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How is your baby growing

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

At 25 weeks, your baby is about the size of an eggplant. Your baby's brain is growing rapidly, as the brain’s cortex develops into elaborate layers.



    At this time, baby fat is developing, meaning your baby’s wrinkled skin is smoothening out and resembling a newborn more and more. Your baby is starting to grow some hair on that little head.

    Your baby skin is also getting pinker as capillaries develop under the skin and fill with blood. Blood vessels will also develop this week in your baby’s lungs, bringing closer to that first gulp of new air your baby will take after being born.

    Around week 25, your baby’s nose and nostrils will start to work, allowing to begin taking practice breaths, breathing in amniotic fluid. Your baby may even be able to start to smell too, although many babies can only experience this sense by the third trimester.

    Your little one’s hands will develop creases in the palms this week, and soon sweat glands will form in her skin. She’ll also be getting her own unique fingerprints soon.

    Your baby will steadily be acquiring enhanced dexterity in hands and fingers, so very soon, also will be able to grasp things in fist and even play with umbilical cord. Your baby may also suck thumb and play with hands and feet. Just imagine, it won’t be too long before gripping your finger in that cute tiny fist!

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