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Inculcating the right habits in your child the right way

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Habits form the very base of your child’s characteristics. We all look at inculcating the right habits in our little ones in the formative years. Good habits go a long way in making and building your child’s personality. As parents, it is your prime responsibility to make our children understand the reason behind developing good habits and also guide them and help them understand its importance. 



    You must remember to practice the same before you preach because children look up to their parents and observe their actions very keenly. When we talk about acquiring good habits, we don’t really mean it seeping into their system overnight. We actually look at a learning process, which can be made exciting by the parents. As parents, instead of forcing things on kids, try to make it interactive and exciting. 

    You can surely appreciate and award your child when he acquires a good habit and most importantly follows the same sincerely. Encouraging children in a fun way will help them develop interest and they shall not feel find it to be a burden. You can surely be firm with the little one if he is not following your instructions but try not to discourage him with negative comments. 

    Grandma’s Tip: At times, negative comments can churn out worse results than ignorance. Try to update yourself with your child’s progress in school.  Even before your child is born, you have numerous things planned for his future. So, as soon as your child is born you start imposing your desires on him and try to make him as perfect as you perceive him to be. This should never be the case if you want your child to flourish in life.

    Here we’re trying to enumerate a few tips, which will help you inculcate the right values and habits in your kid, and most importantly, the right way: 

    1. Keep things positive 

    Try to keep a happy and positive environment at home. If you keep a positive frame of mind this will help etch positive thought pattern in your child. Of course, you would never want to see your child tread the path of pessimism or depression as he grows up. It is vital that you keep a healthy environment and positive thoughts always. 

    2. The environment at home 

    As we were discussing in the previous point as to how important is a positive mind; the environment at home is equally important. Try to encourage cooperation and competition at home. Try to be approachable and amiable, so that your children feel free to connect with you and communicate in case they have some queries. Try to be a patient and give importance to their viewpoint as well.  

    3. Be realistic with your expectations 

    Always remember that once upon a time even you were a child who used to make some mistakes if not many! Don’t have an extremely high expectation from your child. Be realistic. Your child is small and inexperienced and will probably emulate whatever he sees and observes around him. At times parents who have rosy expectations try to spend more time with their children and direct them to the right path so that their children can reach that level. It is only once you spend some quality time with your child will you get to know their potential and drive them accordingly. We have also witnessed that parents who are high achievers expect their children to reach that level at the earliest. However, we must understand that as children, their job is not as achievers but to play and learn different aspects of life and grow accordingly. You cannot get exasperated by their behavior if they are non-achievers in your opinion because, at present, they are just kids!

    4. Family bonding  

    Family time is extremely important for children. They must be taught to value people and learn the importance of family from the beginning. Try to arrange outdoor or indoor games, family picnics, potlucks or other fun activities to encourage family bonding.  

    5. Ground rules to be set  

    As soon as your kid starts going to school, rules are to be set. Now it’s time to set rules and give your child a timetable. Set a fixed time for screen watching, studies, and even play. Give adequate time for play and study as it generates both mental and physical development.

    6. Attempt to make your child understand  

    Shouting and screaming is not always the solution! Try to make your child understand the pros and cons of his actions. If he insists on eating any food, which is not good for his health, you must explain to him the reason why you are saying no to him. This attitude will create two impacts. Firstly, he will know and be answerable for all his actions, and secondly, he will also inculcate the habit of patience and perseverance rather than shouting and screaming. He will follow what he sees. 

    7. Rewarding your child  

    A reward is something we all look forward to. So, if you reward your child for any good deed, it will not just motivate him to continue the good work but also stay as a remembrance. He will also learn to enrich happiness that comes his way. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said, ‘’It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.’’ So, the sooner you start good habit inculcation in your child, the better it is.

    Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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