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How your baby's growing

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

At this point of time, your baby has also started to make rapid eye movements, which means your baby has most likely started dreaming as well. So far, your baby’s eyes are shut tightly but now your baby can open and close eyes periodically and also flutter eyelashes.



    Your baby is also working on coughing, intense sucking, hiccupping, and also better breathing. Your baby is also occasionally sticking tongue out, doctors are still unsure about the reason for this, but it may be to taste the amniotic fluid. At this juncture, lots of developments are taking place and your baby brain is developing fast and preparing itself by developing millions of neurons.

    It is also developing deep ridges and indentations. Other body parts are also getting developed and giving themselves a finishing touch.

    Your baby is also settling into the position for birth, with the head facing down towards the cervix. At this point, you will feel more pressure on your lower portion of the body. Some babies also wait until the 30th week before they start moving downward and take their position to come out. Each and every pregnancy has a different story to be shared. This phase is crucial because here the developments take place at a rapid pace and your baby is gearing itself to face the world outside.

    Hence, to ensure a healthy baby you must eat good food, stay positive, and most importantly, keep yourself relaxed. You might have sleepless nights, but instead, to getting irritated try to calm yourself with some soft music or sip some chamomile tea and then try to take some rest. You must avoid stressful activity and try to keep your anxiety level down.

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