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Unique Indian Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings (2024)

Team AckoFeb 13, 2024

Choosing the most modern Indian baby name is always a special event for every parent. Your preparation starts the moment your good news is out and many thoughts go through your mind. Many parents prefer unique baby names or modern baby names, but still feel rooted with Indian culture at the same time. Nowadays, most popular Indian baby names consist of short names with deeper meanings or long names that are related to history, religion or Indian mythology.

Unique Indian Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings



Parents try to search for unique Indian baby names that start with uncommon alphabets so that their baby’s name stands out. Baby’s name can convey a lot about their parents' attitude. Baby names are considered as a crown that they want their little one to wear proudly. Parents also want to sound their baby names to be like the most modern Indian baby names so that in future if they want to travel internationally, they should proudly carry their culture wherever they go.

You as a parent may want to project your baby's name the way you want to do his or her upbringing which is modern and contemporary at the same time. The pressure of finalizing modern Indian baby names is also important to make the child feel comfortable or proud while growing up. There are oceans of options available when it comes to choosing the modern Indian baby names or unique Indian baby names over the internet, this exercise can be really helpful as well as confusing for you. Most parents in India seek help from an astrologist on which alphabet or name that will bring positive outcomes in the baby's life as well as which names or alphabets are not ideal while choosing the best India baby name for their child.

Holy books like Bhagwath geetha, Quran or Bible also provide baby names that have significance and deeper meanings, this will make you feel more confident about the baby name. Also as you know in India, surnames are equally important, so while choosing trending Indian baby names for your child, you may also need to check if the matching surname goes well with the best baby names you are shortlisting

To help you choose the most trending Indian baby boy names or the unique baby girl names, we have curated a wonderful list of modern Indian baby names which may thrill you when you go through and help you reach the ideal baby name of your desire. Go through the list of names and find out which is the crown that you want your baby to wear. We wish naming your bundle of joy to be the happiest and fulfilling experience of your life.

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Best 100 Modern Indian baby girl names 2022

Modern Indian baby girl names

Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with A with Meanings

Aadhvita- Unique
Aadhira- A quick change
Amiya- Delightful or attractive
Aarna- Goddess Lakshmi’s name
Aashna- Beloved
Ayaana- A beautiful Flower
Abhiprithi- Lots of love
Adhitri- Someone of great honor
Akshiti- Imperishable
Amrusha- Suddenly
Anahita- Someone very gracious
Aneena- In favor
Anura-A wise person
Arrya- Always honored
Asthika- Someone who has faith in god.
Atreyi- A river
Avleen- first one
Anuga- Someone for a company
Ardra- Nakshatra
Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with B with Meanings

Brishti- Creation of the Universe
Barkha- Rain
Bindiya-A point
Bhavya-Name of goddess Parvathy
Bharavi-Tulsi plant
Bhawna- Emotions
Bhavini-A beautiful lady
Bina- Musical instrument
Best Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with C with Meanings

Charmi- A lovely girl
Charu- Pure
Chahak-An attractive person
Chandrea- Name of goddess
Chandrima- The moon
Chhavi- Radiance
Charuni-Derived from Charuni
Chitrangi- A charming body
Beautiful Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with D with Meanings

Dayita-Loved one
Deeva- A divine person
Devahuti- Manu’s daughter
Devika- Goddess
Dhita- Daughter
Dhyana- Meditation
Dhithi- A beautiful thought
Darshi- Blessings
Daksha- Honest
Dhriti- Determination

Esha- One who is pure
Eshani- Fulfilling one’s desire
Eshanya- East
Etasha- Shining beauty
Eshika- Arrow
Ekta- Unity
Eshma- Lucky girl
Ethaha- Shining
Emi- A beautiful blessing in Japanese

Stylish Indian Baby Girl Name with F with Meanings

Falak- Sky
Feba- As source of light
Fritha- Loved one
Fida- Redemption
Falguni- The night of full moon
Fulki- A spark
Fullara-  kalketu’s wife

Popular Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with G with Meanings

Ganavi- Righteous girl
Gathika-  A river
Gaya- Humble
Githika- A sweet song
Grihitha- The one who accepts 
Giyanna- to give life
Gayana- One who has a sweet voice
Gandhara- Fragrance
Ganeessa- Goddess of wisdom

Rare Indian Baby Girl Names With H with meanings

Hanithra- A beautiful night
Hanshi- A beautiful swan
Heer- Diamond
Hrishita- Cheerful
Hradha- Lake
Harvi- worthy for battle
Hamlata- A pure person by heart
Hanima- A wave
Hanita- Divine Grace

Latest Indian Baby girl names with I with meanings

Ihita - Beauty of Earth
Ikshana- Beautiful scenery
Inaaya- One who is compassionate
Irya- Powerful
Ishaanvi- Goddess Saraswathi
Iraj- Lord Hanuman
Ilakiya- Skilled
Indira-Goddess lakshmi

Indian Royal Baby Girl Names with J with meanings

Jaanvi- Another name of gangadevi
Jaahnavi- River ganga
Jayani- Ganesha’s Shakthi
Jennet- Sent from heaven
Jagyi- Princess
Jaitashree- Raga of indian music
Jeia- Sweet heart
Jenika- Gracious gift of God
Jaagrithi- It means to arouse, awaken
Jaipriya- Beloved of victory

Best Baby Girl Names with K with meanings

Kaashvi- Shining bright
Kani- Fruitful
Kavini- A beautiful poem
Kshiti- Earth
Kamika- The desired one
Kanika- beautiful women
Kanisha- One who has a glowing eyes
Kahini- Young
Kalynda- Of the sun

Adorable Baby Girl Names with L with meanings

Laasya-  Dance
Lavani- Gracious
Lavina- Purity
Lakshita- One who is very unique
Laya- Rhythm of Indian music
Laghuvi- Tender
Laharika- THe waves of ocean
Laina- First Ray of sun
Lakshana- It means unique or distinguished
Lalima-Morning red in the sky

Cute Indian Baby Girl names with M with meanings

Mahika- Nature
Mahi- Union of earth and heaven
Manvi- Girl with humanity
Meher- One who is kind
Madhira-Young women
Maanavika- A beautiful young girl
Manhitha- A conversation with god
Manvi- A girl with Humanity
Madhavilatha-  A flowering creeper
Madhuja- Made of honey

Famous Indian Baby Girl names with N with meanings

Nabhanya- Spring from the heaven
Navita- Something new
Neana- one with beautiful eyes
Nabhitha- A fearless woman
Nadhiya- Like a river
Nahar- The day
Naidhrua- Name of goddess parvathy
Nakula- Goddess parvati

Good Indian Baby Girl names with O with meanings

Omna- Worshiper of Shiva
Omysha- Goddess of birth and death
Oorja- Energy
Ooviya- Artistic Person
Oyshe- Divine
Owshika-A great Achiever
Ojasvi- Bright
Omaja-Result of spiritual unity


Lovely Indian Baby girl name with P with meanings

Paridhi- In a realm
Parthivi- Seeta
Paavana- Holy
Paavni- Whose touch makes everything pure
Pahel- To Start something
Parina- A fairy
Parisha- Beautiful
Pallavi- With new leaves
Pari- Content

New Indian baby girl names with Q with meanings

Qahira- One who always win

Top Indian baby girl names with R with meanings

Reva-Narmada dress
Ruhi- one with higher values
Raahini- Related to Goddess Saraswathi
Raasya- The essence
Rayini- Another name of goddess Saraswathi
Rabhya- Someone who is worshiped
Radnya- King’s daughter
Raemaha- Rays of sunlight
Ryna- Queen


Variety Indian baby girl names with S with meanings

Sanija- A born gift
Sanjoli- Twilight
Sanea- A moment that is preserved
Sachee- Beloved
Sadhvi-Religious woman
Sagnika- Born in a sea
Saaman- God
Simran-One who meditates


Elegant Indian baby girl names with T with meanings

Tanvi- Delicate
Tapti- Daughter of son
Trikaya- Like trimurti
Taamasi- Beautiful Night
Taanusiya- A great devotee
Taarika- A star
Taksha- Daughter of KIng Bharath
Thuza- Bright-faced like an angel
Tamana- Desired


Urvi- Heaven and earth
Udvita- River of lotuses
Ujesha- Conquering
Ujjaini- Ancient city
Umika- Goddess Parvathy
Udaya- Dawn
Udita-One who has risen
Ujwala-A bright faced angel
Uditi- the rising sun


Trendy baby girl names with V with meanings

Vanca- Desire
Vethali- Goddess Durga
Vaiga- Goddess Parvathy
Vaidurya- A gem
Vaishvi- devotee of Lord Vishnu
Vamnayi- Goddess of speech
Vamsee- Flute of lord Krishna
Vagesri - One who is divine and powerful
Vaani-Full of energy 
Vaasanti- Spring

Rare baby girl names with W with meanings

Warhi- Holi
Watsala- Loving
Waada- Promise

Simple baby girl names with Y with meanings

Yuvika-Young woman
Yahaana- Sacrifice
Yaditha- Long night
Yonita- A bird
Yousha- Young girl
Yuti- Union
Yuthika- Flower
Yamini- Night
Yashwanthi- One with fame

Popular baby girl names with Z with meanings

Zyvana- Goddess
Zanisha- One who rules human
Zohra- Love, beautiful
Zaitar- God’s gift
Zansi- Courageous
Zantra- High point
Zarna- Water stream
Zhamak- Glow
Zindhu- Peace of world

Best 100 Modern Indian baby boy names 2022

Modern Indian baby boy names
Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with A with Meanings

Avyay-  New beginning
Anay- One who can lead by himself
Ahaan- its a new day
Amik-  Friendly
Anvay-one with integrity
Avik-One who is fearless
Aaryaman- The sun
Arhaan- Emperor or King


Unique Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with B with meanings

Bhavik- full of emotions
Balbir- Strong
Behazad- Good Birth
Bhaavan- The creator
Bharuk- A responsible person
Bhavad- Giving life
Bhavish- Future
Badrul- Ambitious and religious person
Bagirath- One who rides chariot
Balbeer- Powerful

Cool Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with C with meanings

Chitraksh- A person with attractive eyes
Chahal- Cheerful
Charvik- Intelligent
Chaah- Love
Chahat- Love
Chahel- Good cheering
Chayan- Moon
Chand- Moon
Chander- Moon


Daksh- Someone who is competent.
Divij- From the heaven
Dhanuk- It means a bow
Daav- fire
Daivey- lovely
Dansvik- fortunate
Davashish-  blessings of God
Dayan- merciful
Darun- Strong
Dabeet- Warrior


Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with E with meanings

Evan- God’s grace
Eerav- Someone you can trust
Ehan- Something expected
Eknaath- Ancient saint
Edhas-  Sacred Happiness
Ehimay- Someone who is pervasive
Ekachith- With Unity in mind
Ekadath- Lord Ganesh
Ekaksh- Lord Shiva

Best Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with F with meanings

Farhad-  A wise person
Faham- Intelligent and compassionate
Firoh- Joy
Farhat- Happiness
Fanibhusan- Lord Shiva
Fanindra- Serpent
Fanish- Serpent
Faaz- Famous
Fadendra- Independent Person
Fanish- One who is strong

Top Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with G with meanings

Gatik- Fast
Gauransh- A part of the goddess gauri which is parvathy
Gaur- Who is very attentive
Gavin-White hawk
Gajpat- Master of elephant
Gajrup- Lord Ganesh
Ganak- One who calculates
Gajvadan- Another name of ganesha

Latest Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with H with meanings

Harteij-Rey of god
Harman- One who is in every heart.
Haksh- eye
Harishva- lord Vishnu and Shiva
Hanamanth- Loving person
Hanish- One who saves from danger
Hansaraj- king of swans
Hanshal- Beautiful like swan
Hansin- Universal soul

Rare Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with I with meanings

Ivaan- Gift of god
Ibhan- Lord Ganesha
Idanth- Name of lord ganesha
Ishir-  strong 
Ihan- Honor
Ijay-Lord vishnu
Inesh- A strong vishnu
Illakiyen- skilled person
Ilamaran - Someone who is young
Ilamath- Brave young man

Famous Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with J with meanings

Jiyaan- Always joyful
Jivin- Give life
Jaagrav- Someone who is alert
Jag- universe
Jagmay- Spread over universe
Jagav- Born in the world
Jagat- Preceptor of the world
Jagathkishor- Child of the world
Jagatpal- Someone who takes care of the world
Jagan- Universal 


Trendy Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with K with meanings

Krishiv- Lord krishna and Shiva
Kairav- White lotus
Keyvan- Universe
Kushaagra- Intelligent
Kadir- ray of light
Kaher - anger
Kaishik- passionate
Kaashinath- Lord of Kaashi
Kabal- Intelligent
Kaashinath- Lord of mount Kaashi

Top Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with L with meanings

Lithvik- Bright
Lehaan-one who never give up
Lekh-A letter
Luv- Lord Ram
Lakit- Beautiful
Larraj- A Sage
Laven- fragrance
Lishanth-A variant of name Lishan which means an award
Lithesh- Charming 
Lithesh- Aim/Goal
Lohithaksh- Lord Vishnu

Royal Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with M with meanings

Meer- Admirable
Moh- A wish
Medhansh- One who inherits wisdom
Manan- reverence
Maanesh- One who studies mind
Maani- One who hinders wrong
Maanraj- Soul of king
Maanvir- Fearless by heart
Madhuk- Honey
Maaran- Powerful

Unique Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with N with meanings

Nirvaan- bliss
Nirav- Quietness
Navaj- A new kingdom
Nirmay- Pure
Navodit- Newly arised
Nirved- Gift from god
Nabhyan- Fearsome
Naresh- Lord of man
Narinder- Manlion
Narmad- Bringing delight

Popular Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with O with meanings

Ojas- Brightness
Onir-The one who is shining
Omaj- unity 
Omaj- Life giver
Omal- Meaning soft
Omarjeet- Joy of Om
Omdut- God given
Omesa- Lordof om
Omesh- Lord of om

Elegant Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with P with meanings

Praan- Life
Parv- Strength
Purab- East
Prayan- highly intelligent
Pranay- Reverence
Paaraj- Gold
Paarthiv- Child of Earth
Palin- Protecting
Pallab- New leaves
Pallav- Young shoots and leaves

Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with R with meanings

Rish- Dominant ruler
Reyan- From God
Ridhaan- seeker
Reet- pearl
Ruthjit- The one who conquers truth.
Reyansh- Part of a stream
Ragupathi- Ancient king
Raha- Merriment
Rahul- Efficient person
Raivath- Wealthy


Indian Royal Baby Boy Names Starting with s with meanings

Shay- Gift
Shrihan- Lord Vishnu
Stuvan- Praise
Savar- Lord Shiva
Suveer- Heroic
Saihaj- Peaceful
Shayak- Arrow
Shlok- A vedic Chant
Sawaan- Rain


Simple Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with T with meanings

Taksh- Eternal Mountain
Tirth- A holy place
Tejas- Sharp
Tanak- Prize
Tanul- Expand
Takshak - A cobra
Taksheel- Someone with strong character
Takshil - Strong character


Udaan- fly
Ujal- Shining bright
Urvil- Wise
Udbal- MIghty
Udbhav- Creation
Uddhar- an independent man
Uddhav- Lord krishna’s friend
Uddip- Giving light
Uddiran- Lord Vishnu

New Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with V with meanings

Vihang- A bird
Vegh- Fast
Viraang- A person with strong body
Vyom- Sky
Vaishant-Shining star
Vihas-Lord Krishna
Vaijeenath- King of life and death
Vaikartan- Name karta
Vaikhan- Lord vishnu

Good Indian Baby Boy names starting with W with meanings

Wamil- Beautiful
Wridhyuth- An achievement
Wardhan- Blessing of god
Wijdhan-An emotion


Variety Indian Baby Boy names starting with Y with meanings

Yug- Generation
Yaj- Worshiper of lord Shiva
Yugal- Couple
Yahva- active
Yukt- Precious
Yajin- Worshiper of god
Yadnyesh-Lord life
Yadu- Ancient King
Yadunandan- Krishna

Rare Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with Z with meanings

Zain- Radiant
Zehaan- Brightness
Zainab- Beloved
Zeh- Fragrance
Zamrak- Charming
Zankrut- A queen
Zantarava- Auspicious
Zarann- water flow
Zarmin- Lucky
Zaiden- Godly

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