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Best health insurance plans in India

Team AckoOct 14, 2022

The best health insurance plan must offer valuable services and features. It should reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and provide sufficient coverage. Considering factors such as the sum insured, the number of dependents, inclusions and exclusions, etc., can help you buy the most suitable policy for your needs. So, in this article, we are sharing details on how you can select the best option from several medical insurance policies available in India.

Best health insurance plans in India



Best health insurance plans in India: Choose what suits you

The best health insurance plan in India could be different for different people as per their needs. Ideally, such a plan must come with features and services that are tailored to your individual needs. 

For example, consider Mr. A has three dependents — a wife and two kids. The best healthcare plan for him can be the one that covers him and his dependents with a sufficient sum insured for one year. It should have features that will reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for Mr. A when he or the covered family members face a medical emergency. 

It will be an added advantage if the health insurance plan offers valuable features like no waiting period or benefits like teleconsultations. This way, you don't need to spend much during a medical event and can avail multiple second opinions from experts through teleconsultations. 

Other people could have different types of requirements from their health plans. One example could be senior citizens. Since they might require more medical attention as compared to someone in their 20s, the senior citizens must choose the coverage that is extensive in nature. The definition of best health insurance plans can thus differ from person to person.

Why do you need to buy the best health insurance policy?

It is essential to buy the best health insurance policy because of the following reasons.

  1. To cope with rising healthcare expenses: Healthcare costs are increasing rapidly. This makes it critical to have a financial backup that will cover your medical expenses. Wide-ranging healthcare plans are designed to provide maximum benefit in the time of need so that you can avail of timely treatment and recover in a worry-free manner.

  2. To avoid saving or borrowing money for medical treatment: Here’s a scenario.You need to arrange the required sum of money without a health insurance backup. You are left with two options: use the saved money (savings account, fixed deposit, etc.) or borrow it (ask friends, bank loan, etc.). Wide-ranging health insurance helps in avoiding these situations altogether by offering adequate financial assistance.

  3. To secure a family's healthcare needs: Family members often belong to different age groups. They may also suffer from different types of health conditions. If you have a Family-floater Health Plan, it will help you get the right treatment for your family members without putting a strain on your finances.

Benefits of having the best mediclaim health insurance policy in India

Following are the benefits of having the best mediclaim health insurance policy in India.

  • Timely access to medical treatment: You might delay getting treatment for an illness if you are already in a financial crisis. It can cause your condition to deteriorate over time. But if you have a backup in the form of health insurance, you can avail the necessary treatment in time and get better results with regard to improving your health.

  • Tax benefits: You can claim a tax benefit for buying health insurance for you and your family members under Section 80D of The Income Tax Act, 1961. This benefit applies to the premium paid for self, spouse, dependent children, and parents. Currently, this benefit applies to the old tax regime. 

  • Tracking health status: Some insurers include an annual health check-up in the insurance plan. This is critical because you can keep track of your current health status and take preventive measures. This feature is also helpful in detecting the onset of an ailment. Thus, you can avail of treatment in the early stages when the disease is the most curable.

  • Avail of cashless treatments: Through a cashless treatment, you need to spend the least amount of money from your pocket in case of a medical emergency. Here the insurer will directly pay the major chunk of your bill to the hospital. Cashless treatments are only available at network hospitals. So, you need to ensure admission in a network hospital and not at a non-network hospital to avail of cashless claims. Learn more about network and non-network hospitals →

List of ACKO best-buy Health Insurance Plans

ACKO offers government-stated health plans as well as the ACKO Health Insurance Policy along with group insurance. Following are the details of ACKO’s best-buy health insurance plans.

  • ACKO Health Insurance Policy: This is a unique health plan with a high sum insured (Rs. 1 crore medical plan) that is sufficient to cover your medical treatments ranging from pre and post-hospitalisation, daycare, critical illness, etc. You can cover up to 6 family members, including yourself, your spouse, and up to four children under this plan. 

  • Arogya Sanjeevani by ACKO: Arogya Sanjeevani Policy by ACKO is standard health or medical insurance plan that covers basic treatment costs. It has an affordable premium and can cover your immediate family members. The sum insured can range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 and is available for people between 18 to 65 years old.

  • Corona Kavach by ACKO: The Corona Kavach Policy by ACKO is a dedicated health plan to cover medical expenses related to COVID-19. The sum insured of this plan can be between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000, and the premium is relatively affordable. Here, you can raise a claim for medical expenses related to Allopathy and AYUSH treatments.

  • Group Medical Insurance: ACKO offers Group Medical Insurance Plans to cover employees of an organisation. The premium is paid by the employer. However, employees can enhance their coverage by paying from their pocket. Under this plan, we offer inclusions like hospitalisation, maternity benefits, ambulance costs coverage, and more.

Why is ACKO Health Insurance Policy one of the best health plans in the market?

The following reasons make ACKO Health Insurance Policy one of the best health plans in the market.

  1. High sum insured: The sum insured of ACKO Health Insurance Policy is Rs. 1 crore. This amount can adequately cover medical issues ranging from emergency hospitalisation to planned surgeries for a critical illness.

  2. Zero waiting period: There is absolutely no waiting period under this plan for disclosed medical conditions. Thus, you must honestly divulge your current health status and past medical issues while buying the policy from us. By revealing the necessary health conditions, you can raise a claim as soon as you buy the policy.

  3. Zero deductions at claim: In health insurance, usually, even cashless claims are not 100% cashless as there are some deductions in the claim amount. However, with our plan, you can expect the total amount if your claim is approved. 

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Top reasons to choose ACKO Health Insurance as your insurance provider

Here are the top reasons to select ACKO as your health insurance provider.

  • Digital Insurance: ACKO is a digital-first insurance company and runs most of its operations online. This helps in completing the process faster and in a more efficient manner. Being digital also offers the advantage of being always online. You can buy our policies whenever and from wherever you like. All you need is an active internet connection and a smart device.

  • 7.7 crore+ people covered: Crores of people trust ACKO to find customised insurance solutions that come at a lower price and offer useful features. Our products range from specific coverage like  cab-ride insurance to wide-ranging coverage like health, motor, and corporate plans.

  • 7000+ network hospitals: We have a tie-up with more than 7000 hospitals around the country. The advantage here is you can avail of cashless claims if you get admitted to one of these medical facilities. Since one of the significant benefits of our health plan is “zero deductions at claims”, you won't be asked to make a payment to get treated in a network hospital.

  • 24x7x365 customer support: In case of doubts about the process, or products, you can contact us through our 24x7x365 customer support centre. Here, you can seek help and advice to reach a satisfactory solution.

How to find the best medical insurance plan for you?

Following are some tips that will help you find the best medical insurance plan for you.

  • Buy the policy online: Online health insurance is less expensive, more convenient, and takes less time to activate as compared to a health plan bought offline. With online insurance, you can also compare plans and choose the best one for you.

  • Know what you need: You must evaluate your health condition, medical needs, and premium before buying the health plan. Analysing these details will allow you to search and buy a plan that’s most suitable to your needs and budget.

  • Use online tools: Health insurer websites (like www.acko.com) typically provide a tool for calculating premiums. This tool lets you know the insurance premium you must pay to buy the desired coverage based on your needs. 

  • Know what is covered and what isn't: Before choosing a health plan, carefully read the policy wordings to determine what is covered and what isn't. Ensure that coverage is extensive enough to cover the majority of treatment expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Following are some common questions about health insurance in India.

Should my health plan have a waiting period?


Ideally, if you are looking for the best health insurance plan suitable for your needs, then it must not have any waiting period. You should be covered from day 01. ACKO offers a health plan with zero waiting period for undisclosed medical conditions. It's called ACKO Health Insurance Policy.

What percentage of the claim amount do I need to pay while claiming ACKO Health Insurance Policy?


You bear 0% of the claim amount while claiming ACKO Health Insurance Policy. This is because of the feature called zero deductions at claims. There are no out-of-pocket expenses involved under this plan provided you adhere to the applicable terms and conditions.

What happens if insufficient medical equipment is unavailable when I face an emergency?


Under the ACKO Health Insurance Policy, we can arrange the necessary transport by air, rail, or road ambulance if enough medical equipment is unavailable when you face an emergency. This will ensure you receive the necessary treatment in the fastest manner possible.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.

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