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Homemade DIY Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Acne is among the most common skin issues that nearly all teenagers and adults have experienced. While you may experience acne as a side-effect of underlying health issues, don’t worry; there are plenty of proven tips to get rid of acne at home. Some individuals experience brief acne, while others have acne-prone skin requiring clinical consultation. This blog highlights the proven techniques to reduce acne issues at home. Try these alternative acne treatment methods, to keep those irritating pimples away from your face.




Overview: Acne

Acne is common in people with oily skin or individuals with a poor skincare routine. It begins as a pimple which may dry off or protrude from bacterial infection, making it painful enough to seek clinical attention. Before following the appended tips to get rid of acne, let's figure out the underlying reasons. Lack of adequate skincare hygiene, chronic Acne vulgaris or hormonal imbalance, can trigger potential acne breakouts.

What triggers an acne breakout?

Stubborn acne is a painful experience, besides affecting self-esteem. Among the essential tips to get rid of acne, the first is to find out what triggers your acne inflammation. It includes:

  • Lack of regular skincare routine to keep your skin pores unclogged

  • Infection from Propionibacterium acnes (bacteria that attack the sebum and causes inflammation)

  • Oily/sensitive skin tone

  • Side effects of medication

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Living in a humid climate

Sometimes you may wake up to find one acne or experience a sudden breakout on the face. It's best to visit a dermatologist to get a diagnosis about any underlying condition, before you try these alternate acne treatments at home.

Say hello to honey

Honey is known for its powerful antiseptic properties, meaning applying honey to an acne sore can reduce inflammation. Here's how to battle acne using honey:

  • Prepare a cinnamon bark powder and honey face pack

  • Clean your face and apply the paste for 15 minutes

  • Rinse it off thoroughly with lukewarm water

Tea tree oil against acne

A natural toner with a soothing volatile aroma, tea tree oil preparations are one of the prime tips to get rid of acne. Tea tree oil keeps your sensitive skin tone, free from irritation besides; reducing inflammation of the acne pores. Follow these steps for a healthy application:  

  • Dilute the oil in water in a ratio of 1:9

  • Use a cotton swab to dab the affected areas

  • Top up with a moisturiser to enhance its effect

Welcome, aloe vera!

No skincare routine is complete without using aloe vera! It's among the most common and inclusive tips to get rid of acne, thanks to its abundance of micronutrients (vitamins A, C, and D). Aloe vera has effective healing properties thanks to salicylic acid, making it effective against inflammation and rashes. Apply it raw or mix it with turmeric to impart its antibacterial properties to affected parts of your face. 

Reconsider your lifestyle

Consider these crucial tips to get rid of acne:

  • Reevaluate your diet (consume minimal sugar, regulate spice intake and abstain from allergic foods.)

  • Don't develop an obsession to get rid of acne (it takes time)

  • Cut down stress from your life (sufficient sleep is mandatory)

  • Regular exercise reduces potential obesity risk ( Obesity alters the hormone balance, and triggers acne breakouts.)

Complete health evaluation

Acne breakout is often a symptom of an underlying illness. Therefore, visiting a dermatologist is among the salient tips to get rid of acne. Besides, getting a complete health checkup helps detects the following conditions:

  • Hormonal imbalance (in women)

  • Liver problems

  • Take a patch test to determine allergies

  • Treat any preexisting dermal issues.

Daily skincare routine

Acne breakout is often a symptom of a potential underlying illness. Therefore, visiting a dermatologist is among the salient tips to get rid of acne. Besides, you can also get checked for any health anomalies:

  • Never prick or touch acne pores

  • Apply face masks occasionally for deep cleansing and imparting nutrients to your face

  • Use a moisturiser and sunscreen during the day

  • Protect your face from direct sun exposure

  • Perform an allergic test before using any dermal product on your face

  • Regular exfoliation removes the dead cell build-up and clears clogged pores


Acne frequents those leading an unhealthy lifestyle. While these dedicated tips to get rid of acne help prevent acne bumps from turning into painful protrusions, without overall well-being, it's hard to remove the underlying factors triggering acne appearance. Besides, personal awareness is critical to limit acne from turning worse. 

With sheer self-discipline (not picking on acne sores or applying cosmetics that promise instant acne cure), it's easy to reduce acne inflammation with a spotless face. Besides, if you have frequent skin issues, visit your dermatologist before experimenting with these alternate acne treatments. 

FAQs on tips to get rid of acne

Which natural ingredient is among the popular tips to get rid of acne overnight?


Using aloe vera at night is among the most popular tips to get rid of acne. Aloe vera is rich in vitamin C, an essential ingredient for repairing damaged skin through regenerated collagen formation. Apply aloe vera gel overnight, or prepare a face pack with turmeric and tea tree oil, to reduce acne inflammation overnight.

What lifestyle tips help get rid of acne at home?


Wash your face 2-3 times/day, keep skin pores unclogged, stay hydrated, say no to junk foods and get regular sleep. These tips to get rid of acne help you live stress-free with a natural skin tone free from unwanted pimples or spots.

Are the mentioned tips to get rid of acne skin friendly?


The highlighted tips to get rid of acne are popular methods of countering acne at home. These are alternate techniques to treat mild or occasional acne issues without consulting a dermatologist. Always perform a skin test before applying these homemade dermal preparations, and contact a dermatologist if you experience potential allergic reactions.

How staying away from the sun helps reduce acne breakouts?


Sunlight is an essential source of vitamin D, and limited skin exposure helps dry potential acne inflammation (similar to lukewarm water sponging). It's not among the recommended tips to get rid of acne since direct sunlight exposure may trigger inflammation in those with sensitive skin. It may also worsen your acne breakouts.

Is washing your face a good DIY tip to get rid of acne?


Clearing your face daily for 2-3 times drains excess sebum or oils oozing out of the pores. Also, applying a cleansing agent ensures deep cleaning of clogged pores, which is a primary reason for acne bumps.

What should you remember before following these tips to get rid of acne?


Include these homemade tips to get rid of acne in your daily skincare regime if you are tired of oily and sensitive skin issues. They can protect your skin from potential triggers, and restore the natural skin condition. Also, individuals facing sweaty face issues can follow these to keep their skin youthful.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. Please consult a doctor before making any health-related decisions.


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