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7-Months Baby Food Chart: Indian Food Chart for Your 7-Months-Old Baby

Team AckoFeb 9, 2024

As you already have started solid foods with your baby, now it’s the time to offer new foods to him. This 7-month baby food chart will give you an idea of all the foods and nutrients that should be given to your baby at this stage.

7-Months Baby Food Chart



While the picture of this food chart already gives you an insight into the options you can give your child when it comes to his daily meals, read on to know in detail about your 7-months-old baby's meal plan.

You might have successfully started solid foods with your baby in his 6th month. As he is entering his 7th month, you might be looking for 7-months baby food options to introduce in his diet. Now is the time for him to explore and enjoy new foods. Your baby is now ready to learn about different textures and flavors of food. Introducing your baby to different foods as given in 7-months-old baby food chart will develop a healthy eating habit in him for a lifetime.

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Importance of 7-month baby food chart

Your baby at 7-months has a very tiny stomach and can only take a small feed. Therefore, it is important to include all the nutrients required by your baby for better development in those small feeds too. As his physical activities like rolling, crawling will have increased, so will his nutritional requirement. 7-month baby food chart will give you an idea of nutrients required by your baby at this stage.

Important ingredients of the 7-months baby food chart

In the 7-month baby food chart, breastmilk or formula milk is the best and bulk of your baby’s intake. By the time your baby reaches 7th month, he is ready to eat few lumpy meals rather purees. The food chart of a 7-month- old baby is just a guideline to help you plan your baby’s meal. Take this 7-month baby food chart as a reference and supplement your baby’s diet with the required nutrition.

The food chart advises you to serve 2-3 meals a day which includes snack as well and 90-120 ml of breastmilk or formula milk at a time. The 7-month baby food chart is not quantified. For the quantity of food to be fed, best is to check your baby’s hunger cues as every baby has a different appetite. Feed one food at a time for 3 days and check for any allergic reaction to the particular food. Do not feed him forcefully. Choose the timings of meals as per your preference but never feed solids after 7.00 pm.

Start your little one’s day with breastmilk or formula milk followed by breakfast, lunch and a snack. Make sure you are not compromising breastmilk in order to feed solids.

Nutritional 7-month baby food options

Here is a list of nutritious yet delicious 7-month baby food items that you can include in your baby’s diet.

1. Cereals

You can make porridge with oats, semolina, ragi, rice or barley. These cereals are a good source of protein, iron, and calcium respectively. It is preferred to feed one cereal at a time before trying various combinations.Do not add sugar to it. To add sweetness to it, use jaggery. Make it more delicious with mashed banana or applesauce.

2. Cooked or mashed fruits 

You can prepare applesauce for your baby just by cooking and pureeing apple. Give your baby fiber-rich cooked apple with pumpkin. Mash them properly to avoid any lumps. Banana can be served without cooking. Mash it properly and mix it with milk to enhance the taste. Pureed mangoes, plums, kiwi, orange pulp, papaya, etc. are the best food options for 7-months baby food to start with your child.

3. Rice Khichdi 

Rice is the least allergenic cereal for babies. Make a rice khichdi with lentils, preferably moong. You can add potatoes, spinach, carrots, peas, beetroot, tomato and other easily cooked and digestible vegetables in rice khichdi for your baby. This nutritious food option can be served along with curd for best taste.

4. Cooked veggies

You can serve cooked carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, peas, etc. to your baby. Mash them properly before serving. You can make kheer of these veggies by adding breastmilk or formula milk to it.

5. Lentils 

Serve moong daal, arhar daal, masoor daal to your baby. These lentils are rich in protein and are good for your baby.

6. Liquids other than milk

Fruits juice, sago water, rice water, pulse soup, tomato soup, mix veggie soup, shakes, smoothies are other very nutritious food items to be given in 7-month baby food.

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Tips that come in handy with a 7-months baby food chart

-Always serve sips of water before, after and in between feeding your child.

-Though it is already mentioned to give 3 meals in the 7-month baby food chart, you can skip one and feed milk accordingly.

-Though most of the food items to be given to a baby of this age is included in 7-month baby food options, but you can include more after consulting your doctor.

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