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10 tips for living a longer and healthier life

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Although genes play a part in determining how long you will live, they are not the only factor. Following a healthy lifestyle can significantly enhance your life expectancy. Your longevity highly depends on many factors that sum up your way of living. So how can you incorporate proper habits and add more years to your life? This article has the answer. Read on to know 10 tips for living a longer and healthier life.




Top 10 tips that can help you live a long life

Here are some basic yet handy tips related to a healthy lifestyle. These tips can help you live a long and healthy life. (Note: Please consult a doctor before making any major lifestyle changes.)

1. Stay active 

There are several ways of staying physically active such as walking, working out, swimming, yoga, cleaning your home, etc. In fact, according to a study, doing 15 minutes of daily physical activity may help lower the risk of early death by 4%. Try committing to 150 to 300 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. Or, if you are short on time, consider doing 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week.

2. Eat nuts

Nuts are packed with antioxidants, fibre, minerals, and vitamins. They are a great source of plant-based protein. Consuming at least 3 servings of nuts every week may lower the risk of premature death. Many studies also highlight the positive effects of consuming nuts on inflammation, abdominal fat, heart problems, some forms of cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

3. Consume coffee or tea

Most of us get our morning jolt by sipping a cup of coffee or tea. But caffeine can do a lot more than that. A range of studies shows that coffee may lower the risk of certain cancers, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer's. 

Researchers have found that both tea and coffee drinkers can lower the risk of early death by 20 to 30% as compared to non-drinkers. Caffeine is good for health; however, it should be consumed in moderation. Drinking tea or coffee in excess may cause insomnia or anxiety. 

4. Avoid overeating

Overconsumption may make you nauseous and bloated. Well, occasionally eating your favourite food in excess does not affect your health much. But chronic overeating can lead to obesity, which puts you at higher risk of developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Calorie intake is the key player, and calories should be counted according to your weight and age. Those who wish to lose weight are recommended a calorie deficit diet. The crux is to eat in moderation and avoid overeating to keep diseases away. 

5. Eating a healthy diet

Diet is one of the most important factors in living a healthy and longer life. Studies show that vegetarian and vegan diets may lower the risk of premature death by 12 to 15%. Moreover, it has been seen that consuming a plant-rich diet lowers the risk of cancer, depression, heart conditions, and brain-related problems. In fact, plant foods may even reduce the risk of premature death. So, eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables to reap health benefits and ultimately live a long life.

6. Moderate your alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol in excess may increase the risk of developing heart, liver, and pancreatic diseases. Eventually, these diseases put you at a higher risk of early death. 

7. Count on turmeric

Turmeric has already been touted for its health benefits and is generally considered safe. It contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is a great antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects as well. It may help improve heart health and may prevent cancers of the digestive system like Colorectal Cancer. As it keeps diseases at bay, it builds health and helps one live a healthier and longer life.

8. Get quality sleep

Prioritise your sleep as the human body's repair process kicks in while sleeping. It has been noted that hitting the bed and waking up around the same time each day may help you live longer. So, developing a good sleeping pattern is also crucial. 

Too little sleep or excessive sleeping are not good for health. Studies state that sleeping less than 5 to 7 hours per night can increase the risk of early death by 12%. Also, sleeping more than 8 to 9 hours could shorten your lifespan by 38%. 

9. Get the sunshine vitamin 

Vitamin D (from sunlight) is known to help fight disease and prevent depression. Regular sun exposure is imperative to maintain healthy blood levels. But too much sunlight can be dangerous and may lead to sunburns and even skin cancer. So, aim for 10 to 30 minutes of midday sunlight.

10. Manage your stress 

Chronic stress can put you at increased risk of health problems, such as depression, heart disease, digestive problems, and anxiety. All these problems are likely to increase the chance of early death. From some studies, it was found that the risk of premature death is three times more for depressed men as compared to their calm-minded counterparts. 

Manage your stress levels by practicing relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga, or keep a journal to scribble your thoughts. You can also foster healthy relationships or seek professional counselling if needed. 

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers related to how to live a long and healthy life.

What is the secret to living a long life?


Consuming healthy food, getting enough sleep, staying physically active, and limiting alcohol consumption may boost your health quotient and increase your life expectancy.

Which food items make you live longer?


Nuts, leafy green vegetables, olive oil, fruits, whole grains, green tea, and legumes are some of the superfoods that may help you remain healthier as you age.

Which food items should I avoid to lead a long life?


Deep-fried foods, packaged sweets, processed foods, sugar-sweetened beverages, salty snacks, and alcohol are some of the unhealthy food items you should avoid.

Can smokers live a long life?


On average, the lifespan of smokers is at least 10 years less than those who have never smoked.


Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet. As this content piece is not vetted by a medical professional, please consult a doctor before making any health-related decisions.

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