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Baby Skincare in Summer: 10 Useful Tips to Keep Your Baby's Skin Cool in the Summer Season

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Taking care of your baby's skin and keeping it cool in the summer season can be tricky! Each season brings a new color to our world and new challenges. When we think of winter, we associate winter with warm clothes. Similarly, when we think of summer, we think of the heat, cotton clothes and maybe ample amount of liquid intake.



Just like in adults, change in season affects your baby’s skin and body as well. In winter, we apply a lot of moisturizers to protect your little one’s skin. Similarly, in summer you need to take extra care of his skin. 

Useful tips to keep your baby's skin cool in the summer season

Here we will speak on the various methods of keeping your baby’s skin cool in summer:

Keep your baby hydrated: 

In summer, just like the body, the skin of your baby also tends to get dehydrated. Babies can get dehydrated much faster than the adults, especially in summer. If your baby is less than 6 months old and is being exclusively breastfed, then there is no need to give your baby extra water in summer. The foremilk is thin and provides for all the liquid requirements of your baby. But if your baby is formula-fed, then you need to offer him boiled and cooled water to beat the summer heat.                     

For older babies (beyond 6 months), where you have started solids, it would be best if you could ensure a regular intake of fluids may be in the form of water, juices or thin rice porridge, fruits like watermelon/melon etc.              

Essential bath tips for your baby: 

Giving a bath is a good way to cool your baby’s skin. If your little one seems to enjoy the shower, then it is best to give her frequent bath maybe 2-3 times a day. During summer, it is recommended that you bathe your baby in warm water rather than hot water. This helps in preventing dryness of skin. Special attention has to be taken to clean the folds of skin and the parts where she sweats the most. Once the bath is over, do apply a moisturizer specially designed for babies. Try to apply the moisturizer when the skin is still a little wet. This helps in easy penetration into the skin.                                  

Dealing with heat rashes:

Heat rashes are very common in summer. This happens due to extra perspiration in summer. Prickly heat rashes generally happen in the neck area, diaper area, shoulders, back and the skin folds. You need to ensure that these areas are kept dry by washing those areas with cool water. It is recommended that you cool those areas by air-dry or use a fan to dry rather than rubbing with a towel. Ensure you dress your baby in loose fitting clothes to let her skin breathe. 

Making your baby wear the right clothes: 

Pure Cotton clothes are the best for your little one is summer. It helps your baby’s skin to breathe and keep it dry. Ensure you do not wrap your baby in clothes as your little one tends to sweat a lot which leads to a lot of other problems like prickly heat rashes. Light colored loose fitting clothes are recommended for your little one. Light colored clothes tend to reflect the light and keeps your baby cooler. 

Dealing with peak heat hours: 

The time 10 AM to 5 PM is considered to be the peak heat hours when the heat outside is at its maximum. It is recommended that you stay indoors with your little one to avoid the heat. Yet, in case it is unavoidable and you need to step our during a hot summer afternoon, you can help your baby to keep cool by dressing up your little one with long sleeved cotton clothes. You can also apply a baby sunscreen lotion (consult your pediatrician for the best sunscreen for babies) to avoid sunburn.

Giving your baby some nappy free time:

It is extremely important to let the diaper area breathe. During summer, nappies can keep your baby quite warm in the diaper area and can cause her to sweat in the thigh and the waist area. Hence, to keep the diaper area dry, you need to give a nappy free time at least for some time of the day. You can choose a time when your baby is finished with his potty routine. Though it becomes a little cumbersome without a nappy, that is the best and try to keep her nappy free for as long as you can. 

Dealing with insect trouble: 

Summer is a time when the influx of insects is at an all-time high. You need to protect your baby from the mosquitoes and the bugs. You can spray an organic /natural ingredient based insect spray to keeps the insects away. A lot of creams are available which can be applied to your baby’s skin to protect her. Before applying any cream, test it on a small part of her arms to check for any rashes. Do consult your pediatrician for the best cream you can use for your little one. 

Avoid oil massage:

It is best to avoid oil massage during summer, as they create a layer on the skin and makes it difficult for the skin to breathe. Yet if you are really keen to massage, you can use light oils like olive oil to gently massage.

Make use of pool time: 

If your little one is water baby i.e. if your baby seems to enjoy being in the water, you can try the pool time to keep your little one cool. You can put your baby in a water tub with a little water and some bath toys. Let your baby splash around and have fun. Ensure that soapy water is avoided in your baby’s pool time as this can dry up the skin faster.

Are sunglasses for babies helpful?

If in case you are planning to go outside, you may think that sunglasses would help your baby. But the opinion about using a sunglass for an infant is still debatable. It is best to make her wear a cap which provides some shade for the eyes to avoid direct heat on the eyes. 

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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