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All About Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) | LTA Exemptions, Eligibility & How to Claim?

TeamAckoApr 30, 2024

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is more than just a line on your paycheck—it's a mix of tax rules, claim procedures and eligibility criteria. But don't worry. This article does away with the complexity, giving you a straightforward guide to maximise your benefits. From tax exemptions to special cases, we cover everything. Read on and claim your LTA like a tax pro.




What is LTA?

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is a type of allowance given by employers to employees. It covers actual travel expenses when employees take time off for vacation. This benefit is part of the salary structure and is especially popular in India. It's designed to reduce taxable income and promote family travel. LTA covers costs for travel by air, train, or public transport within the country.

Why is LTA Important?

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is a significant component of an employee's wage package because it reduces taxable income. Employers grant this allowance to cover staff travel costs. You can claim LTA for two journeys within a four-year block. While the allowance is exempt from tax under Section 10(5) of the Income Tax Act, certain conditions must be met for the exemption.

Eligibility and How to Claim LTA

To be eligible for LTA, you must be a salaried individual. The travel should be within India and for vacation purposes. Here's how to claim it:

  1. Plan Your Travel: Choose your destination and mode of transport. Remember, LTA covers domestic travel costs.

  2. Notify Employer: Inform your employer about your travel plans and the day of absence.

  3. Submit Proof: After the trip, submit evidence of travel like flight tickets, boarding pass, and travel bills to your employer.

  4. Fill and Submit Claim Form: Complete the LTA claim form and attach the required travel documents.

Required Documents

  • Travel tickets or e-tickets

  • Boarding passes

  • Hotel accommodations

By following these steps, you can claim tax exemption on your actual travel expenses.

Tax Benefits and Exemptions

LTA offers substantial tax benefits. It's exempt from tax under Section 10(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. However, there are conditions to meet for these tax exemption claims. The exemption is available for two journeys in a block period of four years. The current block for claiming LTA is 2018-2021. The exemption covers actual travel expenses for the employee and their family. It's crucial to keep valid proof like travel cost bills and travel documents to claim these benefits.

Tax Exemption Details

  • Maximum Amount: Limited to actual travel expenses.

  • Block Period: Current block is 2018-2021; can claim twice in one block.

  • Eligible Expenses: 

    • Air Travel: One can claim the air fare of an economy class (in Air India) ticket for the shortest route to the destination or the actual amount spent - whichever is lower.

    • Train travel: One can claim the expense of a first class AC ticket  for the shortest route to the destination or the actual amount spent - whichever is lower. 

    • Other modes of transport: If there's no option to travel by air or railways, then the amount equivalent to a first class AC train ticket of the distance covered can be claimed. 

    • If the destination is not covered by air or railways, expenses for any recognised mode of transport can be claimed. Eg: First class or deluxe class bus ticket

By understanding these tax benefits, employees can maximize their tax savings.

Modes of Travel and Limitations

LTA covers different modes of transport, including air travel, train and public transport. However, the amount of allowance given depends on the mode of transport chosen. 

  • Air Travel: Economy class on a national carrier.

  • Train Travel: Air-conditioned first-class rail fare.

  • Public Transport: Actual expenditure on buses or taxis.

Knowing these limitations helps in planning the actual journey and making claims for travel expenses effectively.

Special Cases: Retired and Terminated Employees

Retired and terminated employees can also claim LTA, but there are special rules. Retired employees can claim for travel within a specified time after retirement. Terminated employees can claim for travels undertaken before the termination date. In both cases, actual expenses and valid proof are required for successful claims.

Special Cases

  • Retired Employees: Can claim post-retirement within a specified time.

  • Terminated Employees: Can claim for travels before termination.

By adhering to these guidelines, both retired and terminated employees can enjoy the tax benefits associated with LTA.

Factors to Consider Before Claiming LTA

Before you rush to claim your LTA, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Second, keep all your travel bills and evidence of travel handy. These will serve as valid proof when you submit your claim. Lastly, be aware of the block period. You can claim LTA twice in a four-year block. The current block is 2018-2021.

Key Considerations

  • Eligibility: Confirm you meet all the criteria.

  • Documentation: Keep all travel bills and evidence.

  • Block Period: Know the current and previous block periods.

Being mindful of these factors will help you claim your LTA smoothly.

LTA and Overseas Travel

It's important to note that LTA is only applicable for domestic travels within India. Overseas or international travel is not covered. So, if you're planning a trip abroad, know that you won't be able to claim LTA for it. However, domestic segments of an international trip may be eligible.

LTA and Contractor Employees

If you're a contractor or freelance worker, you might be wondering about LTA benefits. Unfortunately, LTA is generally not available for contractor employees. It's primarily designed for salaried individuals as part of their basic compensation package.

How to Handle Unclaimed LTA

Sometimes you might not be able to claim LTA within the current block period. In such cases, the unclaimed LTA can be carried over to the next block. However, it must be claimed in the first year of the new block. Failing to do so will result in the forfeiture of the unclaimed LTA.

LTA and Travel Voucher Submissions

When it comes to claiming your LTA, the submission of travel vouchers is crucial. These vouchers serve as your valid proof for the actual travel expenses incurred. They can include flight tickets, boarding passes, and even public transport tickets. Without these, your LTA claim may be rejected.

LTA and Mode of Payment for Travel

When planning your trip, you might wonder if the mode of payment for your travel expenses matters for LTA claims. The good news is that whether you pay through a travel agent, credit card, or even cash, it generally doesn't affect your LTA claim as long as you have valid proof like travel bills or vouchers.

LTA and Official Travel

LTA is intended for personal and family travel during vacations. It's not applicable for official or business travels. If you're traveling for work, different allowances and tax deductions may apply, but LTA won't be one of them.

LTA and Hotel Accommodations

While LTA primarily covers your travel expenses, it's important to note that hotel accommodations are generally not included. The focus of LTA is on actual travel costs like airfare or train tickets. So, if you're budgeting for a trip and plan to claim LTA, remember that hotel costs will likely be out of pocket.

LTA and Additional Travel Expenses

You might wonder if additional travel expenses like meals or sightseeing are covered under LTA. The answer is no. LTA is strictly for covering the cost of travel between destinations. It does not cover meals, sightseeing, or other additional travel expenses.

Wrapping up!

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) can be a great way to cover your travel expenses for domestic trips within India. However, remember the eligibility criteria, block period, and other key factors in order to successfully claim your LTA. Additionally, note that it only covers the cost of travel between destinations and does not include hotel accommodations or additional expenses.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Leave Travel Allowance


What is the difference between LTA and LTC?

LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) and LTC (Leave Travel Concession) are the same, but the term LTA is used in the private sector, while LTC is used in the public sector.

Can Leave Travel Allowance be claimed for multiple trips in a year?

No, an employee can claim Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) for only two journeys in a block of four calendar years. These block years are different from financial years and are created by the Income Tax Department. Therefore, an employee cannot claim LTA for multiple trips in a year, but only for two trips in a block of four years.

Can Leave Travel Allowance be claimed for journeys taken by multiple family members?

Yes, an employee can claim Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) for journeys taken by multiple family members, including the spouse, children, dependent parents, and dependent siblings.

Is LTA exemption available in the new tax regime?

No, LTA exemption is not available in the new tax regime from the financial year 2022-23.

What would happen if the employee did not travel in a block of four years?

If an employee does not travel in a block of four years, they will not be able to claim LTA tax exemption for that block year. However, one unutilized LTA can be carried forward to the next block of years, subject to being claimed in the first year of the next block. 

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.


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