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25Lakhs Health Insurance Plan

25 Lakhs ACKO Platinum Plan that covers you from day one

✅ Zero waiting period ✅ Zero deductions at claim

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Post the massive COVID-19 waves, Indians are more aware of the importance of health insurance and willing to get the best plan that suits their healthcare needs. After careful consideration and feedback from our customers, we are happy to launch a new health insurance policy that offers a sum insured of Rs. 25 lakhs. Read ahead to know all about the 25L ACKO Standard Plan. 

What is 25 Lakhs Health Insurance?
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25 Lakhs Health Insurance is a policy that offers a sum insured of Rs. 25 lakhs to the covered individuals. Our newly launched policy comes with a substantial 25 lakhs sum insured medical insurance cover. It is perfect for someone looking for adequate coverage at a budget-friendly premium.

Benefits of buying a health plan with 25 lakhs sum insured
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Following are the benefits of buying a health plan with 25 lakhs sum insured.

Covers all your hospital-related expenses
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You will get sufficient coverage for your hospital-related bills, and yes, your room rent will also be covered up to the sum insured.

Essential add-ons included
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Usually, add-ons need to be purchased separately by paying an extra premium. However, essential add-ons like Room Rent Waiver are included in your 25L ACKO Platinum Plan’s premium, so you don’t have to pay extra.

Severe illnesses covered
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Most people choose to buy an additional policy to get health insurance backup for serious illnesses. But with our 25 lakhs sum insured plan, you don’t need to worry about buying a separate policy, as hospitalisation expenses for critical illnesses are already covered in the plan.

Inflation protection
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Due to rising inflation, a 25 lakhs sum insured might seem insufficient. However, our Inflation Protection feature counters this, as we will add a percentage-wise increase to the sum insured on the 10th renewal, provided there’s no gap between the renewals.

Key features of 25L ACKO Standard Plan
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Here are the unique features of ACKO Standard Plan.


Freedom from Room Rent Limits - Choose your desired hospital room without concern for additional expenses
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With the 25L ACKO Standard Health Insurance Plan, you receive the Room Rent Waiver add-on. This means you have the freedom to select any type of hospital room you like. We will cover the entire room rent without deducting it proportionately from the claim amount.


Zero deductions at claim - Your complete hospital bill will be covered
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Usually, your final hospital bill can include expenses for hospitalisation, copayment and other deductibles. All these expenses are not covered all the time. But 25L ACKO Platinum policyholders don’t have to worry about any such deductions.



Inclusions: What is covered in our 25 Lakhs Health Insurance Plan?
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Our 25 Lakhs Health Insurance Plan provides the following coverages.

✅Hospitalisation in case of a medical emergency: Policyholders can breathe easy as we cover all medically necessary hospital expenses. For example, the cost associated with the operation theatre and expenses for diagnostic tests shall be covered. 

✅No cap on room rent: Your policy enables you to go with any hospital room, as it covers your room rent and also includes cover for ICU-related expenses. 

✅Daycare treatments: Short-duration daycare treatments are covered under our 25 Lakh Health Insurance Policy without any additional premium. For example, a cataract surgery is covered and you can go home after a few hours, as this procedure does not require you to stay at the hospital for a long time.

✅Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses: 60 days pre-hospitalisation and 120 days post-hospitalisation coverage will be provided by ACKO to further reduce your expenses.

✅Ambulance trips: Each trip to the hospital in an ambulance costs money and may not be covered under a basic health insurance policy. To help lower your expenses, all ambulance trips are covered for each hospitalisation instance as part of your plan.

Other coverages under ACKO’s 25 lakh sum insured policy.

✅Medical treatments at home: Treatment-related expenses that need a professional setup at your home will be covered.

✅Second opinion: A second medical opinion from a doctor is often needed before hospitalisation; such consultation costs will also be covered.

✅AYUSH coverage: Ayurvedic, Yogic, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy, treatments which some people prefer over allopathy, will also be covered as part of your policy.

Exclusions: What is not covered in our 25 Lakhs Medical Insurance Policy?
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Here’s a list of exclusions of the policy.

Undisclosed pre-existing diseases

Treatments for sterility and infertility 

Maternity expenses

Gender change treatments

Eyesight correction procedures (less than 7.5 diopter eyesight)

Cosmetic surgeries (unless required due to an accident)

Dental treatments (unless required due to an accident)


Note: An exhaustive list of inclusions and exclusions is available in the policy wordings of our plan.

What is the cost of the 25 Lakhs Health Insurance Policy?
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The payable premium for the 25L ACKO Standard Plan depends on multiple parameters. For example, your age and the location where you reside play a significant role in determining the premium. During the policy purchase process, we request such basic details and calculate the premium accordingly. 

How to claim your 25 Lakhs Medical Insurance
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ACKO is making insurance simple and raising claims simpler.All you need to do is get the ACKO app on your smartphone and raise a claim by opening your policy and navigating to ‘Claim’.

Buy 25 lakhs Health Insurance Online
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Here’s all you need to know to buy the 25 lakh plan. 

How do I apply for the 25 lakhs Health Insurance Plan?
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You can apply for it easily online on the ACKO app or website. Here’s how you can go about the process.

Steps to buy a 25 lakhs medical insurance plan online

Step 1: Visit or use the ACKO app to create your account using your mobile number.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Health Insurance” tab and select “Get a quote”.

Step 3: A quote shall be generated based on your answers to the posed questions. Make the payment to complete the purchase, and we’ll send you the 25 Lakhs Health Insurance Policy to your registered email address.

Who is eligible to buy this health insurance policy?

People aged 18 years and above are eligible to buy the 25L ACKO Standard Plan. 

Documents required to buy 25 lakhs medical insurance
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To help you get insured as fast as possible, all you need to do is share crucial past and current health status information with us, and a health insurance quote will be personalised and created based on your needs. If any soft copies are needed, we shall let you know.

How to calculate 25 Lakhs Health Insurance premium amount? 
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The number of dependents, your age and also your location need to be considered for figuring out your health insurance premium. These factors decide how much premium you need to pay. To get an overview of your premium, you can calculate it using the health insurance premium calculator.

Waiting Periods applicable ACKO Standard Health Plan
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ACKO Standard Health Plan includes various waiting periods that come into play once you buy the policy. Here is how it works.

Frequently asked questions
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Following are some common queries about the 25L ACKO Standard Plan and their answers. Feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email at [email protected] in case of any doubts.

Does the 25L ACKO Standard Plan have a grace period?


The 25L ACKO Standard Plan has a grace period of 30 days after expiry. However, this grace period is for easy renewal, and any claims made after the policy expires will not be considered.

Do I get any value-added services with the 25L ACKO Standard Plan?


All policyholders can take advantage of value-added services such as fitness tracking, offers on lab tests, and more.

Is a health plan with 25 lakhs sum insured worth it?


Yes, it is worth it as the 25L ACKO Standard Plan comes with a perfect balance of sum insured value of Rs. 25 lakhs and all-round coverage right from the first day. It takes care of all your medically necessary hospital expenses and keeps you stress-free about insurance claims, so you can focus on your health and wellness. You don’t have to worry about copayments, room rent capping, etc., these can exponentially increase out-of-pocket expenses.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.