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Trying To Conceive? Remember These Things For Faster Results

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that almost all women want to experience in their life. However, before taking up this journey, there are certain important things that a woman must take into consideration.



This will support in giving her a platform for healthy pregnancy and there won't be many health-related issues during the journey of pregnancy.

1# Take Supplements

The moment you will discuss with your doctor that you want to have a baby, she will suggest you to start taking some essential supplements like folic acid, iron and calcium to support you during your pregnancy and for the good health of your baby too. Folic acid helps in building up the healthy brain function of your baby, hemoglobin helps in maintaining the blood flow in your body and to your baby. Calcium will build up strong bones of you and your baby.

2# Do Not Obsess

Getting pregnant should not be the only target in your life for you as this might lead to problems in your personal life. Pregnancy takes its own time and pace so you should not panic if you do not get pregnant in first few months. Just enjoy your love life with your partner and give time to your pregnancy. Many couples conceive within a year and few within six months.

3# Frequent Sex Will Not Help

If you think that having sex everyday will increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly then you are wrong. Frequent sex decreases the chances of getting pregnant as it harms the sperm production in men. When you ovulate then you can have sex twice or thrice in a week to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Just maintain your ovulation chart every month and increase your chances of pregnancy.

4# Maintain a Healthy Weight

When you decide to get pregnant then your BMI or Body Mass Index should be balanced. You will pose problems if you are overweight or underweight. Keep your weight healthy to decrease the complications during pregnancy. This can be achieved by some exercises, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food.

5# Stop Smoking

Smoking affects fertility in both men and women as it tends to damage the DNA of the baby. It also leads to complications in pregnancy and also affects the development of your baby in the womb during pregnancy. If you stop smoking and maintain a healthy lifestyle then this will have a positive impact on your body and your pregnancy will remain hale and hearty.

6# Stay Active

There is no harm in exercising even if you are pregnant, it’s just that you need to do light exercises during pregnancy. When you are trying to conceive then you need to stay active as moderate exercise improves the chances of pregnancy. In a study it has been revealed that those women who stay active during pregnancy are more likely to have active kids as well.

7# MMR Vaccination

MMR means Measels, Mumps and Rubella and these diseases are very dangerous for the growth of the baby. MMR vaccination protects you and your baby’s development during pregnancy. If you are not vaccinated for this then you need to tell your doctor about this so that you can get vaccination on time for MMR. This little prick can save the life of you and your baby during pregnancy.

8# Medications

If you have any medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure or you are under any medication for any ailment then do tell your doctor about it. Some medicines might impact your fertility or there might be some risk associated with your pregnancy or your baby during pregnancy due to to the diseases. Your doctor will discuss the safest options with you regarding your pregnancy.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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