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Finding the right maternity bra & embracing the bump with these pregnancy style tips

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Once you embark on your journey of the second trimester, your breasts start to grow significantly. Due to this, it is essential to find the right maternity bra for preventing any sagginess in the breasts. 



Also, it is now both wise and important to opt for styles that blend well with your growing bump. Your entire maternity and nursing journey should be as smooth as possible. A comfortable bra can make a big difference to your overall physical comfort and well-being. And that same bra should make you feel confident, empowered, and ready to take on everything motherhood has to offer.

Embracing the baby bump with different styling tips 

The first trimester works to hide the bump phase but the second trimester is all about showing the bump. There are different ways in which you can show your baby bump with style. Some of them are: 

You can wear belts over the belly (your baby bump) 

If there is no space between your breasts and your baby bump, you should stick to skinny belts. For pregnant women who are tall, wide belts look cute and stylish in the second trimester.

Tuck-in tops

You have to work on the baby bump under the belly as well. You can wear tuck-in tops or banded waist tops. They would show your baby bump with style. 

You should rethink your personal style. When pregnant, most women take time to adjust to seeing the bump when they look at their reflections. You should keep an open mind. The style you were following before is a big no now. High heels are a negative now. Your default pre-pregnancy style may not suit where you are both mentally and physically now. 

You can play with different accessories like a scarf, a jacket and even a tiara for that matter. You are pregnant, so you should feel good and confident in what you wear. 

What should you buy during your second trimester? 

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you buy clothes for your second trimester of pregnancy. Firstly, you should buy a well-fitting bra. Pregnancy and breasts are two things that go hand in hand. If you plan on nursing your baby then you have to buy a different bra again as your cup size will change. 

While much of the focus is on cute maternity wear for outside the house, you should make sure that you have something comfortable and cute to lounge in. This will probably be your default outfit for your first postpartum weeks once the baby is born. 

You should find some loungewear that fits your expanding belly. It does not have to be maternity clothing; it does not have to be expensive. You just need some cute loungewear that is comfortable for you. Long, tight, maternity camis are a must for all pregnant mothers in their second trimester. 

The main thing is to get maternity camis that are really, truly, long enough to cover the belly for all nine months. 

Maternity Wardrobe to look out for: 

  • Something adorable to wear on the weekend 

  • Something hot for date nights and going out with the girls 

  • Something professional to wear to work or school meetings

  • A cute lounge outfit

Why should you wear a maternity bra? 

In your first trimester, you notice fuller, tender breasts due to the surging hormones. By the second trimester, your breasts continue to grow because of increased blood flow and developing milk ducts. In the third trimester, your rib cage will expand to accommodate your growing baby, so you need a bigger band size. 

Similarly, your cup size will increase by one or two sizes from your pre-pregnancy size. So, this is the reason you need maternity bras and later nursing bras after the baby is born. 

What makes a maternity/nursing bra unique? 

Maternity bras are specifically designed to deliver maximum comfort and support during a time when your body is constantly changing. Staying fit is critical. A well-engineered bra should never constrict or squeeze your breasts or rib cage. 

It is purposefully designed to be flexible, so there is room when your milk comes in.

Tips to choose the right maternity bra

Here are some helpful tips for when you are shopping for a bra that can take you from maternity right into nursing: 

You should look for a bra with stretchy material and a fuller cup. These will help accommodate your changing breast size during your pregnancy. 

Grandma’s Tip: The wire-free maternity bras are outstanding now. A lot of women do not know that they can still feel supported without an underwire. You should be able to run a finger underneath the band of the bra without it feeling loose. You should check that the band fits nicely across the back and ensure that it does not ride up when you lift your arms. And most importantly, feel confident and pretty, my dear!

For a daytime bra, you should look for up to six hooks and eyes at the back of the band, so you can adjust it as your rib cage expands. You can also look for a bra that includes a bra extender. For the perfect lounge/sleep bra, you should look for a pull-on style with no back closure. 

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