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How to take an 8 in two-wheeler driving test: A step-by-step guide to ace the test

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

It takes a lot of training to ace the art of manoeuvring a motorcycle or a scooter like a pro. One of the most challenging manoeuvres is the figure 8. It requires control, balance, and coordination between you and the bike. If you are ready to start riding and need to pass the driving test, then this article is for you. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to take an 8 during the two-wheeler driving test.




Step-by-step guide on how to take an 8 on a bike

To take an eight (figure 8) on a two-wheeler, you need proper balance and control of the bike. Here are the steps to sharpen your riding skills.

  • Step 1: Slow down and approach the task at a controlled speed.

  • Step 2: Shift your weight to the inside of the turn while keeping momentum.

  • Step 3: Slowly lean the bike toward the turn while keeping the throttle in control.

  • Step 4: As you complete the first part of the figure 8, start straightening the bike while shifting your weight to the opposite side.

  • Step 5: Slowly lean the bike into the second half of the manoeuvre while maintaining throttle control.

  • Step 6: Keep repeating the above steps until you have completed the figure 8.

Tips for smooth and safe execution of taking an 8 on a two-wheeler

Follow the below-mentioned tips for controlled execution of taking an eight on a bike.

  1. Focus on your control and balance.

  2. Look ahead and anticipate each turn.

  3. Keep your body relaxed, especially your grip on the handlebar.

  4. Always practise in a safe and controlled environment.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Here are some common mistakes while taking an 8 on a bike and how to avoid them.

  • Oversteering: This occurs when you turn the bike handlebar way too much, tipping over the bike. To avoid this mistake, ensure your turns are smooth and controlled.

  • Understeering: This occurs when you don’t turn the handlebar to the required angle, causing the bike to ride straight instead of turning. To avoid this mistake, turn the handlebar enough to negotiate the turn. 

Tips to clear the two-wheeler driving test

Here are some pointers to help you ace the driving test, especially when taking an 8 on your bike.

1. Study the rules and regulations

Before you head out to take the driving test, you must have a detailed understanding of the do’s and don’ts of riding on the road. It includes knowledge of traffic signals, speed limits, road signs and other guidelines.

2. Get familiar with the test course

Ensure that you understand the actual test course of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and practise your ‘8’ in those conditions.

3. Practise, practise, practise

Practice makes it easier for you to overcome challenges. Ensure you practise in a controlled environment before the riding test. Focus on stopping and starting, turning and riding in a straight line. Also, get familiarised with different terrains for better control.

4. Get your two-wheeler ready

Your two-wheeler is an integral part of the driving test. Hence, make sure it is in good condition. Check the brakes, lights and tyres to ensure they are all working properly. Additionally, make sure the motorcycle or scooter is clean and well-maintained since a clean bike increases your confidence.

5. Arrive early and pay attention to instructions

Arriving early to the test gives ample time for you to settle down and get focused. Also, pay attention to instructions from the instructor and follow the instructions correctly to clear the test.

6. Stay focused and confident

It is vital to remain calm and focused. Don’t get distracted by anything around you. It is essential to stay confident as you have practised and can pass the driving test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some common questions about driving tests and manoeuvring figure 8 in a two-wheeler.


What is a figure 8 manoeuvre?

It is a complex riding technique involving a two-wheeler. The manoeuvre requires navigating the two-wheeler in the shape of an eight.

Is a Driving Licence (DL) a must for raising claims against a bike insurance policy?

Yes, riding without a valid document, such as a DL, and then claiming for bike damage due to an accident will result in the possibility of a rejection of your claims.

How can I improve my figure 8 manoeuvre skills?

Practise as many times as possible. Vary your speeds and the size of your turns, and practise in different terrains and difficult environments, such as negotiating a narrow curve road.

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