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Understanding your baby's movements inside you: When should you be concerned?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

One of the most enthusiastic and anticipated moment for any expectant mother is when she first feels her baby move. Though this may occur at different times, you may first notice fetal movements in the second trimester. However, in the third trimester, your baby will most probably become very active and will start rolling. You may feel and even see the kicks and punches and other acrobatics. These are the signs of final trimester. It is natural for some mothers to worry if their baby is too active or not moving for a while. Do not worry. Sometimes a baby will be playful and sometimes baby will sleep.



    Check with your doctor if you feel there is no movement of your baby for a long time. Mentioned below is what your baby is up to in the third trimester. The third trimester begins from the 28th week of your pregnancy. By this time your baby’s organs are well developed, and your little one is beginning to explore their environment. They are now able to sense. The vision might not be developed fully. They will just see some light. Now is the time to watch out for their moves! The fetus is exploring their environment more actively and will explore around. You might have noted these movements during the second trimester but mistaken them for hunger or gas. In the third trimester, the movement will be more clear.

    Babies in the third trimester can be quite active. You may feel frequent kicking, punching, rolling, and other movements. Some mothers will even be able to see proof of this movement with tiny hand and footprints appearing. You will not feel any discomfort. There might be some pain if your baby decides to kick you hard.

    Your baby is likely to become more energetic as your delivery date nears. You may feel some rolls and stretches along with the punches and kicks. It is normal. You can also expect more frequent movements. An average of 30 kicks can be expected for an hour.

    Late in the third trimester, your baby will rotate head down. This is preparation for birth, and the position can be cross-checked by physical examination or ultrasound. If the position is not correct, your gynecologist can help correct this.

    When should you be concerned?

    Do not panic if you are not feeling any kicks or movements. Since the baby is getting bigger, the uterus is getting crowded and the baby might not find space to move. If you are not feeling any activity for a very long time, or experience any form of pain or bleeding, consult your doctor immediately. They may suggest to count the number of kicks per hour or suggest a scan. For each woman, pregnancy is different. Do not compare the baby's movements with any of your previous pregnancies or with a friend. Trust your instincts and stay calm and positive.

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