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Health Insurance For a Young Couple

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If you have landed on this page, we assume you are a newly married individual looking for financial security in the form of health insurance. So, first of all congratulations for starting a new chapter in life! For many young couples, buying health insurance may not be a priority but it is amazing that you are already thinking about creating a financial back-up. 

Let us take you through what’s in store for young couples in terms of health insurance. In this article we will discuss ideal plans, how much sum insured you need, how much you need to pay, and much more. Let’s get started.

The need for health insurance for a young couple
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A young couple must consider health insurance a prudent investment against medical emergencies that may arise across life stages. Health insurance premiums paid to get continuous coverage are an indispensable long-term financial safety net against the towering costs of hospitalisations, surgeries, diagnostics, etc, that may hit without warning. Further, policies also provide tax savings under Section 80D up to Rs. 25,000 based on the coverage chosen.

Which is the ideal plan for covering young couples under health insurance?
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When it comes to health insurance for young couples in India, there are several types of plans available


Family Health Insurance
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A Family Health Insurance plan covers the entire family (self, spouse, children, parents) under a single policy and sum insured. 


Critical Illness Insurance
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Critical Illness Insurance  plan provides a lump sum benefit if the insured person is diagnosed with a specified critical illness like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, etc. The payout can be used to cover treatment costs, recuperation expenses, and income loss.


Group Health Insurance
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Usually Group Health Insurance  plan offered by employers to their employees, these plans cover a group of people under a master policy. They generally have lower premiums compared to individual or family floater plans, as the risk is spread across a large group.


Super Top-up Health Insurance
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A Super Top-up Health Insurance plan is a cost-effective way to increase your health insurance coverage beyond your existing policy. It has a deductible (threshold) amount and only pays for claims exceeding that amount up to the sum insured limit.

The importance of family floater health plans
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For most young couples and families, a family floater plan is often the ideal solution. A family floater health insurance policy provides coverage for the entire family under a single plan and sum insured. This includes the policyholder, their spouse, dependent children, and sometimes even dependent parents or in-laws. The key advantage is that the total sum insured floats over the entire family and can be utilised by any member for medical treatment as needed. This provides greater flexibility and coverage compared to individual plans.

What benefits do I get for choosing ACKO?
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ACKO Platinum Health Plans
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Our premium plan with unrivalled benefits:

ACKO Standard Health Plan
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Balances protection with affordability via:

ACKO Platinum Super Top-up
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A wise coverage booster:

ACKO health plans offer several distinctive features that are not commonly seen among other insurance providers. Plans provide lifetime renewability, ensuring coverage throughout one's life without premium increase, unlike competitors that may cancel policies after a certain age. ACKO's consolidated digital platform further enhances user experience through seamless online claims, doctor consultations, and wellness services - amenities lacking with traditionally structured insurers. ACKO has successfully conducted a differentiated health insurance model

How much sum assured in health insurance is needed for a young couple?
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Here are some tips to select your ideal sum insured under health insurance for a young couple.

Weighing these criteria helps choose the optimal insured amount, securing your family's healthcare needs both now and longer term.

How much do I have to pay to buy my ideal sum insured?
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The ideal sum insured for a young couple depends on various factors such as your age, health conditions, living location, and financial capacity. Here is an example with estimated costs:

For a young, healthy couple, a sum insured of Rs. 5-10 lakhs could be sufficient. A basic plan with a Rs. 5 lakh cover may cost around Rs. 8,000-12,000 annually, while a Rs. 10 lakh cover could be in the range of Rs. 12,000-18,000 per year.

calculate your health insurance needs with health insurance premium calculator.

Investing in a higher coverage plan can be a wise long-term decision for young couples:

  1. Medical inflation: Healthcare costs are rising rapidly, and a higher sum insured ensures that you are adequately covered in case of expensive treatments or hospitalizations.

  2. Lifestyle diseases: With changing lifestyles, critical illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are becoming more common. A higher cover provides better protection against such high-cost treatments.

  3. Financial security: A serious illness can drain your savings and investments. Having a robust health insurance cover helps protect your financial goals and ensures that you don't have to dip into your retirement or children's education funds.

  4. Wider coverage: Higher sum insured plans often come with additional benefits like international coverage, annual health check-ups, and restoration of sum insured, providing more comprehensive protection.

Factors to consider while getting Health Insurance for a young couple
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Proper assessment of the above criteria facilitates customised selection of the most suitable plan addressing present and future protection necessities.

Which type of claim is better? Cashless or reimbursement claim?
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There are two main types of health insurance claims: cashless and reimbursement claims. Let's understand each of these and see which one might be more beneficial, especially for young couples.

Cashless Claim:
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In a cashless claim, the insurer directly settles the medical bills with the hospital. The policyholder doesn't have to pay anything upfront (except for non-admissible expenses or deductibles). However, cashless claims are only possible at network hospitals – these are hospitals that have a tie-up with the insurance company.

Reimbursement Claim:
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In a reimbursement claim, the policyholder must first pay all the medical expenses out of their pocket. They then submit the bills and required documents to the insurance company, which verifies and reimburses the eligible expenses.

Why are cashless claims better?
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For young couples, cashless claims can be more beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Financial ease: Young couples often follow a tight monthly budget and may not have substantial savings to pay large medical bills upfront. With cashless claims, they don't have to worry about arranging funds immediately and can focus on getting the necessary treatment.

  2. Immediate treatment: In case of emergencies or serious illnesses, immediate medical attention is crucial. With a cashless claim, the hospital can start treatment without waiting for the patient to arrange funds, as the insurer provides a guarantee of payment.

  3. Wider network: Most insurers have a large network of hospitals across the country where cashless claims are accepted. This provides greater flexibility and choice of healthcare providers.

  4. Simplified process: Cashless claims involve less paperwork for the policyholder as the hospital coordinates directly with the insurer. In reimbursement claims, the patient has to collect all bills, payment receipts, and documents and then apply for reimbursement, which can be time-consuming.

  5. Prevents out-of-pocket expenses: With reimbursement claims, there's always a risk that the insurer may reject some expenses during verification. In such cases, the policyholder has to bear those costs themselves. Cashless claims reduce this risk as the insurer verifies the expenses beforehand.

Why is raising claims easier with ACKO policies?
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As a new-age digital insurer, ACKO policies offer unmatched convenience through an integrated mobile app allowing policy purchases, claims submissions and renewals on the go. Here's how:

  1. Paperless process: ACKO has digitised the entire insurance journey, from buying the policy to raising a claim. This means you can raise a claim online through the ACKO app or website without the need for physical documents or visits to the insurer's office.

  2. Quick and easy claim registration: With the ACKO app, you can register a claim in just a few clicks. Simply provide the necessary details and upload relevant documents (like medical bills or hospital discharge summary), and your claim will be registered instantly.

  3. Real-time updates: Once your claim is registered, you can track its status in real time through the app. You'll receive notifications at each stage of the claim process, keeping you informed about the progress and any additional requirements.

  4. Faster claim settlement: ACKO's digital infrastructure enables faster verification and processing of claims. In many cases, claims are settled within a matter of hours, providing policyholders with quick access to funds when they need it the most.

  5. 24x7 support: ACKO offers round-the-clock customer support through the app, website, and toll-free helpline. If you face any issues or have queries related to your claim, you can reach out to their support team anytime for assistance.

Moreover, buying health insurance from ACKO can be more affordable compared to traditional insurers. As a digital-first company, ACKO has lower operational costs, which enables us to offer competitive premiums without compromising on coverage or service quality.

Wrap it up!
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Health issues can hit like sudden shocks without warning, disrupting lives dramatically due to exorbitant treatment costs. Hence, buying adequate health insurance coverage acts like a protective shield that provides much-needed peace of mind. It ensures finances are a manageable factor in providing the best care and facilities for your loved ones should critical health crises arise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Here are some common questions about Health Insurance for Young Couple


Why is it essential for a young couple to have health insurance?

A young couple should consider health insurance as a prudent investment against unexpected medical emergencies that may arise across different life stages. It protects them from the high hospitalisation, surgeries, and diagnostics costs and also provides tax benefits under Section 80D.

How is a cashless claim different from a reimbursement claim?

In a cashless claim, the insurer directly settles the medical bills with the hospital, and the policyholder doesn't have to pay anything upfront. In a reimbursement claim, the policyholder pays the medical expenses out of their pocket and then submits the bills to the insurer for reimbursement.

How much sum insured should a young couple opt for in health insurance?

Generally, a sum insured equal to 30-50% of the current annual household income is recommended. For example, if the combined income is Rs. 20 lakhs, a coverage of Rs. 10-15 lakhs would suffice.

What factors should be considered when choosing a young couple's health insurance plan?

Factors like pre-existing medical conditions, family medical history, anticipated medical expenses, coverage inclusions and exclusions, restriction periods, and the changing healthcare needs of the family should be considered.

Why is it important to disclose complete medical profiles while buying health insurance?

Disclosing complete medical profiles and ages while buying health insurance ensures that the right policy suiting the family's composite requirements is finalised and that there is a clear understanding during claim settlements.

What are the tax benefits of buying health insurance for a young couple?

Health insurance premiums are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, up to Rs. 50,000, based on the coverage chosen.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.