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Best Hindu Baby Boy Names and Hindu Baby Girl Names with Meanings 2024

Team AckoFeb 13, 2024

Are you looking for trending hindu baby names? Well the task is a little challenging and exciting as well and we completely understand. You might be confused about what direction you need to go by and how will your desire be fulfilled to choose the best hindu baby name for your child.

You might be preparing for your baby’s naming ceremony event or you will be excited to finalize the best hindu baby name as soon as you get the good news that you are soon going to be a parent. You might also have gone through various available options on the internet searching Hindu baby names, taking suggestions of your friends and relatives, trending celebrity hindu baby names and what not.

Few guidelines that you may need to focus on when it comes to Hindu baby names,


  • Whether you are choosing a short and modern hindu baby name or a longer but meaningful name.

  • Whether you wanna convey your attitude or parenting style through the name.

  • Whether the hindu baby name matches the surname.

  • Whether you want the baby name to just sound unique.

  • Whether you want the hindu baby name to be a symbol of your ethnicity and tradition.

Once you choose which direction to go then the task becomes a little easier for you. As per Hindu religion, there are other factors too like some people consider lucky hindu baby names, some may want to inherit hindu baby names which they are continuing from generations. Some look for great meanings in their hindu baby name and some may want to name their baby what they feel about the baby. Many modern young parents are also fascinated by the characters in bhagavath geetha or any other holy books and are keen to select hindu baby names as per their favorite characters from these books. Also when it comes to hinduism, the names and beliefs are so diverse for various regions, mythologies, history etc on how the hindu baby boy name or hindu baby girl names are chosen.

It's totally up to you about what you are looking for while choosing the name, however you may have to keep in mind that this hindu baby name that you are giving the baby will be carried to the rest of their life. While finalizing, make sure that your baby will be thanking you for the rest of his/ her life.
Avoid stressing yourself too much on covering all the points. Just be clear about what you are looking for and what suits you. To make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of Hindu baby names that has been curated covering all the above said aspects. It's a promising list with best Hindu baby girl and boy names which consist of trending, modern, contemporary names with meanings.

Do keep in mind that there are no set rules or right and wrong while naming your little one. You should feel free and choose what is best for you.You can discuss the names with your loved ones and get their opinions too. Hope you get the perfect hindu baby name you are looking for and enjoy the greatest moment of your life

Hindu baby boy names


Modern Hindu baby boy names with A with meanings

Aadhav- Sun
Adhik- One who is greater
Aadhith-Related to Lord vishnu
Aadhunik - Modern
Adaway- Unique
Aahish- Blessing from God
Ahvan- To call someone
Anjay- undefeatable
Aaranyan- Lushness of forest
Aaarit- Someone who is honored
Aashay- wish
Abhijay- Victorious
Abhik- fearless
Abhinith- Acted
Abhyudith- someone flourishing
Abhivanth- Salute Royally
Adhiraj- King
Adhish- Lord
Aditeya- Son
Aghat- One who destroys sin
Agniv- Bright like fire
Ahijt- One who conquers serpent
Aniran- The internal light
Anmay- Invaluable

Elegant Hindu baby boy names that start with B with meanings

Badrinath- Name of lord vishnu
Bhadrak- Good looking
Bhasvan- Very bright
Bhav- Lord Shiva
Bhaveeth- Universe
Bhudev- Lord Shiva
Bhavin- attractive and blessed
Badal- Cloud
Bajrang- Hanuman

Best Hindu baby boy names that start with C with meanings

Chandraraj-The moonlight
Chetak-Rana Prathab’s Horse
Chintav- One who thinks
Chitraksh-Someone with beautiful eye
Chaayank- Moon
Chintan- Meditation
Chailish-Mountain of god
Chalan- Cold headed person
Chandak-The moon
Chandren- Shine like star
Charanjit- One who is over the world

Top Hindu Baby boy names that start with D with meanings

Dakshit-Lord Shiva
Danvir- One who does charity
Darshak-Pleasing to eyes
Darshish- Powerful
Datra-Gift of god
Dayaal- Kind hearted
Debayan- Fine creation of god
Devaank- Someone who is part of god
Devath- King of all gods
Devnath- King of all lords
Devpad- Step of feet
Devrat- Someone who is spiritual

Top Hindu Baby boy names that start with E with meanings

Ehimay- Pervasive
Ekagrah- Focussed
Ekanath- King
Ekathan- someone who attends closely
Ekagrah- A person who focuses seriously
Ekansh- one/Unity
Ekavyan- Wise one
Ekavir- Lord’s daughter
Eman- with god

Rare Hindu Baby Boy names that start with F with meanings

Fenil- French flower
Falgun-Hindu month
Fanindra-King of Serpents
Fanibhushan- Lord Shiva
Fitan- Intelligent
Fagun- A month of hindu calender
Faras- God’s gift
Faneesh- Serpent
Faleesh- fruitful

Gajdanth-Lord ganesh
Gajvadan- Another name of lord Ganesha
Ganeh- Multitude of luck
Garisht- Very heavy
Gaurik- Rise to heights
Gausra- Strong
Girvan-Language of god
Grishm- Heat
Gunin- Virtuous
Gyandev- Knowledge of  Lord Gagan

Trendy Hindu Baby Boy names that start with H with meanings

Himank Diamond
Hruday- Heart
Hanshal- pure like a swan
Harij- Horizon
Hasit- Happiness
Hruditya- Someone who is Joyous
Hanshal-  Like a swan
Hansin- Universal soul
Harinaksh- Lord Shiva

Top 10 Royal Hindu Baby boy names that start with I with meanings

Ikseet-One who does actions
Ikjeet- Victorious
Inderveer-Blue lotus
Ishit- one who is desired to rule
Ineesh- Lord vishnu
Ishik- Desirable
Ishpreet- Loves God
Inderpreet- Love for god
Indeevar- blue lotus
Indrabh- Lord Indra

Famous Hindu Baby Boy names that start with J with meanings

Jagathveer- Brave
Jaiman- Victorious
Jahi- A dignified person
Jaiman- Victorious
Janav- Protecting Human
Janik- Grace of God
Januh- Expert at war
Jaajith- Implies victor

Unique Hindu Baby Boy names that start with K with meanings

Kamat- Unrestrained
Kanha- Krishna
Kasthav- Lord Vishnu
Kavir- Sun
Kabir-One with great personality
Kamik- Desired
Kanv- Name of Saint
Kashinath- Shiva
Kalash- sacred urn
Kalkin- God vishnu

Special Hindu Baby Boy names that start with L with meanings

Laksh- Target
Lakshiv-One with aim
Lahar- Waves
Leyshya- brilliant
Lokavya- Virtuous one
Lekh- A document
Lishanth- An award
Lagan- Appropriate time
Lakshya- Target
Larraj- A sage

Elegant Hindu Baby Boy names that start with M with meanings

Magan- One who is engrossed
Mahaj- Noble
Magadh- Son of yadhu
Mahanth- Great
Mahajith- Conqueror
Mahnav- Great Human being
Maghav-Like a king
Maanraj- soul of king

Great Hindu Baby Boy names that start with N with Meanings

Nakul- brother of Sahdev
Najyana- Lord Shiva
Navaj-Newly born
Navalan- Orator
Nahush- Another name for lord krishna
Nalin- Lotus
Nakeesh- Moon
Namgeet- One will always be remembered
Naanak- First Guru of Sikhs
Nabendu- The new moon
Nabhanyu- Eternal one

Most famous Hindu Baby Boy name that start with O with meanings

Ohas-To praise
Onkar- God
Omveer- Valiant
Oojam- Energy
Oorjith- One who is powerful
Oviyan- Artistic
Omprasad- Offering to god
Omrao- Name of a king
Omkrish- Lord Krishna
Omkesh- Divine one

Good Hindu Baby Boy name that start with P with meanings

Pavak- Pure
Panav- The prince
Pariket- Desire
Parnik - Creeper
Pavak- Fire
Prabhir- Brave
Pranjivan- Breath of life
Paramjit- Heroic
Paran- Glory
Paranjay- God of the sea

Most special Hindu Baby Boy name that start with R with meanings

Raivath- Wealthy
Rajveer- The warrior
Raayan- Gate of paradise
Rahas- Delight
Rathik- one  who rides on a chariot
Rupang- One who is attractive
Rangith- Coloured one
Ranjan- Delighted
Ranjeet- One who wins the war
Ranjit- A happy person

Most Modern Hindu Baby Boy names with S with meanings

Sadveer- Courageous
Sadhil- Perfect
Sadar- Respectful
Sadiva- One who is eternal
Sahat- Strong one
Sahay- Help
Sahaya- Lord Shiva
Samanyu- Shiva
Samin- Disciplined

Rare Hindu Baby Boy Names with T with meanings

Taksheel- Very strong personality
Tanak- Prize
Tanvir- Very strong
Taarank- Saviour
Talish- God of earth
Tanay- Son
Tansh- Beautiful being
Talish- God of earth
Taraksh- A mountain

Ujas- Fist light
Urav- Excitement
Uchit- Appropriate
Udant- Appropriate message
Udarsh- Brim
Ujjal- An attractive personality
Ujjay- Some who wins
Urvang- Mountain
Urvish- God of earth
Uttarak- God Shiva

Unique Hindu Baby boy names that starts with V with meanings

Vahin- Lord Shiva
Vairat- Gem
Vachan- Speech
Vahin- Lord Shiva
Vaibudh- One who belongs to god
Vaikartan- another of karna
Vairaj- Spiritual glory
Vairat- Gem
Vajratik- like a diamond
Varin- Gifts

Elegant Hindu Baby boy names that starts with Y with meanings

Yathith- First ray of sun
Yajat- Lord Shiva
Yojith- One who plans
Yugant- Everlasting
Yaashvan- one who wins
Yunay-Alternate for hanuman’s name
Yuvin- A great leader
Yansh- like God
Yashas- One who will be famous
Yugav- One who aggressively find success

Hindu Baby girl names

Fashionable Hindu baby girl names starts with A with meanings

Aadhya - One who comes first
Adhishree- First daughter
Aadhilkashmi- Goddess lakshmi
Aarvi- Peaceful
Aarathi- One who praises lord
Adhirithi- Related to lord vishnu
Aadhyasha- First hope
Aaradhya- Someone to be worshiped
Aashi- Blessing
Aathira- Lightning
Abhinaya- Someone with expressions
Abhithi- Fearlessness
Adrija- Name of goddess parvathi
Alekya- A beautiful work of art
Amarta- Immortal
Amoda- Happiness
Anathi- Respectful
Antara- Paragraph of a song
Anuka- One who is jealous
Abhinithi-One who does not have any fear
Abishta- Goddess of the house
Anunita- Courtesy
Anasuya- Someone who is not jealous

Bandhana- A divine connection
Bhadra- Goddess durga
Bhairavi- A tulsi plant
Bhagya- One who is lucky
Baidehi- Alternate name of Sita devi
Bahwani- Goddess Durga
Bhavini- A beautiful women
Bageshri- Indian music raaga
Baidehi- Another name for Sita
Bhavitha- Someone who is polite

Rare Hindu Baby Girl names with C with meanings

Chadna- Love
Chandan Made of sandal wood
Chaitvika-Cleverly planned
Chaitra- A bright star
Chanadira- Beam of moonlight
Chandraki- Peacock
Charita- A chapter
Chandratara- Moon and sun joined together
Chandni- Light
Charu- Saffron

Royal Hindu Baby Girl names with D with meanings

Deivisha- Like goddess
Daksha- One who is very alert
Daniya-Worthy of gazing
Darmika- Benevolent
Darpitha- One to be proud off
Darshini- Gift of god
Darshi- A guide
Darshinika-  One who is acquainted with the darshanas
Dyanita- Very tender
Debalina- Godly women

Top Hindu Baby girl names with E with meanings

Ekaparnika- Wife of god Himalayas
Ekisha-  one goddess
Enakshi- beautiful eyed
Eshanika- fulfilling desire
Edhita- one who is progressed
Ekadhana-Wealthy one
Ekanthika- One who is goal oriented
Ekata- Unity
Eshana- Desire
Eshma- Lucky one

Special Hindu Baby girl names with F with meanings

Falgunee- night with bright moonlight
Faguni- A month in Hindu calendar
Fulgida- A flower
Frayashti- Someone to be admired
Fanan- Branch of a tree
Flki- Spark
Fullara- Wife of ketu
Falvi- Lovable
Falika- Tulip tree
Falini- Special plant

Famous Hindu baby girl names with G with meanings

Gitali- Harmony
Ghaena- A beautiful ornament
Ganika- Flower
Ganay- A happy person
Ganga- River
Ganitha- Regarded one
Garati- A virtuous women
Gargi- Goddess Durga
Garima- learned women
Garishma- A loving person

Royal Hindu Baby girl names with H with meanings

Hirsha-Related to lord vishnu
Hrithika- A truthful person
Hanika- A droplet
Haara- Blessed by God
Harsheen- A girl who is joyful
Hashni- One who is beautiful
Haima- Avatar of goddess Parvati
Hanima- A wave
Harshita- Pleased
Heera- Diamond

Special Hindu Baby girl names with I with meanings

Indratha- One with power of God Indran
Inika-Small earth
Iraja- Daughter of god of wind also called as vayu
Iyla- Moon light
Ichha- Need
Ichita- A desired one
Iditri- Compliment
Ikshana- Sight
Inaaya- Empathy
Indratha- Strength of Indra
Irya- Power

Latest Hindu Baby Girl name with J with meaning

Jagrati- God's child
Jaisnavi- Lord of victory
Jigya- Curiosity
Jaitashri- Indian music raaga
Jala- Goddess Lakshmi
Janhitha- One who thinks welfare of men
Januja- A daughter
Jayani- Shakti of lord Ganesha
Jayitri- Victory
Jeeya- Heart of soul

Most famous Hindu Baby girl name with K with meaning

Kanika- A molecule
Kashnavi-One who is shining
Kshamya-The Earth
Kuvira- A woman who is courageous
Karalika- Goddess Durga
Kaanchana- Gold
Kamalini- Lotus
Kanisha- Glowing eyes
Kanishka- Gem
Kapila- Divine cow

Best Hindu baby girl names with L with meanings

Lakhi- Goddess Lakshmi
Leher- waves
Lohini- One with Red skin
Laksha- One with Sandal like skin
Lakshana- A sign
Lalima- Red sky of the morning
Lohini- One with red skin
Latangi- A slim girl
Lipika- Short lettered
Lavinia- Beautiful

Modern Hindu Baby girl names with M with meanings

Mridini-name of goddess parvati
Maanasa- One who is spiritual
Madhuja- Made of Honey
Madhunisha- Sweet night
Madri- Pandu’s Wife
Malavika- Malawa’s princess
Malti- A flower which is fragrant
Manaka- As per mind

Top Hindu Baby girl names with N with meanings

Nakthi- A good night
Nandhika- Goddess Lekshmi
Nainika- One with beautiful eyes
Namya- One to be honoured
Natesha- Goddess of dance
Naviya- Youthful
Neysa- Very pure
Nikhita- Earth

Special Hindu baby girl names starting with P with meanings

Parinitha- A complete one
Punarvi- One is who is reborn
Parnavi- Bird
Parthivi- Sita
Poorvi- Classical melody
Prachi- East
Pradnya- Knowledge
Pragya- Intelligence
Prapti- Gain

Royal Hindu Baby girl names with R with meanings

Riti- Motion
Raaka- Full moon
Raima- Ax of Rama
Rajisha- Moonlight
Rangitha- Charmed one
Ranhitha- Swift
Ranita- Cute and pretty
Rasika- Sweet and juicy
Ratanjali- Red sandalwood

Unique Hindu Baby girl names with S with meanings

Sannihitha- Togetherness
Saatwika- Calmness
Sadhya- Perfection
Samidha- Sacred fire
Samiha- Desire
Samiksha- an analysis
Samridhi- Development
Samrithi- Meeting
Samyuktha- United
Sanchali- Highly movable

Tapasya- Meditation
Tapni- Godavari River
Tanika- A rope
Tanima- Slender
Tanmayi- Ecstasy
Tapti- Daughter of sun
Taruni- Young girl
Tapani- Daughter of sun
Tarunika- Youthful

Special Hindu Baby girl names with U with meanings

Uditi- Rising sun
Udyati- Highly honored
Ukti- Speech
Umika- Goddess Parvathi
Urmila- Lakshmana’s wife
Ullasitha- Joyful
Urna- Cover
Urshita- Very strong
Utsa- Spring season
Urja- Energy
Urmi- Wve

Vasanthika- Light of morning
Vamika- Name of durga goddess
Vagisha- Goddess saraswathi
Vahini- ever flowing
Vaidehi- Goddess sita
Vaiga- Goddess Durga
Vainavi- Gold
Vamsee- Powerful
Vandita- One who is adored
Vaneesha- Universe

Modern Hindu baby girl names that start with Y with meanings

Yachna- Prayer
Yamura- The moon
Yadita- Lord of night
Yasana- Prayer
Yaalini- Melodious
Yami- Twinkling star
Yasha- Famous
Yogita- one with concentration
Yuktha- One with lots of Ideas


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