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Tips to Deal With Your Cranky Baby

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

By now you would realize that the rumor mills are true that babies invariably cry a lot. Yes they do! From what was once a tear and joy episode they entered this world to now, a time where sometimes you believe a bit of silence from your baby may do a world of good to you. The reasons for the outburst can vary from wetness to tiredness to just hunger. 



While most of the times it is a straightforward process, for some of you parents, it is a monumental task to figure out a method to calm your baby down.

Allow us to remind you that not every trick in the book will work alright for your baby. As a parent, it is a learning journey for you as you grow with your child, so you will have to device different means that will work for your child.

Some tips to deal with your cranky baby

Below are some easy quick hacks that will help you to deal with your cranky baby without losing your mind. 

There is nothing like feeling secured!

 Your baby clearly remembers the glorious time she spent in your womb and she may be looking to relive the memory again, so why not give her what she wants?

Wrap her up just about tight enough that will keep her little arms in tact with a cloth and voila! You have made her feel like home! This will comfort your baby and make her feel secure while she was feeling uncomforted and irritable. 

We all are a sucker for something

Do you still have that teddy bear with you which your dad bought a long time ago? Well, we all like to do something or have something with us that makes us feel comfortable. It is similar with your baby. Babies are natural when it comes to sucking, while some start to suck their thumbs when they are in the wombs, there are babies which start doing the same after they are born because they find it very comfortable doing so. 

If letting your baby suck her finger is not something you want may be you can give her a pacifier. It sure does help in the reflex.

Bounce baby bounce!

Your child would have not only experienced warmth but also a lot of movement because she had an active mom! You can swing your little one gently from left to right, or up and down or a combination to make her feel what once was a lost memory.

Silence! No!

Your baby needs noise and very specifically noise that was similar to her stay in your womb. Try noises that catch your baby’s attention. You can also try to whisper something into in your baby’s ear. Loud enough to grab her attention and louder than her screams! It maybe a competition here!

I need some air!

We all need some fresh air every now and then. Let’s just say nature has its way of making us calm. Your baby is no different. It is a win-win for all. So take your baby out for fresh air, everyday in the evening for a stroll, to calm her down.

Watch out for the symptoms!

Unfortunately sometimes your baby may catch an allergy or two to the items she consumes (milk for starters). While it is absolutely normal, it is recommended that you consult your doctor so that the symptoms can be diagnosed and treated accordingly. 

I need a break, it’s all happening together!  

Well, your baby can be sometimes overwhelmed with the world outside and sometimes all your baby needs is a quiet and a dark place to chill. Your baby is not dark! Sometimes we all just need silence and remember just because your baby is small she is no different than you. 

Is your diet ok mommy?

Baby’s source of milk is usually through breastmilk and her digestive system is still developing. As a result some form of baby gases and stomach pain can be avoided if there is a change in your diet plan. It’s recommended you consult a doctor before you plan on making any changes to your diet.

I am still not ok, mommy help!

If all else fails try to massage your baby, you can make use of some baby oil to give her the therapy she needs. You can also alternatively check the temperatures of the house to see if it is not too hot or cold. You can also check for her clothes if she is feeling hot or if the clothes are tight as it can result in your little one tearing up.

Please be aware that the above mentioned are tips provided by many professionals, while some may work, some may not and it is usually a trial and error method based on how your child responds.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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