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Doctor-on-Call in Health Insurance

Get the Doctor-on-Call add-ons with your ACKO Health Plan. Premiums start @Rs. 20/day*.

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Accessing healthcare in today’s world has become a necessity for all. To ease getting proper health care whenever required, the concept of Doctor-on-Call has been introduced. Policyholders may effortlessly use their computers or cellphones to consult licensed doctors for medical advice, diagnosis, and even prescriptions, anytime, anywhere, with Doctor-on-Call. With the advent of on-demand medical help, accessibility is improved and proactive healthcare management is encouraged, which may lessen the strain on physical healthcare facilities. 

Keep reading this blog to know everything about Doctor-on-Call coverage in health insurance.

The Need for Doctor-on-Call in Health Insurance
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Doctor-on-call coverage in health insurance is a beneficial service that you can opt for professional advice. The coverage comes with a list of varied specialised doctors, which you can choose from according to your medical condition. 

The primary purpose of this coverage is to provide you with timely medical attention and advice when regular doctors may not be available to attend to your condition. For instance, if you are too busy to go to a hospital, you and your family can seek medical assistance like varied diagnoses, and examinations at your comfort.

Doctor-on-call in health insurance is best in times when an insured person's health deteriorates. In such medical emergencies, this coverage is ideal for getting a doctor's advice even during non-working hours. Besides, you must opt for this coverage in your health insurance policy if you have elderly parents at your home. 

What Medical Conditions are Included in Doctor-on-Call in Health Insurance? 
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You must know that not every medical condition qualifies under doctor-on-call health insurance coverage. The list of diseases might vary from one insurer to another. Below are some of the basic medical conditions which fall under this coverage. 

Other than these, you will get assistance with the following things:

How to Choose the Best Doctor-on-Call in Health Insurance?
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Choosing the right Doctor-on-Call in your health insurance policy is crucial to utilise this coverage comprehensively. You can make an informed decision and select the best doctor-on-call service for your needs by considering the below-listed factors.

Why Choose ACKO for Doctor-on-Call in Health Insurance?
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ACKO is India's first fully digital insurance company to offer an online mobile application. From buying new health plans to raising claims, you can do all with a few clicks. ACKO offers a wide array of the following health insurance plans to suit every insurance need of their customers.

Features of ACKO Standard Health Plan
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  • Sum Insured (Rs. 10 Lakhs, Rs. 25 Lakhs, Rs. 50 Lakhs, and Rs. 1 Crore)
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Cashless Hospitalisation
  • Pre & Post-Hospitalisation Expenses

Features of ACKO Platinum Health Plan
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  • Zero Waiting Period 
  • Rs. 1 Crore and Unlimited Sum Insured
  • Zero Deductions at Claim
  • Expensive Medical Treatment Coverage
  • Zero Co-Payment

Features of ACKO Platinum Super Top-Up Health Plan
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  • Sum Insured (Rs. 10L, Rs. 25L, Rs. 50L, Rs. 1 crore, Unlimited)
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Multiple Ambulance Trips Coverage
  • Emergency Evacuation Coverage (Domestic)
Enhance your health insurance by exploring these unique benefits

OPD Cover

Cashless Health Insurnce

Room Rent LimitUnlimited Sum Insured  

The Bottom Line
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If you are searching for a comprehensive Doctor-on-Call in your health insurance, choose ACKO. You will get to consult varied specialised and qualified doctors at the comfort and needs of you. Additionally, many insurers, with the help of modern technology, enable physicians to diagnose patients without having them visit hospitals. Now, that you are aware of the greater need for a Doctor-on-Call in a health insurance plan, opt for it now. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Doctor-on-Call in Health Insurance
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Kindly go through the following FAQs about Doctor-on-Call coverage in medical insurance.


Are there any tax benefits on health insurance in India?

Yes, in India, tax benefits are available for health insurance premiums paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, allowing deductions up to certain limits for individuals and families.

Will I get Doctor-on-Call coverage for minor injuries?

Doctor-on-call coverage for minor injuries depends on your health insurance plan. Almost, every insurer offers coverage for minor injuries like fractures, minor burns, etc. under this coverage. However, to be on the safe side, review your policy or contact your insurer for precise information.

What is the right age to opt for Doctor-on-Call Health Insurance?

There is no specific age requirement to opt for Doctor-on-Call in health insurance. It can be beneficial for individuals of all ages seeking convenient and timely medical consultation services under this cover.

How to claim Doctor-on-Call in health insurance?

To claim a Doctor-on-Call service in health insurance, reach out to your insurance company. Provide details such as the date, time, and nature of the consultation for reimbursement. With the ACKO application, raising claims has become easy and fast. Within a few clicks, you can file your claim from the comfort of your home. 

Will I get follow-up care coverage under the Doctor-on-Call cover?

Usually, follow-up care coverage under Doctor-on-Call is offered by insurance companies. However, it is best to review your policy for in-depth detail on whether follow-up consultations are included in your health insurance plan or not.  

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to aavailability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.