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Jeep Compass Car Insurance

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Jeep Compass is a mid-size SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) which was launched in India in 2017. The Compass is a rugged SUV known for its off-road performance. Purchasing car insurance for Jeep Compass SUV is a must as it provides you with coverage against legal and financial liabilities. If you are planning to buy car insurance for your Compass SUV, then this article will provide you with all the information about Jeep Compass Car Insurance.

What’s Covered in Jeep Compass Insurance (Inclusions):

Jeep Compass Comprehensive Car Insurance will provide coverage against the following circumstances:

Exclusions of Jeep Compass Car Insurance:

Jeep Compass car insurance will not provide coverage against the following circumstances:

Advantages of Buying ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your Jeep Compass Car:

ACKO car insurance gives you a host of benefits. Here are the advantages of purchasing Jeep Compass car insurance from ACKO:

Online Insurance Purchase

ACKO offers a paperless experience while purchasing a car insurance policy. You can complete the entire process of buying car insurance online. With no paperwork, buying insurance is even simpler.

Quick Claim Settlements

At ACKO, you can register for a car insurance claim online, and it takes only a few minutes. In case of minor damages, the claims will be settled instantly. For major damages, the claims will be settled in a few hours after the assessment of the damaged vehicle.

Expert Guidance

Whether it is about car insurance purchase or renewal, ACKO’s team of car insurance experts will guide you in making the right choice. With unbiased advice on car insurance plans, you can opt for the right insurance plan and car insurance add-ons for your Jeep Compass SUV.

Best Car Insurance Plans

ACKO provides different insurance plans, based on the ideal value (IDV) of your vehicle. You can compare Car Insurance Plans and Add-ons before making the purchase decision.

Car Insurance plans for Jeep Compass Car:

You can opt for mainly two types of car insurance plans for Jeep Compass: Third-Party car insurance and Comprehensive car insurance. Below are the coverage details of third-party and comprehensive car insurance plans:

Third-Party Car Insurance Plan

Purchasing at least a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act. A third-party car insurance policy provides coverage against damage to third-party property and life. A third-party liability policy does not offer an Own Damage cover.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan

Comprehensive Car Insurance policy proved extensive coverage which includes third-party and Own Damage cover. Apart from third-party damage, the insurance plan also covers damages to your vehicle and injury/accidental death of the owner/driver. The Comprehensive Insurance plan also provides coverage against theft and total loss of the insured vehicle. The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan also gives the option of expanding the coverage benefits through add-on covers.

Add-ons for Jeep Compass Car Insurance:

Jeep Compass Comprehensive Car Insurance allows you to purchase add-ons. Below are the available add-ons for Jeep Compass car insurance:

Claim Procedure:

Registering a car insurance claim at ACKO is simple. Follow the below steps to register a car insurance claim:

*Service available in select cities.

About Car Insurance for Jeep Compass:

Jeep Compass is a premium offering in the popular mid-size SUV segment. The build quality and fit and finish of the Compass are top-notch, and the SUV is equipped with high-end components. Buying car insurance for such a vehicle becomes crucial as even minor damage can prove costly. Moreover, buying at least a third-party liability car insurance policy for Jeep Compass is compulsory to comply with the rules and regulations. But the limitation of a third-party insurance plan is it does not provide an Own Damage Cover.

You can consider buying Comprehensive Car Insurance as it provides extensive coverage for your Compass SUV. The Comprehensive Insurance plan provides third-party and Own Damage cover. A Comprehensive Car Insurance policy provides coverage against damages to your vehicle and injury/accidental death of the driver. Vehicle damage cover includes accidental damage, damage due to fire and explosion and damage due to natural/man-made disasters. The insurance plan also covers the theft/ total loss of the insured vehicle.

Another advantage of opting for a Comprehensive Car Insurance plan is the ability to expand the coverage benefits. Yes, you can expand the scope of coverage by purchasing add-ons. You can choose from a host of available add-ons for your Jeep Compass while purchasing Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

Why should you buy Jeep Compass?

Jeep Compass is one of those unique SUVs which is suitable for both on and off-road usage. The Compass is a perfect blend of the stylish exterior, feature-rich interior and advanced drivetrain. The Compass is an all-round SUV which can excel in harsh terrains and also cruise on highways.

The Jeep Compass features the signature Jeep design philosophy with the seven-slot grille upfront, body cladding, stylish alloy wheels and chrome accents on the window panel, which extends back to the boot. The aggressive stance of the Compass adds to the styling of the SUV. The interior of the Compass features a dual-tone dashboard, which is dominated by a large touchscreen display for the infotainment system. Other features of the interior include leather seat upholstery, electrically adjustable driver seat, rear cupholders and much more.

The Jeep Compass is offered with powerful petrol and diesel engine options. The SUV is also equipped with Jeep Selec-Terrain four-wheel-drive system, which makes off-roading a breeze. The SUV also comes with advanced safety features such as airbags, electric parking brake, hill-hold assist, traction control system, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System and much more. Overall, the Jeep Compass is a complete package in the mid-size SUV segment.

Highlights of Jeep Compass:

Jeep Compass Specifications, Variants and Ex-Showroom Price:

Refer to the following tables for Jeep Compass price, specifications and variants:

Jeep Compass Specifications:

Engine 1.4-Litre 2-Litre Turbocharged
Fuel Type Petrol Diesel
Power 161 Bhp 171 Bhp
Torque 250 Nm 350 Nm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual Gearbox 6-Speed Manual/Automatic Gearbox
Drivetrain Front-wheel-drive Front-wheel-drive/Four-wheel-drive
Seating Capacity 5-Seater 5-Seater
Boot Space 438 Litre 438 Litre
Fuel Tank 60 Litre 60 Litre
Fuel Efficiency 14.30kmpl 18kmpl

Jeep Compass Variants and Ex-Showroom Price

Model Variant Fuel Type Price
Jeep Compass Sport Plus Petrol Rs. 16.49 lakh
Jeep Compass Longitude Plus Petrol Rs. 19.69 lakh
Jeep Compass Night Eagle Petrol Rs. 20.14 lakh
Jeep Compass Limited Plus Petrol Rs. 21.92 lakh
Jeep Compass Sport Plus Diesel Rs. 17.99 lakh
Jeep Compass Longitude Diesel Rs. 19.4 lakh
Jeep Compass Longitude Plus Diesel Rs. 20.3 lakh
Jeep Compass Night Eagle Diesel Rs. 20.75 lakh
Jeep Compass Longitude AT Diesel Rs. 21.96 lakh
Jeep Compass Limited Plus Diesel Rs. 22.43 lakh
Jeep Compass Longitude Plus AT Diesel Rs. 22.86 lakh
Jeep Compass Night Eagle 4x4 Diesel Rs. 23.31 lakh
Jeep Compass Limited Plus 4x4 Diesel Rs. 24.21 lakh
Jeep Compass Limited Plus 4x4 AT Diesel Rs. 24.99 lakh

Note: All prices are ex-showroom Delhi as of 22 December 2020

Importance of buying car insurance for Jeep Compass Model:

Car insurance is crucial for Jeep Compass as it is compulsory to at least have third-party liability coverage to comply with the Motor Vehicles Act. You cannot drive a vehicle on the road without a valid motor insurance policy, and you can be penalised for the same  Comprehensive Car Insurance provides extensive coverage, and it also provides you with an Own Damage cover. Below are the benefits of the buying car insurance for Jeep Compass:

Kia Seltos Vs Jeep Compass:

Both the Kia Seltos and the Jeep Compass belong to the mid-size SUV segment. Both the SUVs have stylish exterior design and feature-rich interior. The Seltos shines in the features department as the SUV gets advanced connectivity features and the Compass excels in the drivetrain department as it gets a four-wheeler-drive system. The below table gives a clear picture of the comparison of both the SUVs:

Details Jeep Compass Kia Seltos
Engine 1.4-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel 1-litre Turbo-Petrol/1.2-litre Petrol/1.5-litre Diesel
Gearbox Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic
Seating Capacity 5-seater 5-seater
Total Variants 14 23
Price Rs. 16.49 lakh to Rs. 24.99 lakh Rs. 9.89 lakh to Rs. 17.34 lakh

MG Hector Vs Jeep Compass:

The MG Hector is a full-size SUV, and Jeep Compass is a mid-size SUV. Another difference between the two models is the price. The Compass is priced on the higher side while the Hector carries a competitive price tag. The Hector gets advanced connectivity features, which the Compass misses out. But Compass is on another planet when it comes to off-roading performance. The below table denotes the detailed comparison of both the models:

Details Jeep Compass MG Hector
Engine 1.4-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel 1.5-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel/.5-litre Petrol-Hybrid
Gearbox Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic
Seating Capacity 5-seater 5-Seater
Total Variants 14 16
Price Rs. 16.49 lakh to Rs. 24.99 lakh Rs. 12.74 lakh to Rs. 18.08 lakh

Tata Harrier Vs Jeep Compass:

Tata Harrier and Jeep Compass belong to the same segment and feature stylish exterior design. Compass edges out the Harrier in terms of build quality and off-roading capabilities. Let’s take a look at how the Compass fares against the Harrier in the table below:

Details Tata Harrier Jeep Compass
Engine 2-litre Diesel 1.4-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel
Gearbox Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic
Seating Capacity 5-seater 5-seater
Total Variants 25 14
Price Rs. 13.84 lakh to Rs. 20.3 lakh Rs. 16.49 lakh to Rs. 24.99 lakh

Jeep Compass Vs Hyundai Creta:

Hyundai Creta is one of the best-selling SUVs in the mid-size SUV segment. The latest avatar of the Creta is miles ahead of Compass in terms of technology and creature comfort features. Compass has the upper hand in the driveability department with its capable four-wheel-drive system. Refer to the below table for a detailed comparison:

Details Hyundai Creta Jeep Compass
Engine 1.5-litre Petrol/1.4-litre Turbo-Petrol/1.5-litre Diesel 1.4-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel
Gearbox Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic
Seating Capacity 5-seater 5-seater
Total Variants 17 14
Price Rs. 9.82 lakh to 17.32 lakh Rs. 16.49 lakh to Rs. 24.99 lakh

Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner:

Toyota Fortuner is a full-size SUV, and hence, it is unfair to compare it with the Jeep Compass. Both the SUVs belong to different segments, and the Fortuner is equipped with better features and drivetrain. But Jeep’s four-wheel-drive is equally good and gives a tough competition to the likes of Fortuner. Here is the comparison table of both the SUVs:

Details Jeep Compass Toyota Fortuner
Engine 1.4-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel 2.7-litre Petrol/2.8-litre Diesel
Gearbox Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic
Seating Capacity 5-seater 7-seater
Total Variants 14 8
Price Rs. 16.49 lakh to Rs. 24.99 lakh Rs. 28.66 lakh to Rs. 36.88 lakh

Hyundai Tucson Vs Jeep Compass:

Hyundai Tucson is a premium full-size SUV and comes with all the bells and whistles. On the other hand, the Compass is a medium-size offering in the SUV segment. But the Compass is a capable SUV, thanks to Jeep’s robust drivetrain. Below is the comparison table of both the SUVs:

Details Jeep Compass Hyundai Tucson
Engine 1.4-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel 2-litre Petrol/2-litre Diesel
Gearbox Manual/Automatic Automatic
Seating Capacity 5-seater 5-seater
Total Variants 14 5
Price Rs. 16.49 lakh to Rs. 24.99 lakh Rs. 22.3 lakh to Rs. 27.03 lakh

Car Insurance for other Jeep Car Models/Variants:

Below are the car insurance plans for other Jeep models:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Jeep Compass car insurance:

Can I renew Jeep Compass insurance online?

Yes. You can renew Jeep Compass insurance online. Log on to the insurer’s website to know more about the renewal procedure. Online car insurance renewal takes only a few minutes.

Which add-on should I buy for Jeep Compass car insurance?

You can consider buying add-ons such as Engine Protection Cover, Passenger Cover, NCB Cover, Depreciation Cost Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover and Consumables Cover for Jeep Compass car insurance.

What are the required documents for Jeep Compass car insurance renewal?

For online car insurance renewal, you need not submit the hard copies of the document. But for offline, renewal, you will need the following documents: >Insurance policy certificate >Vehicle registration certificate >Identity proof

Which documents do I need to submit to file a car insurance claim?

For online car insurance claims, you need not require hard copies of the documents. You can upload the soft copies online via the insurer’s website/app. But for offline claims, you need to submit the following documents: >Claim form >Relevant proof/Original receipts >Insurance policy certificate >Vehicle registration certificate >Driving Licence >First Information Report (If applicable)

Is the Jeep Compass available in petrol variant?

Yes. The Jeep Compass SUV is available in petrol variant.

Is Jeep Compass a fuel-efficient SUV?

Yes, Jeep Compass delivers a decent mileage, both on highways and city. The petrol model has a mileage of 14.30kmpl while the diesel model delivers a mileage of 18kmpl.

I am planning to buy Jeep Compass car insurance. Which insurance company has the best claim settlement ratio?

Claim settlement ratio of an insurance company depends on how efficient and smooth the claim procedure is. Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) is nothing but the ratio between the settled claims and the received claims in a year.

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