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How to de-stress yourself in these final few days before delivery

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

You have come a long way with your baby in the womb and now your baby will be in your arms any moment! Just enjoy this phase and stay away from stress for the safest delivery of your baby. Take a lot of rest when you wish to and do not feel any guilt about it as your body demands this rest from your side. Give your share of work to family members and to your partner as well, do not expect to do everything on your own in order to accomplish everything in one go. A little bit of exercise or a gentle stroll in open air will relax you and calm down your anxieties.



    Your aches and pains will also subside when you keep on exercising on a regular basis till your baby arrives. Spend most of your day outdoor in sunshine and you will feel more refreshed and relaxed than staying indoors and worrying unnecessarily. If you are feeling low, then it is good idea to call up your friend or your partner who you think can listen to you and understand you better. It is always a good idea to share your fears and concerns with others at this stage as this will relax you a lot.

    Take a relaxing shower when you feel like as this will also help in calming down your anxiety in no time. Relax your muscles by simply lying down in a comfortable environment with some light music playing in the background. Close your eyes and think of good things and your baby at this moment to relax your body and mind.

    Meditation helps in restoring your peace of mind and calms down all your anxieties at this stage. Focus on your breath and calm down yourself as this process also helps in providing extra oxygen to your baby that is very good for his health.

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