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Top Tips to Maximize Your Chances of Fertility

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

It is very important for you and your spouse to be in the best of health, especially when you are trying to get pregnant. The chances then are higher that pregnancy happens within 6 months to a year of trying. In other words, fertility is directly proportional to good overall health.



Now, what if your overall health is not in good shape? The good news is its never too early or too late to start getting healthier and boosting your fertility thereby. It starts with evaluating your eating habits, level of activity and mental state and making positive lifestyle changes. There are numerous natural ways to maximize your fertility.

Practice healthy eating habits

Include foods that are rich in antioxidants. The free radicals in yours and your spouse’s body damages egg and sperm cells respectively. Antioxidants can be had in the form of supplements (zinc and folate) or by consuming vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains.

Consume less refined carbs as they increase blood sugar and insulin levels which affects fertility.

Consume vegetable protein instead of animal protein. Protein from vegetables, lentils, beans and nuts is a better choice than meat.

Avoid foods that have trans fats. Fried foods, processed and baked foods have good amount of trans fats. These foods interfere with ovulation and hence fertility.

Exercise and level of activity

Both sedentary lifestyle and intense physical activity affects fertility. Adopt moderate physical activity to boost fertility.

Stress Management

Stress, anxiety, depression affects fertility. So how to manage stress?  With  meditation, taking time to relax and getting support through counselling , stress levels can be managed , thereby increasing the chances of becoming pregnant.

Healthy weight

Weight influences fertility to a large extent. In women who are overweight, the fat stored impacts menstrual function. As ovulation gets affected, becoming pregnant gets difficult. On the other hand, if you are underweight, estrogen production is hindered affecting menstrual cycle. Hence, achieving ideal weight is one of the crucial factors for conception to happen.

Sex drive

A busy, hectic life can affect your sex drive. If you are trying to conceive, have sex more often. Especially every other day during your fertile window period where the chances of pregnancy are best.

Besides the above, taking a daily multivitamin, avoiding alcohol and smoking and limiting caffeine intake also boosts up fertility. However, after 1 year of trying, if you are not able to conceive, you can consider consulting a doctor for fertility testing.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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