • Form 20 captures all details like vehicle type, cost, technical specifications etc. along with owner's personal information

  • Available online or at the nearest RTO office

  • Ensure you have the 17-character VIN or chassis number from the vehicle sale invoice

Step 2: Fill Form 20 with Accurate Information

  • Provide complete and accurate details of both vehicle and registered owner

  • Enter the 17-character chassis number correctly as per sale invoice

  • Ensure there are no gaps or errors in the form

Step 3: Submit Registration Application along with Documents

  • Application Form 20

  • Sale certificate or invoice from vehicle dealer

  • Valid insurance papers + PUC certificate

  • Owner's identity and address proof - Aadhaar card, Voter ID etc.

  • Old RC book (for renewed registrations)

  • Self-attested photocopies of documents are accepted

Step 4: Pay Applicable Registration Fees & Taxes

  • Registration fees - ₹600 (2 wheelers) & ₹1000 (4 wheelers)

  • Road tax - Between 6% to 15% of vehicle cost price

  • Any other applicable charges like green tax etc.

Step 5: Get Vehicle Physically Inspected at RTO

  • On allotted date, take vehicle to RTO office premises

  • RTO inspector examines vehicle and verifies chassis/engine numbers

  • Checks for unauthorized modifications, emissions compliance

  • Test drives vehicle if needed

  • Captures vehicle photographs

Step 6: Collect Registration Certificate (RC Book)

  • Upon clearing inspection, RC book is issued within 7 working days

  • Contains registered number allotted to the vehicle

  • Affix high-security number plates before driving

Charges Applicable for Registration & Related Services

Type of Fee

Two Wheelers

Four Wheelers

Transport Vehicles

Registration Fee




Road Tax

6-8% of Vehicle Cost

8-15% of Vehicle Cost

Based on Laden Weight

Fitness Testing




Duplicate RC




Ownership Transfer








Alteration of Vehicle




Special Number




Note: Additional late fees applicable for any delays in renewal/fees payment.

How to Check Vehicle Registration Details

Citizens can check the registration status of any vehicle registered in Tripura through the following methods:

Online Verification

  • Visit and enter the registration number

  • Get owner name, address, tax status, permit validity etc.

SMS Service

  • Send the registration number to 51969 via SMS

  • Instantly receive vehicle registration details over SMS

Mobile Apps

  • Use DigiLocker or mParivahan mobile apps

  • Enter registration number to view digital RC copy

Vahan National Portal

  • Visit

  • Search vehicle number to get pan-India registration data

RTO Inquiry

  • Visit nearest RTO office for in-person verification

  • Get details confirmed verbally upon number enquiry

Legal Verification

  • Apply for official Certificate of Registration from RTO

  • Submit relevant documents along with fees

Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Tripura RTO

Follow this guide for transferring vehicle ownership in Tripura RTO:

Step 1: Inform the RTO of Sale Within 14 Days

Step 2: Collect Required Documents

  • Original RC book of current owner

  • Forms 29, 30 - In duplicate, with buyer and seller details

  • NOC from current owner

  • Proof of identity and address for both parties

  • Motor Insurance certificate and PUC certificate

Step 3: Submit Documents at RTO for Verification

Step 4: Pay Applicable Transfer Fees

  • Transfer fees - ₹300 (two wheelers) & ₹500 (four wheelers)

  • Late penalty if NOC not submitted on time

Step 5: Collect New RC Book with New Owner Details

  • Takes 7-10 working days for new RC book in buyer's name

  • Old RC book is cancelled by RTO

Thus by completing this process, you can legally transfer ownership of your vehicle to another party.

Obtaining an NOC for Vehicles Registered in Tripura RTO

What is an NOC?

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) for a vehicle is an official document stating that the concerned RTO office has no objections towards its interstate transfer to a new RTO zone.

Why Obtain an NOC from Tripura RTO?

Here are some scenarios where you need to get an NOC from Tripura RTO:

  • Moving to another state and permanently re-registering vehicle there

  • Submitting insurance claim upon major accident

  • Selling your vehicle to a buyer located in another state

Documents Required for NOC

  • Application Form 28 in triplicate

  • Vehicle RC book copy

  • Valid insurance papers

  • PUC certificate copy

  • Aadhaar and address proof

Fees for NOC

  • ₹100 for two wheelers

  • ₹300 for private cars

  • ₹500 for commercial vehicles

Thus by obtaining an NOC from the concerned Tripura RTO, you will have no legal hurdles in re-registering or selling your vehicle outside the state.

Getting a Special/VIP Number Registration in Tripura RTO

Besides the standard series, the Tripura RTO also allows allotment of special or VIP registration numbers for an extra cost. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Identify Available Special Numbers

The RTO publishes available special numbers on notice boards and websites

Step 2: Reserve Desired Number & Deposit Fees

Based on vehicle type, deposit fees of ₹5000 (two wheelers) or ₹10000 (four wheelers)

Step 3: Participate in Bidding if Required

In case others also reserve the same number, bidding takes place to decide the final allotment

Step 4: Complete Purchase Within 1 Month

If number is allotted to you, buy and register vehicle against it within 1 month

Special numbers are seen as prestigious by some vehicle owners. By paying extra RTO fees, your vehicle can stand out through its unique registration mark.

Obtaining Various Licenses from Tripura RTO

The RTO issues driving licenses and allied permits as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules:

Types of Driving Licenses Issued

  • Learning license - For new drivers aged 16+ (valid 6 months)

  • Permanent license - For experienced drivers (valid 20 years)

  • Renewal of driving licenses - On expiry of validity period

Licenses for Commercial Vehicle Drivers

  • Commercial driving license - For drivers of heavy transport vehicles

  • E-rickshaw driving license - For electric 3-wheeler taxi drivers

Other Licenses

  • Motor driving school license - For qualified driving schools

  • Vehicle dealer license - For showrooms selling new/used vehicles

Process of Obtaining Driving License in Tripura RTO

Follow these key steps to obtain a permanent driving license from Tripura RTO:

Step 1: Apply for Learning License (LL)

  • Visit RTO office and submit Form 2

  • Provide age, identity and address proof

  • Pass online learning license test

Step 2: Learn Vehicle Driving

  • Learner's permit valid for 6 months

  • Learn driving from a licensed instructor

Step 3: Book Driving Test Slot

  • Apply for permanent license test slot after 30 days of LL issuance

  • Slots booked on first-come, first-served basis

Step 4: Give Driving Test at RTO

  • Bring documents - LL, Form 8, medical certificate

  • Take driving test with RTO inspector

Step 5: Collect Permanent Driving License

  • Thus by passing the RTO test, you can obtain your permanent driving license. For renewal, visit RTO with medical certificate and DL before expiry.

Obtaining Various Permits for Commercial Vehicles

Goods Carriage Permit

Issued for transporting goods, it depends on factors like laden weight, nature of goods, area of operation.

Documents Needed:

  • Vehicle RC

  • Tax payment receipts

  • National permit if operating across state borders

  • Driver's commercial vehicle license

Private Service Vehicle Permit

Issued for vehicles used by companies, organizations for employee transit. Valid for 5 years.

Documents Required:

  • Form PA

  • Vehicle registration

  • Tax payments receipt

  • Organization proof and NOC

  • Driver's commercial license

National Permit

Allows goods carriage and passenger vehicles to operate across multiple states. Valid for 5 years.

Documents Needed:

  • Vehicle registration

  • Tax payment receipts

  • Fitness and PUC certificates

  • Driver's commercial driving license

Thus by obtaining the suitable permit from RTO, commercial vehicles can operate legally across Tripura or other states as per their usage case.


The Regional Transport Offices across Tripura play a pivotal role in the state's transportation environment. Through key offerings like registrations, taxes, permits and licenses, the RTOs enforce legal and safety compliance among vehicle owners and drivers.

Citizens looking to buy, register or drive vehicles in Tripura should be well aware of the applicable RTO rules, processes and charges to avoid difficulties. The easy availability of many services online through portals like Parivahan has also eased access and convenience.

Overall, RTOs form the backbone for regulating road transport as per Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988 - thereby promoting safety for all through appropriate checks and balances.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tripura Regional Transport Office



Q: How many RTO offices are there in Tripura?

A: There are 5 regional RTO offices in Tripura mapped to key districts - West Tripura, Unakoti, South Tripura, Dhalai and North Tripura.

Q: What documents do I need when transferring ownership of my vehicle in Tripura?

A: You need the original RC book, insurance papers, NOC from financier, signed Form 29 and 30, address proof, transfer fee receipt and signatures of both the seller and buyer.

Q: What is the penalty for driving in Tripura with an expired vehicle registration?

A: Driving with an expired registration in Tripura can attract a minimum penalty between ₹2000-₹5000. The vehicle may also be impounded until its registration is renewed.

Q: How can I obtain a duplicate registration certificate (RC) if the original gets lost in Tripura?

A: You can obtain a duplicate RC in Tripura by submitting an FIR copy of the document loss along with prescribed fees to the RTO. The cost is ₹100-₹500 basis vehicle type.

Q: What is the maximum validity period of a permanent driving license issued in Tripura?

A: Like other states, the permanent driving licenses issued in Tripura are uniformly valid for 20 years from the date of issue before requiring renewal.

Q: Is a PUC certificate mandatory during renewal of old vehicles in Tripura?

A: Yes, a valid PUC certificate is mandatory while renewing fitness certificates of old vehicles registered in Tripura.

Q: How can I check if a vehicle is registered in Tripura?

A: You can instantly check Tripura registration details of any vehicle using its registration number on the Parivahan portal or mParivahan app.


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