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Sperm Health & Fertility: Everything You Need to Know

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Both sperm health and egg quality are important to create a healthy embryo. Just like the quality of egg is important, in the same way a healthy sperm boosts fertility. It takes about 3 months for a male to make new sperm. Sperm health is determined by a number of factors.



Quantity, movement and shape of the sperms

How many sperms are in the semen discharged in a single ejaculation?  If the sperm count is more, the chances of fertilization with the egg increases. The next factor is the movement of the sperm. The sperm should wriggle and swim through a female’s cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg. Finally, the shape and structure of the sperm (oval head and long tail) also matters as they work together to move them.

Definitely, a healthy sperm increases your chance of conception.

What if that’s not the case?

The good news is making lifestyle changes and getting healthier enhances quality of the sperm.  Eating right, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding stress and regular exercise boosts fertility. Also, avoid alcohol and smoking. In case you are on medicines, talk to your doctor whether it can interfere with fertility. Above all, avoid exposing yourself to chemicals that are toxic in nature that affects the male reproductive system and hence male fertility.

Now let's discuss in length how being overweight, continuing smoking and alcohol, certain medications and exposure to toxic chemicals hinder the quality of sperm and hence, conception:

Being overweight

More body weight affects the movement and count of the sperm. It reduces the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone causing sexual issues like difficulties getting an erection. By being overweight, the functioning of genes gets affected. It is the sperm that passes your genes from you to your baby. This implies your child’s health can get affected at birth or later on in life.


Smoking impacts the overall health of a sperm. It results in low sperm count, less semen and poor sperm motility.


Heavy drinking can result in less testosterone production and cause difficulty in having an erection, thereby decreasing the chances of pregnancy.

Certain medications

Medicines for treating illness like depression, anxiety, long-term use of painkillers, chemotherapy for cancer treatment, and drugs like marijuana can lower the chances of getting pregnant drastically. It's better to speak to your doctor and seek guidance.

Toxic chemicals at workplace

Exposure to toxic harmful chemicals like pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides and household chemicals damages the male reproductive system.

We need to understand; sperm health has a direct relation to fertility. A healthy sperm increases the chances of conception while an unhealthy sperm not only reduces the chances of conception, but can also affect the health of the baby. Hence, working on healthier lifestyle changes and avoiding things contributing to unhealthy sperm is very crucial before embracing fatherhood.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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