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5 Ways To Avoid Skin Rashes in Babies

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Skin rashes in babies are common as their sensitive skin tries to adapt to the different environment once outside the mother's womb. Most skin rashes in babies are harmless and go away on their own but steps are to be taken to protect your baby to prevent the aggregation of rashes.



Some important tips to avoid skin rashes babies:

These are some helpful and effective tips that will help you avoid skin rashes in your little one.

1. Baby nappy

To prevent rashes caused by diaper clean your baby’s bottom with lukewarm water after each diaper change and gently part the skin dry with a clean dry towel before you change the diaper use creams that protect the child’s body like a barrier.

2. Say no to artificial synthetic fibre clothes

Synthetic fibres are notorious for causing more diaper rash and retaining foul smells, they are much harder to get clean as well. Instead, use cotton which is very absorbent, easy to care for, and comfortable for babies heat rashes. Instead of synthetic cloth make sure your baby wears light cotton clothes which allows circulation and thereby prevents rashes.

3. Baby’s hygiene

Keep your baby’s body clean. Bath time is a great time to do so, look for a soap that is mild and moisturizing, and do not scrub hard. Use lukewarm water and also use baby powder after bath. If you’re using disposable wipes, make sure they don’t contain alcohol or other irritants, which will sting and irritate the raw areas on your baby’s skin. Also, some babies might be allergic to the preservatives in disposable wipes.

4. Cradle cap

Baby scalp has dry skin that looks like dandruff or yellowish in color, if so your baby probably has cradle cap. This usually leads to rashes on the other parts of the body. You can get rid of cradle cap by massaging your baby’s scalp with olive oil. You can also use a soft baby brush to loosen the flakes, wash your baby’s hair with baby shampoo and warm water.

5. Chemicals

Newborn baby skin is delicate and so is the baby’s immune system. Chemical fragrance and dyes in clothing detergents and baby products can cause rashes in the newborn. Wash baby’s clothing separately from the family laundry.

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