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Your Baby Needs More Hydration Now

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your baby's body as well as skin is way too fragile at this stage. Like adults, babies too need hydration, and more so because they are not able to speak of their thirst and can only convey it through their cries. Summers are generally a tricky season! It is hard to decide if it’s something your baby would enjoy or find distressing. It is important that you dress your little one accordingly to brave the scorching heat. 



    What you need to know

    This is the time when cotton and linen clothes should come out of the cupboards and synthetic, woollen ones should take a back seat. Dress your baby in loose-fitting, lightweight, and light coloured clothes to absorb sweat and help your baby’s skin breathe.

    Keep changing their clothes two to three times a day if the weather outside is extremely hot. Provide adequate ventilation in the room. Summer sunshine filtering into the room could be beneficial as it keeps the germs at bay, but provide adequate protection against harmful UV rays.

    What you can do

    If you are planning to use an air-conditioner ensure that it is well cleaned with minimum risk for development of allergies. Hydrate your baby well; if your baby is breast fed, make sure you drink lots of fluids and are not dehydrated. Babies on solids should be given boiled water in short intervals. Always keep a tab on rashes, red bumps and signs of discomfort in your baby.

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