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How Much Sum Insured In Health Insurance Is Needed for a Doctor?

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As a doctor, you try to take care of everyone, but who takes care of your health? If you are a doctor, then you know that you spend your days saving other people’s lives. But you have your own health issues as well, right? So, health insurance plays a significant role over here as it offers optimal protection against any unforeseen medical expenses. 

Read along to learn about the ideal health insurance sum assured for Doctors.

The Need for Health Insurance for a Doctor 
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Medical practitioners must be concerned not only about their patient's health but also about several external threats that are common to commercial operations. Patients, particularly in the metros, are becoming less deferential and demanding greater accountability. Because of this, doctors go through extreme stress. 

Life is unpredictable, thus unforeseen medical problems such as physical injuries, severe stress, and so on can occur. ACKO provides a diverse variety of health insurance policies from which to select the best one for you and your family members. Each plan includes extensive coverage for various medical emergencies.

What Is the Ideal Sum Insured for a Doctor In India?
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In India, the optimal sum insured for a doctor is determined by a variety of factors, including age, lifestyle, number of children, and medical history. Furthermore, when purchasing health insurance, it is important to consider one's individual demands.

Ideal Sum Insured for a Single Doctor 
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If you are seeking individual health insurance, the ACKO Standard Health Plan is an excellent choice. A doctor's maximum claimable sum ranges from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore. Furthermore, this plan covers a wide range of medical expenses such as nursery services, hospitalisation fees, ambulance rides, and much more. 

Ideal Sum Insured for a Doctor with Family
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For doctors with nuclear families, the ACKO Platinum Health Plan is more than adequate because it provides an infinite sum insured. Furthermore, this health plan provides coverage for costly therapies. This plan is ideal for purchase since it includes two crucial features: no deductions at claim and no waiting periods. 

Ideal Sum Insured for a Doctor with Ageing Parents
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Families with elderly members should select the ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health plan, which allows policyholders to purchase the plan along with or without their main health insurance package. 

Alternatively, doctors with senior family members can consider purchasing the ACKO Standard Health Plan to protect themselves and their families from unexpected medical emergencies. 

Ideal Sum Insured for a Doctor with Special Needs Family Member
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If a doctor has a family member who requires special medical care owing to a medical condition, he or she must choose a health plan that includes pre-existing disease coverage. 

ACKO Platinum Health Plan offers high sum insured, making it appropriate for such situations. In addition, there are no waiting periods or claim deductions.

Is Health Insurance Free For Doctors In India?
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Though there is no free dedicated health insurance for doctors, there are some government schemes that you can apply for. But you have to meet the criteria.  The Indian government introduced the Ayushman Bharat programme in 2018. This plan, also known as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY), intends to provide free health care to financially vulnerable persons in Indian society. 

One can apply for this insurance policy online or offline. However, to apply, one's family must be included in the SECC database. This scheme is designed for financially weak individuals, and typically doctors earn more than this. So, make sure you meet the criteria before checking out this plan. 

How Much Premium Should Doctors Pay for Buying Health Insurance?
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Purchasing health insurance coverage with a sum insured equal to or greater than half of one's annual income is often recommended. On average, people should invest 10 to 20% of their income in health insurance coverage. 

However, it is not as simple because the premium a doctor should pay for health insurance is determined by a number of factors, including the sum covered, the insured individual's age and health status, family size, and the coverage advantages included in the policy. Thus, it varies from person to person. 

Estimate your health insurance costs with Health insurance premium calculator

Factors to Consider While Getting Health Insurance for a Doctor 
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To choose the best health insurance plans for Doctor, consider the following factors before purchasing one.

What Benefits Do I Get for Choosing ACKO?
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ACKO provides a variety of plans to fit any doctor's needs. Furthermore, each health plan includes a significant sum insured to ensure adequate financial support during unexpected medical situations. 

Here are some of the important aspects of each ACKO health insurance plan that you should look at for a better understanding.

Features of ACKO Standard Health Plan
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Features of ACKO Platinum Health Plan
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Features of ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Plan
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Why Is Raising Claims Easier with ACKO Policies?
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By obtaining the ACKO health insurance plan, you and your family will be prepared to face any unexpected medical emergency. Furthermore, the ACKO app has a user-friendly layout, providing a one-stop shop for all your insurance requirements.

ACKO minimises the need for traditional insurance infrastructure and middleman commissions, beginning with its acquisition of India's first digital insurer. This streamlines and decreases overhead expenses, making it more affordable than ever! 

Wrapping It Up!
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India has around one-fourth the number of doctors per capita as the United States - the average amount of time a patient spends with a doctor is low. While customers complain about the high expense of outpatient department (OPD) appointments, the average doctor makes far less than many people working at MNCs.  Doctors try to compensate by working extended hours.  

This creates a high-pressure atmosphere for the practitioners. To create a sustainable practice, doctors must take proactive steps to manage these health risks.  Insurance is simply one aspect of this. Now that you understand the significance of the health insurance sum assured for Doctors, surf around the website and receive an instant quote for your favourite ACKO health insurance plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the need for health insurance for a Doctor:


What if I need to change my health insurance coverage later?

Your health conditions may alter over time. Your age, the possibility of inherited ailments, an extended family, or perhaps your financial needs have increased and you require additional coverage. You may pick a plan that can be altered later in life, or you can buy a separate plan to supplement your overall health insurance coverage.

Do doctors receive tax benefits on their health insurance premiums?

Yes, doctors can claim tax breaks on health insurance premiums under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act in India.  This means one will receive deductions for premiums paid towards their health insurance. 

Do health insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions?

Several insurance companies may offer health insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions; however, they may need a waiting time. Please be aware that this benefit varies by insurance company. It is prudent to carefully study the terms and conditions before finishing the arrangement. 

What are zero deductions for health insurance claims?

The majority of insurers do not include this provision in their claim settlement packages. In such cases, a large payment is required to cover the hospital debt. However, with the ACKO Platinum Health plan, you can receive the maximum claim amount.   

What do health insurance deductibles mean?

Deductibles are a fixed sum that a policyholder is required to pay when filing claims. In health coverage, the applicable deductible is often set at 10% of the claim amount. However, this can vary according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.