Some bike enthusiasts do not like to change anything about their two-wheeler. On the other hand, some bike lovers like to play around and customize their bikes. Modifying your bike can be liberating and satisfying. Bikers like to express themselves through their bike, and modifying their two-wheeler is another way of doing it.

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A bike can be modified in different ways as per one’s budget and interest. However, this can be an expensive affair and demands expertise. As it is with bike riding, you need to be careful about bike modifying as well. Read ahead to know some crucial pointers regarding things to do and things to avoid if you are going for bike modifications.

Do’s Regarding Modifying Two-wheelers:

Right Balance:

Try to maintain the right balance between aesthetics and performance enhancements. Keep in mind that the aesthetic improvements shouldn’t hamper the bike’s performance in the long run. If you are someone who pays more attention to aesthetics over performance, modifying and maintaining such a bike might be an expensive affair.

Security Enhancements:

Along with making your bike attractive, also give some thoughts concerning its safety. And while you are at it, you have the option to reduce your two-wheeler insurance premium amount. You stand a chance to receive a discount on your two-wheeler’s Own Damage premium if you install certified security devices on your bike.

Inform the Authorities:

You will have to inform the respective authorities based on the kind of modifications you make to your bike. For example, changing the bike’s entire colour scheme and tampering with the engine might cause compliance issues with your Regional Transport Office (RTO).  Also, whatever the nature of the modifications, do mention the same to your two-wheeler insurance provider at the earliest. Not doing so might hamper your two-wheeler insurance claim settlement process.

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Don’ts Regarding Modifying Two-wheelers:

Rash Decisions:

Don’t make rash decisions. An idea might excite you and you might want to get into execution mode as soon as possible. But wait. Give it a thought. Ask yourself – will the modification make sense in the long run? Decide the way ahead based on your answer.

Professional Job:

Refrain from trying to modify the bike on your own if you do not have prior knowledge pertaining to the intricacies involved in such a task. It is better if complex bike modification tasks are performed by experts.

Legal Trouble:

Certain bike modifications might get you into legal trouble, for example, installing fancy lights that can inconvenience other riders and drivers, not following guidelines related to the number plate, etc. Punishments can include hefty fines.

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Bike Insurance Online:

Whether you modify your bike or not, it is necessary to insure it if you want to ride your two-wheeler legally on Indian roads. And while you are at it, you can consider purchasing bike insurance online. Buying bike insurance is not enough, you need to renew it before it expires in order to keep the plan active. An expired plan will not fetch any benefits.

In today’s digital world, it has become extremely convenient to opt for two-wheeler insurance renewal online. Listed below are the major advantages of two-wheeler insurance renewal online.

  •  Low-priced bike insurance policies
  •  No need to depend on an agent for policy renewal
  •  Quick bike insurance policy renewal process
  •  No paperwork
  •  A long list of additional services
  •  Hassle-free claim settlement
  •  Access to all Terms and Conditions and Policy Wordings on the website

Take advantage of this online renewal service and keep your bike insurance policy active to follow the law. Before purchasing your policy, go through the fine print in detail. And while renewing the policy, review your existing policy and search for a different plan if you are not satisfied with the services. Rise safe and stay insured. 

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