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10 Things you should be definitely doing before delivery

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Are you really ready for the birth? Many women spend the end stages of pregnancy dreading the D-Day thinking of how much it would hurt. While one should always stay positive, it is also imperative to know the other aspects. That's why you should prepare yourself before going into labor. Taking it easy and keeping calm is the key here. Your baby's size now is similar to that of a honeydew, also known as Kharbooja in India.



10 must-do things before delivery

There are several other last-minute items that should be on a mom's to-do list before labor begins. Here are 10 things you should definitely do before delivery:

1. Pack your hospital bag

Make sure you have all the essentials before you head to the hospital. You may have packed the scented candle but have you remembered the more unglamorous but practical items? Dark-colored nightie, warm socks for the hard hospital floors, dressing down for pacing up and down, lip balm, wet wipes, wash bag, carby food if it’s a long haul, hairbands for when your hair gets annoying, flannel for fevered brow, Tens machine, music, loose clothes to go home in, clothes for your baby, nappies, and some very, very large sanitary towels. Don't forget your cell phone and charger, and a camera too.

2. Stock up on the essentials 

When your baby arrives, time will fly at a rapid rate. So, before your delivery, it is a good idea to stock your fridge with delicious and nutritious items. Things like groceries and meals seem to drift off the priority list, so it’s a good idea to stock those too. Do a big shop for all those boring household things, while you can still do it alone! Washroom rolls, washing up liquid, tea bags, paper pants, are a few from the list. 

3. Buy some easy books 

There will be some long nights ahead and you sure don’t want to kill the time reading War and Peace. Whether it is crime thrillers or romance that you love, choose a couple of books now to keep you company during 4 am feedings. 

4. Sort out birth announcements 

While you are waiting for labor signs to kick in, take time to decide how you will announce your tiny one’s arrival to the world. Design a photo card in advance and save it as a draft and enter the contact information of who you plan to send them to. Then you can quickly plug in the delivery details and a photo after the baby arrives—the cards can be mailed out before you even leave the hospital! 

5. Know the basics of breastfeeding

For something so natural, breastfeeding can be tricky to get the hang of, especially if your baby doesn’t seem that interested at first. Get an idea of the basics before your delivery. Don’t expect the baby to just latch on and start feeding. For both of you, it will be a learning process—and some new moms have trouble. Head off problems as much as you can by learning the basics before you give birth. 

6. Nest 

Nesting is a phenomenon we have all heard about. Expectant mamas often clean the house at odd hours; they wash all the baby’s clothes and reorganize the pantry. Take time to get as organized as possible so that when the baby comes you don’t waste time stressing, trying to find the things you need. A well-appointed nursery or nursery nook will make it easier to maintain peace and calm in the first few weeks of figuring out your routine. Make baby’s space and your space comfortable and pleasant, so you enjoy spending time in it.

7. Romance your spouse 

Even if this isn’t your first child, chances are you’ve gotten used to it just being the two (or three, or six) of you. A new baby will definitely demand all your attention for a little while. Get dressed up and go try that new restaurant you’ve been curious about with your spouse. Check out a concert or go for a movie or anything that wouldn’t be as much fun with a stroller once the baby arrives. 

Grandma’s Tip: Write a letter to your baby. Tell the little one about your pregnancy, your shortlisted baby names, your thoughts, fears and funny moments – and, of course, your nickname for the bump. Write the date you want the letter opened – maybe 16 or 18 years from your due date so he or she can have a good laugh (or at least their girlfriend/boyfriend can). 

9. Install the car seat 

Once you go into labor, both you and your partner will be too nervous to read step-by-step instructions for installing the car seat. So, do it early and it will be all set when the delivery day arrives. 

10. Talk to your doctor about your delivery options

It is good to talk to your doctor before going into labor. You should ask about the various options available for delivery. Those appointments can be overwhelming, but try to take advantage of that time to have ongoing conversations about your delivery plans. Since most doctors have admitting privileges at more than one hospital, you would want to decide which is the best fit for you—whether it’s the one closest to home or one with a special birthing center. 

You would also want to go over your birth plan and make sure you’re on the same page about your preferences. This includes medication, induction options and intervention,s so there are fewer surprises on the delivery day. 

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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