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Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance – 24×7 RSA Cover Benefits

Team AckoOct 14, 2022

Whether you are driving your car within the city or in the outskirts enjoying your road trip, you want the journey to be smooth-sailing. Problems during a car journey can cause a lot of inconveniences. If you face a problem, your journey is paused, you need to understand why your car is misbehaving, and get the issue rectified. This can derail your schedule. For example, you can miss an important meeting. But there is a quick fix for such scenarios – the Roadside Assistance Add-on (RSA).

Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance

You can purchase an RSA as an additional cover to your Comprehensive car insurance policy. Such a cover extension comes at a cost – you must pay an additional premium. However, it also offers multiple benefits, the best one being – assistance during car-related problems faced on the road. Read ahead to know more about this value-for-money Add-on.



What is Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance?

Roadside Assistance is an Add-on to a Comprehensive car insurance policy. With this Add-on, you can avail help from an insurance company in case you face car-related issues while you are on the move. Roadside Assistance in India is offered by major car insurance companies online as well as offline. For example, you can purchase the RSA cover with a Comprehensive car insurance policy by visiting Acko.

Roadside Assistance (RSA) 24×7 Add-on (24x7 car breakdown assistance) for Car Insurance:

The RSA cover is also known as a 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance Cover. This is because this Add-on comes in handy when your car breaks down during your journey. In such a scenario, all you need to do is call your Roadside Assistance provider (insurance company) and inform them about the problem and your location. They will try to offer help via call or send a mechanic to your location. If the problem is not solved, they will arrange for the car to be towed to the nearby garage for repairs. This way, you do not have to worry about managing the issue, the insurance company will do it for you.

How to Claim Car Insurance for Breakdown with Roadside Assistance Cover:

Raising a claim for your Roadside Assistance plan is easy. Here’s how you can do it.

  • All you need to do is call the insurer, share your policy details for verification and help shall be on its way. 

  • Once you call the insurance company, you will have to share your name and policy number. Some companies can get that information from your registered mobile number and ask you to confirm the details. The process might vary from one company to another.

  • If the insurance company sends a mechanic to your location or the car is towed to a garage, the company will settle the claim with the mechanic and the garage directly. 

  • In case the insurance company does not have a tie-up with the garage, you will have to submit the repair bill and get it reimbursed by the insurer as per the terms and conditions. In most cases, the insurance company will settle the bill on their own to avoid inconvenience.

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How to Buy Roadside Assistance Claim Add-on:

The RSA Cover/Breakdown Cover can be purchased via your preferred insurance company’s website. You will have to add the cover to your car’s Comprehensive insurance plan while buying or renewing the policy. Contact the insurer if you are facing trouble while buying the Add-on.

If you are purchasing the policy via an agent or a dealership, instruct the executive to include the cover in your policy and verify if it has been added or not before making the payment. Make sure to understand the fine print before purchasing any insurance plan or an Add-on.

Features & Benefits of The RSA Cover:

Here are the major benefits of buying a Roadside Assistance Add-on.

  • Quick buying process thanks to online car insurance.

  • Saves time and offers peace of mind.

  • Professional mechanical/repair assistance by just making a call.

  • Car insurance with Roadside Assistance Cover offers extensive coverage at an affordable cost.

What is Covered Under RSA?

The coverage offered by RSA might not be uniform across insurers. Some insurers might offer more inclusions as compared to others. There can be a difference in the price as well. You can browse the insurer’s website for more information and check the Policy Wordings for details. Here are some of the popular inclusions.

1) Flat Tyre:

This is one of the most common issues faced by car drivers. A flat tyre means you need to stop your journey and change the tyre. But what if you do not have a spare tyre or do not know how to change the tyre? With RSA you do not have to worry. The insurer will send a mechanic to help you out.

2) Battery Jumpstart:

Your car will be immobilized in case of severe battery issues. If it is stalled, the battery would require a jumpstart. The RSA covers such instances. A mechanic will come to your aid and jumpstart your car’s battery.

3) On-spot Repair:

There might be instances where the car needs some repair work. If the repair work is minimal, the insurer will arrange for a mechanic to conduct an on-spot repair. This way, there is no need to tow the vehicle to the garage.

4) Spare Key Retrieval:

What if you forget the car keys inside the car? With RSA, the insurer will arrange for the spare car key to be delivered to you. Assistance for unlocking the vehicle for car key retrieval is also provided.

5) Fuel Support:

No fuel means no movement. If your car’s fuel meter has given up on you and the vehicle refuses to move because of lack of fuel, RSA will cover fuel refilling services up to five litres. If you are facing issues because of bad fuel, the fuel tank will need to be emptied. This will be done under the RSA cover at a nearby garage.

6) Towing:

If the appointed mechanic/technician is unable to resolve the car’s issue, the car will be required to be towed to a garage and RSA will cover the expenses for it.

7) Taxi Support:

The insurer will arrange for an alternate mode of transport in case the vehicle cannot be started. Note that such a service will be for a specific distance. For example, if the car breaks down while you are on your way to your office, the insurer will arrange and pay for a cab that will take you to the office.

8) Hotel Search Assistance:

If you are stranded outside city limits and need a place to spend the night because of car issues, the insurer can help you out in searching hotels. The accommodation charges will be paid by you and not the insurer unless specified otherwise.

9) Pick-up Facility:

RSA covers the cost of picking-up the insured vehicle from the place where it stopped working to your place of residence.

Sometimes, issues can get out of hand. If you find yourself in a situation where you need legal assistance concerning your car, the insurer will arrange for a call with a legal expert.

Private Car Package Policy Add-ons – Roadside Assistance:

You can purchase this Add-on for your private vehicle and avail beneficial services. You will have to pay an additional premium amount for this Add-on while purchasing or renewing your car’s policy. Go through the following Special Conditions and Exclusions to understand more about the coverage. Overall, these are standard points but insurers can change their offerings; therefore, read the fine print carefully.

Special Conditions:

Here are some special conditions associated with the RSA cover for private vehicles.

  • You can avail the services/features/benefits that are mentioned in the Add-ons schedule/terms and conditions.

  • The insurance provider will offer the service as per local rules.

  • In certain cases where the services cannot be provided, the insurer might offer reimbursement of repair cost after verifying the payment made to the mechanic/garage. The reimbursement shall be as per the sum insured limit.

  • RSA claims will not affect the No Claim Bonus calculation.

  • The cover is for motorable roads (mainland India).

  • The policy should be active at the time of the incident for which the RSA assistance is required.

Policy Exclusions:

Here are some exclusions associated with the RSA cover for private vehicles.

  • The claim shall not be allowed if the vehicle was used for racing and similar illegal activities.

  • The vehicle should be driven as per rules and regulations.

  • Driving should be as per the vehicle’s manual.

  • If repair work is undertaken without the insurer’s consent, the RSA claim can be rejected.

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Commercial Vehicle Car Package Policy Add-ons – Roadside Assistance:

The rates for an RSA cover for a passenger-carrying vehicle might be different than a private car. A passenger-carrying vehicle is where the car is used for commercial travel purposes such as a cab. Here are some points that you need to go through before you buy the policy. These points are an overview, insurers might change them as per their policies.

Special Conditions:

Here are some special conditions associated with the RSA cover for private vehicles.

  • Services shall be offered as per the schedule/terms and conditions of the Add-on.

  • Local rules shall be taken into consideration while offering RSA services.

  • The repair cost can be reimbursed if the insurer cannot offer the services for some reason. Appropriate receipts shall be needed.

  • A claim raised to avail roadside assistance will not affect the computation of the renewal discount (No Claim Bonus).

  • RSA cover is applicable in mainland India.

  • The car insurance policy should be active at the time when the incident for which the policyholder has raised a claim had taken place.

Policy Exclusions:

Here are some exclusions associated with the RSA cover for commercial vehicles.

  • The claim shall not be approved in case the vehicle was used for illegal activities such as motorsports.

  • Rules and regulations should be followed.

  • The vehicle should be driven based on the recommendations of its manual.

  • The insurer should be informed about the incident for which claim is raised and repair work should not be initiated before the insurer’s approval.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance Cover:

Add-ons increase your payable premium. Therefore, you must only choose those Add-ons that add value to your policy. You should only purchase suitable Add-ons and not buy them just because they are available. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing an RSA cover.

1) Dealer Benefit:

Some dealers offer roadside assistance benefits to new car owners. If you have such a benefit then you can purchase the RSA cover after the expiry of the dealer-offered cover.

2) Usage:

If you are someone who likes long drives and ventures outside city limits on road trips quite often, then you might need an RSA cover. On the contrary, if you do not use your car that often or drive in and around your residential area where car mechanics are readily available, then RSA might not be too useful for you.

3) Condition of Vehicle:

As a car owner, you should be aware of your car’s condition. If you know that the car is susceptible to frequent issues, then it is sooner or later going to malfunction and leave you stranded on the road. If the car is in pristine condition then it reduces the chances of a breakdown. However, even a car in top condition can face a problem in the middle of the journey – you can buy the RSA cover for such days.

4) Garage Availability:

If you reside or travel in an area where you are not familiar with the garages, then the RSA cover can prove helpful.

5) Cost-feature Balance:

Look at the premium payable and the conditions under which you can raise an RSA claim. If you feel you are paying too much for minimal features, then skip the Add-on. But if you are getting value for money, then go for it.

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6) Convenience:

An RSA cover can help you out with a flat tyre as well as towing. Help will be just a call away in case your car breaks down, it is that convenient. If you prioritize this convenience over managing things on your own then you can purchase the Add-on.

If you are an experienced driver and are familiar with basic car-related issues such as tyre changing, checking the engine, or prefer calling and coordinating with a mechanic on your own, then you can do without this Add-on. You can always add it during policy renewal.

Who Should Purchase A Roadside Assistance Cover?

The following people should buy the RSA cover.

  • Those who are new to driving and handling car-related issues.

  • Those who take frequent long-distance car trips/road trips.

  • Those who are not familiar with garages in the locality.

  • Those who prefer convenience over managing car-related hassles on their own.

  • Those who face frequent car-related trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This section features frequently asked questions and answers concerning the RSA cover. Read ahead to know more. If you have specific questions, feel free to send an email at [email protected].

I want to buy a Roadside Assistance cover with my Third-party Liability cover. I don’t have a Comprehensive plan. Is it possible?


No, it is not possible to buy an RSA cover with a Third-party liability plan. You can purchase the Comprehensive plan while renewing your policy and enhance it with an RSA cover.

What happens if my car breaks down and it is nearing midnight? Will the insurance company help me out considering I have an RSA cover?


Most insurers offer an RSA cover that helps out 24×7. Please verify if your insurer offers 24×7 RSA or not before purchasing the Add-on.

I have accumulated 50% No Claim Bonus over the years. Will that reset to zero if I claim under the RSA cover?


RSA cover will not affect your accumulated NCB and you can avail the renewal discount if you raise an RSA claim. You can seek roadside assistance without worrying about NCB computation.

I reside in a busy city and my car is new, should I purchase the RSA cover?


A car is a machine and it can breakdown anywhere, anytime. RSA Add-on will be like a back-up in case your car faces issues during a journey. The question is subjective. You can have a look at the ‘Factors to Consider Before Buying A Roadside Assistance Cover’ and ‘Who Should Purchase A Roadside Assistance Cover?’ sections of this article for more clarity. You can also reach out to your preferred insurance company’s support team for specific questions.

Is the RSA cover worth spending money?


RSA covers are inexpensive. You can weigh the features, benefits, and inclusions of the Add-on against the payable premium and decide if the cover is worth that amount.

My insurer does not provide the Roadside Assistance cover. Can I switch to a new insurer?


Yes, you can switch to a different insurer while renewing your Comprehensive car insurance plan.

What happens if the mechanic is unable to resolve the issue at the breakdown location?


If on-spot repairs are not possible at the location of the breakdown, the car will be towed to a nearby garage for further inspection.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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