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5 Easy Baby Sleep Solution Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Are you looking for baby sleep solutions right now so you and your baby can sleep throughout the night? Here are ways to make your little one sleep easily.



Are you sleep deprived because your baby doesn’t sleep the way he should? Does your baby keep you awake when you should be sleeping? Don’t worry you are not the only parent sailing in this boat. After few sleepless nights, all parents start looking for baby sleep solutions desperately as you are. And you will be happy to know that there are many baby sleep solutions. Some work and some don’t and many simply vary from child to child. Check which one works for your baby.

Your newborn should ideally sleep for 16-18 hours throughout the day in various stretches. In the first 3 months, you will notice that your baby is sleeping throughout the day while the nights are more active. By the time your baby reaches 4 months, his sleep patterns will start defining and he will sleep for a longer stretches at night too. It might take longer time for your baby to develop the pattern. Help your child develop the night sleep schedule through various tips suggested here.

Baby sleep solutions for you to get better sleep

Here are some baby sleep solutions to help you get better sleep at night:

Establish a Routine

Establishing a daily sleep routine will contribute a great deal towards getting your baby sleep through the night. You should set a consistent time to make your baby sleep daily. Set a routine of warm water bath or massage to your baby before sleep time. Read out a bedtime story or sing a lullaby (whichever comforts you and your baby) for your baby to make him fall asleep easily. Carrying out all sleep-related activities daily at a consistent time will help your baby get accustomed to a routine. Once you start doing bedtime activity, he will start looking forward to it and will be more calm and relaxed.

Learn sleep cues

Another baby sleep solution is to react on your baby’s sleep cues. Your baby cannot tell you through words that he is sleepy but he definitely signal some cues of sleepiness. Learn to understand those cues. Try putting your little one down for a nap at his first sign of the sleep cue.  Some common sleep cues:

• If your little one is rubbing his eyes or have puffy eyes then he requires your attention to make him sleep immediately. 

• Yawning or pulling own ears is another sign of sleepiness of your baby.

If you delay reacting to these cues, your child may become more restless and will find more difficulty is sleeping. Every child has their different sleep cues, find what your baby is giving you. 

Resolve wake up reasons

Check the reason why your baby suddenly wakes up and cries out. There are reasons behind this and you need to resolve it. 

• Your baby might be hungry. Make sure you keep your baby’s tummy full before sleep time. As your little one’s stomach is very small and everything in it has already come out, feed our baby while he is asleep. Dream-feed your baby as it is a good sleeping solution that might help your baby to earn a bit more uninterrupted sleep.

• Your baby might have wet diapers. Make sure you make him pee after a feed and put on diapers to last on an entire night. 

Remove all distractions

Make your baby understand that night is the time to sleep. Another effective baby sleep solution is to remove all distractions like mobile, TV, toys or bright lights. Let the surroundings speak itself indicating, that it is the time to sleep. 

• Your baby cannot differentiate between night and day. For him, dim or no lights (if you have a set up) is the time to sleep and full light is for playing.

• Assign a designated area to make your baby sleep. Once you put him there, he will soon start identifying the space with sleep.

• Make sure you do not make any eye contact while making him fall asleep. Eye-contact can excite your baby and leave him sleepless.

Comfortable clothes and bedding

Change your baby’s clothing before he goes to sleep. Once you get him in the night suit on a daily basis, he will soon associate it with sleep time. Night clothes should be comfortable, preferably made of cotton. Keep the temperature cool to make your baby sleep comfortably. In winters too, do not overheat the room. Bring the temperature to normal and make your baby sleep peacefully throughout the night. Empty the crib. Do not leave any extra pillow, bed sheet or toys to make him uncomfortable during sleep.

Some more tips on baby sleep solutions

Apart from this useful baby sleep solutions, here are few more tips that can help you make your baby sleep throughout the night.


Co-sleeping increases the bedtime of your baby. Either you make him sleep along with you on your bed or place a cot next to your bed, co-sleeping will make him comfortable and less anxious while sleeping.


Gently pat your baby’s back or move your hand on his stomach, forehead or arms to soothe him.


Swaddling your newborn would definitely be your baby’s sleeping solution. 

Do not worry if your baby is still not sleeping throughout the night. Every baby is different and has a different pace to set a routine. A guide to baby sleep solutions will definitely help you make your little one sleep peacefully. 

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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