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Sikkim Regional Transport Office - Sikkim RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoDec 7, 2023

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Sikkim or Sikkim RTO oversees the regulation and governance of vehicular movement across the state in accordance with the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 and Motor Vehicles Act 1988. 


There are 8 Regional Transport Offices situated across various districts and sub-divisions of Sikkim that facilitate services for vehicle registration, licensing, taxes etc. to vehicle owners and drivers.



Objectives and Key Functions of Sikkim RTO

As the state regulatory authority, the core objectives fulfilled by the RTOs in Sikkim include:

  • Vehicle Registration and Record Keeping: Issuing registration certificates upon fresh registrations as well as renewals. Maintaining detailed databases of registered vehicles split district and RTO-wise.

  • Safety and Fitness Monitoring: Conducting thorough fitness inspections and tests during registrations as well as annual renewal to verify roadworthiness of vehicles.

  • Issuing Licenses and Permits: Granting learning licenses, permanent driving licenses as well as special permits/badges to differently abled drivers or commercial vehicle operators.

  • Vehicle Tax Collection: Levying and collecting taxes such as lifetime tax, road tax, special taxes on passenger and goods vehicles.

  • Dealer Licensing: Registration of automobile dealers involved in the business of selling new as well as old/used vehicles within the state.

  • Promoting Road Safety: Undertaking awareness drives and campaigns to educate vehicle users on traffic rules and safe driving practices.

To fulfill these key objectives, the Regional Transport Offices across various districts of Sikkim provide the following essential services:

Vehicle Registration Services

  • Fresh Registration

  • Temporary Registration

  • Renewal of Registration

  • Duplicate Registration Certificate

  • Transfer of Ownership

  • Change of Address in RC

  • Alteration of Vehicles

  • Vehicle Scrapping and De-registration

Driving Licensing Services

  • Applying for Learning License

  • Issuance of Permanent Driving Licenses

  • Driving License Renewals

  • Duplicate Driving Licenses

  • Addition of New Vehicle Classes

  • International Driving Permit

Dealer and Commercial Licensing Services

  • Vehicle Dealership Licensing

  • National Permits for Interstate Transport

  • Special Permits and Badges for Differently Abled

  • Stage Carriage Permits for Buses

  • Private Service Vehicle Permits

  • Contract Carriage Permits for Taxis

  • Goods Carriage Permits

Administrative Services

  • Collection of Taxes and Fees

  • Issuance of NOCs

  • Records Maintenance

  • Grievance Redressal

  • Public Information Dissemination

By providing such comprehensive services to vehicle owners and operators, the RTOs in Sikkim contribute immensely towards state and national objectives related to traffic management, vehicle safety, environmental protection as well as revenue mobilization functions.

Complete List of Regional Transport Offices in Sikkim

As per the latest records, there are 8 Regional Transport Offices situated across different districts and sub-divisions of Sikkim. 

They regulate vehicular movement and implement transport rules under their respective territorial jurisdictions. The RTO codes help in identifying the location and contact details of any RTO office in Sikkim.


RTO Office

Office Code

East Sikkim



West Sikkim



North Sikkim



West Sikkim



South Sikkim



West Sikkim



East Sikkim



East Sikkim



Using the RTO finder available on the Transport Department website, you can find contact information, location and services offered by the RTO office nearest to your residence in Sikkim.

Key Services Offered at Regional Transport Offices in Sikkim

Some noteworthy services offered by the RTOs in Sikkim for vehicle owners and drivers are:

Vehicle Registration and Ownership Transfer

  • Fresh registration - For newly purchased vehicles

  • Temporary registration - For vehicles entering Sikkim from other states

  • Renewal of registration - Upon expiry, required every 15 years

  • Duplicate RC - In case of loss/damage to original registration copy

  • Transfer of ownership - Upon sale of vehicle, updating registration records

  • Change of address in RC - When the registered owner shifts residence

  • Alteration of vehicle - Approval needed for modifications to engine, body chassis

Driving Licensing

  • Learning license - For new drivers without adequate road training (valid 6 months)

  • Permanent driving license - For experienced drivers with knowledge of traffic rules (valid 15-20 years)

  • Driving license renewal - On expiry of the license validity period

  • Duplicate driving license - When original license copy is misplaced or damaged

  • Additional vehicle class - To legally drive other vehicle types like transport vehicles or two-wheelers

  • International driving permit - For driving abroad with valid Indian license

Permits and Clearances

  • All India tourist permit - For tourist vehicles registered in other states

  • National permit - For inter-state operation of transport vehicles

  • Temporary permit - Valid for 30 days for vehicles with registration from other states

  • Special license and badges - For orthopedically/visually challenged drivers

  • Stage carriage permit - For state buses operating routes within Sikkim

  • Contract carriage permit - For private tourist taxis and fleet operator vehicles

Other Services

  • Trade certificate registration - For dealers to buy and sell motor vehicles

  • Fitness testing - Issuing certificates upon testing and inspecting vehicles

  • Collection of taxes and fees - Quarterly / annual taxes; administrative fees

  • Registration data verification - Providing official registration data to various authorities

  • Public grievance redressal - Resolving complaints against RTO services, agents etc.

Thus by delivering such a diverse portfolio, RTOs in Sikkim contribute immensely to easier compliance of vehicular movement with state and central government laws and guidelines.

Step-by-step Guide to Vehicle Registration in Sikkim RTO

Follow these key steps for hassle-free registration of your new or used vehicle with the Sikkim RTO:

Step 1: Visit the zonal RTO office and obtain the Application for Registration - Form 20. 

Fill it with your personal details, vehicle type, insurance etc. accurately.

Step 2: Submit the duly filled Form 20 to the RTO office along with supporting documents like:

  • Proof of identity and address (Aadhaar card, Voter ID etc.)

  • PAN card copy

  • Vehicle sale invoice

  • Valid insurance papers

  • Passport size photographs

  • Roadworthiness certificate from authorized testing center

  • Any other state-specific documents

Step 3: Pay the applicable charges towards registration fee, road tax and other taxes at the RTO office. 

Fees can be paid via demand draft, online payment, debit/credit cards or cash.

Step 4: On the designated date and time allotted, be present with your vehicle at the RTO office for physical verification and inspection formalities.

Step 5: Upon satisfactory verification and inspection by the RTO authorities, the registration process will be completed. 

You will accordingly receive your registration certificate (RC book) containing the registration number.

Step 6: Get the High-Security Registration Plates (HSRPs) affixed on your vehicle which bear the allocated unique registration mark. 

Only then, you can legally drive your registered vehicle on the roads.

Thus by submitting proper documents, turning up for inspection and paying fees on time, you can get new vehicles registered or even expired registrations renewed without hassles at the Sikkim RTOs.

Charges Applicable for Vehicle Registration in Sikkim RTO

The different fees and charges applicable for registering your vehicle with the Sikkim RTO include:

Type of Charge

2 Wheelers

Private Cars

Commercial Vehicles

Registration Fee

Rs. 300

Rs. 600

Rs. 1000

Road Tax

8% of Vehicle Cost

8% of Vehicle Cost

10% of Vehicle Cost

Fee for Trade Certificate

Rs. 300

Rs. 500

Rs. 1000

Temporary Registration

Rs. 100 (30 days)

Rs. 300 (30 days)

Rs. 500 (30 days)

Fitness Testing

Rs. 200

Rs. 300

Rs. 500

Duplicate RC

Rs. 100

Rs. 200

Rs. 300

Additional Applicable Taxes:

  • One time tax for transport vehicles

  • Special road tax for vehicles older than 15 years

  • Green tax on transport vehicles older than 8 years

Note that the final registration charges payable are calculated by the RTO basis the invoice value, fuel type, vehicle age etc. as per the application Form 20 details that you submit.

How to Check Vehicle Registration Details in Sikkim?

You can retrieve the registration details of any vehicle registered in Sikkim using the following methods:

  • Parivahan Portal - Visit and enter the vehicle number. Allows checking tax paid status, pending dues, fitness etc.

  • Vahan Database - On, search vehicle number to get pan-India registration data from the centralized database.

  • mParivahan App - Enter registration number and view vehicle details along with the validity of the Motor insurance policy from the app.

  • SMS Service - SMS the vehicle number to the designated mobile number for RTO to retrieve its registration details via automated response.

  • Online Enquiry - Submit registration number on Transport Department website to check tax status, permit validity etc.

  • Legal Verification - Apply for an officially signed RTO certificate by providing identity documents and payment.

So by using any of the above options, you can easily access the latest registration data associated with your vehicle or verify genuineness of a second-hand vehicle before procuring.


To summarize, the Regional Transport Offices situated across various districts of Sikkim are responsible for the administration and governance of vehicular regulations under the Central Motor Vehicles Act.

By highlighting the key functions, office locations, services offered and documentation processes at Sikkim RTOs, this guide enables citizens and vehicle owners to easily comply with rules for seamless registration, licensing, transfers and taxation for private or commercial vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sikkim Regional Transport Office



Q: How many RTO offices are present across Sikkim?

A: There are 8 regional transport offices situated across various districts and sub-divisions of Sikkim.

Q: What documents do I need for transferring vehicle ownership in Sikkim?

A: You need the original RC, insurance papers, PUC certificate, signed Forms 29 and 30, NOC from financier, address proof, transfer fee receipt and signatures of both parties on transfer forms.

Q: What is the penalty for driving in Sikkim with an expired vehicle registration?

A: Driving with an expired registration in Sikkim can attract a minimum penalty between ₹2000-₹5000. The vehicle may also be impounded until you renew its registration.

Q: How can I obtain a duplicate registration certificate (RC) if the original is lost?

A: You can obtain a duplicate RC from the Sikkim RTO by submitting an FIR copy of the document loss along with prescribed fees. The cost for a duplicate RC is ₹100-300 basis vehicle type.

Q: What is the maximum validity period for a permanent driving license in Sikkim?

A: Like other states, the permanent driving licenses issued by Sikkim RTOs have a uniform validity period of 20 years from the date of issuance.

Q: Is PUC certificate mandatory in Sikkim during renewal of old vehicles?

A: Yes, a valid PUC certificate from an authorized emission test center is mandatory across Sikkim for renewal of vehicle fitness certificates.

Q: How can I check Sikkim registration details of a vehicle online?

A: You can check Sikkim vehicle registration details on the Parivahan portal, Vahan database or mParivahan app by entering the vehicle registration number.


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