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How to reduce belly fat?

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Reducing belly fat has a lot of health benefits. It helps lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and improves bone health. It is possible to eliminate excess abdominal fat, even though reducing fat from this area might be challenging. In this article, we have listed tips for reducing abdominal fat effectively.




18 tips to reduce belly fat effectively

Excess belly fat can cause Insulin resistance, visceral fat, higher levels of bad cholesterol, and lower levels of good cholesterol. Here are some useful tips to reduce belly fat and avoid related issues.

  1. Increase protein intake: A hormone known as peptide YY or PYY is released more readily when protein intake is high. This hormone aids in reducing appetite. Because of this, a person eats less at each meal and feels full sooner. Additionally, protein boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss by preserving muscle mass. Usually, people who consume more protein tend to have less belly fat than people who don’t follow a high-protein diet. 

  2. Meditate or do yoga to relax your mind: The adrenal glands, activated by stress, release the stress hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels have been shown to enhance hunger and belly fat storage. Here, stress reduction techniques like yoga and meditation can be useful. pretty successful. So, if you're unsure how to reduce belly fat, try You can start with simple yoga poses and the basic form of meditation.

  3. Control those sugar cravings: Considerable research has discovered a connection between excessive sugar intake and increased belly fat. So, it is essential to remember to stay away from high-sugar foods. To satisfy their desires for sugar, people can also, in moderation, resort to alternatives like honey (in moderation).

  4. Engage in aerobic exercise: Cardio or aerobic exercise can be a powerful tool for enhancing one's general health. For example, running on a treadmill for 20 minutes counts as aerobic exercise. You need to be regular with such exercises to expect a positive outcome.

  5. Eat healthy carbs: You can reduce your intake of carbohydrates to shed belly fat. It will help if you consider replacing processed carbohydrates with wholesome sources like legumes, vegetables, and whole grains to achieve positive results.

  6. Use coconut oil for cooking: As far as dietary fats go, coconut oil is considered a healthy choice. Coconut oil aids in digestion and provides the body with the necessary nutrients. The quantity of fat stored due to a high-calorie intake can be reduced by replacing refined edible oil with coconut oil.

  7. Improve your sleeping pattern: Lack of sleep is associated with a greater risk of weight gain. People who do not get enough sleep put on additional weight, particularly belly fat.

  8. Keep track of your calorie intake: Experts advise that in order to reduce weight and belly fat, a person should burn more calories than they take in through meals. You can use calorie tracking apps to plan your meals. 

  9. Include food rich in omega-3 fatty acids: A person is protected against diseases by the proteins and omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish. These fatty acids can also aid in the loss of visceral fat. Vegetarians can opt for omega-3 supplements after consulting with their doctor.

  10. Use apple cider vinegar: Acetic acid makes up apple cider vinegar. According to studies, this acid decreases the retention of belly fat. Therefore, having 15 to 30 ml of apple cider vinegar daily may lead to some reduction in fat mass. 

  11. Improve your digestion with good bacteria: Probiotics are bacteria that are found in some dairy products like curd, yoghurt, etc. These types of good bacteria assist in controlling weight and belly fat by improving your digestive system.

  12. Indulge in resistance exercise: Resistance exercise has been reported to aid in belly fat loss in trials, including for people with type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and prediabetes.

  13. Avoid sweetened beverages: Sugary drinks high in fructose can lead to increased belly fat. Studies show that drinking sugary beverages also increases the amount of fat in the liver. So, to reduce fat, think about abstaining from sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, sweet tea, etc.

  14. Try intermittent fasting: An extended time of fasting, such as 12 to 16 hours, is a part of the intermittent eating practice. Additionally, specialists contend that this way of eating can be a successful strategy for reducing belly fat and overall body weight.

  15. Have green tea: An antioxidant called EGCG, found in green tea, aids in belly fat reduction. Drinking green tea in conjunction with regular exercise can lead to weight loss, including belly fat loss. 

  16. Avoid trans fats: Trans fats have been related to a rise in belly fat, heart disease, insulin resistance, and inflammatory conditions in humans. As a result, those who are attempting to lose belly fat must carefully read the labels on their food and stay away from anything that contains trans fat. Fried food and baked items are some examples.

  17. Avoid regular intake of alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol can increase abdominal fat. It’s best to regulate alcohol intake if you are working towards losing stubborn belly fat. 

  18. Make better choices: Losing abdominal fat is impacted by lifestyle changes, such as improving one's diet and exercising more. You can start with implementing minor lifestyle modifications, such as using the stairs rather than the elevator.

Why is it important to lose belly fat?

According to research, fat cells, especially those in the abdomen, are metabolically active. So, experts perceive fat as an endocrine organ, i.e. a gland that creates hormones and other chemicals. These chemicals can lead to a hormonal imbalance and have an adverse effect on your health. Regular exercise reduces abdominal fat and regulates blood pressure and it maintains the flexibility in joints. So, in addition to improving one's body appearance, having less belly fat also makes it possible for someone to live a longer and happier life.

How Long Does It Take to Reduce Belly Fat?

To lose around half a kilogramme of fat, you technically need to be in a 3500-calorie deficit on average. This number may change as per your height and weight. It takes as little as two weeks to start noticing effects and losing abdominal fat. 

How Much Belly Fat Do You Have?

If your waist size is more than 35 inches (women) and more than 40 ( men), it could mean an unhealthy amount of visceral fat deposit is present.

Thin People Have It, Too

Even with a flat belly, thin people could have unhealthy visceral fat. Scans can sometimes help reveal hidden fats. More than the abdomen, it could be present around the lungs, kidneys or even the heart

Top 3 things that lead to excessive belly fat

The location of fat in the body is regulated by several factors, including hormones and genes. Researchers and physicians are attempting to measure abdominal fat, link it with health concerns, and track changes that occur with ageing and total weight gain. 

Here are some prominent reasons you may have excess belly fat.

  1. A sedentary way of life and inactivity A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main risk factors for unfavourable health outcomes. It entails spending almost the entire day sitting down. Even if a person is physically active, that is, they work out or engage in physical activity, too much time spent sitting down can increase the risk of weight gain.

  2. Genetics: The chance of becoming obese is significantly influenced by genes. Research has begun to determine specific genes linked to fat to avoid this. For instance, particular genes may affect the production and function of leptin, a hormone involved in hunger control and weight management.

  3. Unhealthy diet: It is bad for your health if you routinely consume a lot of sugar and calories in one sitting, as it has little to no nutritious value. The consumption of alcohol is another issue. It could result from inflammation, liver illness, specific types of cancer, excessive weight gain, and numerous other medical issues. 

Last but not least, consuming trans fats frequently causes weight gain. These are frequently used in baked goods and packaged foods as an affordable yet efficient substitute for butter, lard, and more expensive ingredients. But it has an adverse effect on your body.

The bottom line

We all want to have a flat abdomen, however, it feels like the fats in our stomach have attained immortality and want to live there for good. So, how do you destroy immortals? These tips and tricks, if followed consistently, could help you win the war against the immortal ones.You can do this.Good luck!

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about reducing belly fat.

Which food items are the best when it comes to reducing belly fat?


The following foods are the best when it comes to reducing belly fat.

  1. Dark leafy vegetables

  2. Raspberries

  3. Salmon

  4. Pistachios

  5. Chickpeas

  6. Walnuts

  7. Lentils

  8. Pumpkin

  9. Quinoa

  10. Oats

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days?


You can reduce belly fat (some amount) in 7 days by making aerobic exercise a part of your everyday regimen. Additionally, limit processed carbohydrates, drink a lot of water, eat fibrous foods, and reduce salt. These things may help kickstart belly fat reduction in seven days.

How to reduce belly fat without exercising?


You can try to reduce weight without exercising by improving your sleeping pattern, eating a healthy diet, and staying hydrated.

How to reduce belly fat by exercising?


You can reduce belly fat by exercising by including brisk walking, biking, swimming, cycling, weight training, etc., in your regime.

How to reduce lower belly fat?


You can reduce lower belly fat with the help of crunches, vertical leg exercises, Zumba, cycling, etc. This helps in overall fat reduction.

How to reduce belly fat for men?


Men can reduce belly fat by exercising, eating nutritious food, sleeping better, and drinking enough water.

How to reduce belly fat after a c-section?


To reduce belly fat after a c-section, you can get regular post-natal massages, try to breastfeed, begin light exercises after consulting with your doctor, use safe tummy-binding techniques, and try to get enough sleep.

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