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Travel Insurance for Serbia from India

Ensure a safe trip with Serbia travel insurance plan.

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Are you planning a trip to Serbia from India? Whether you're a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first international adventure, it's important to be prepared for the unexpected. That's where ACKO Travel Insurance for Serbia from India comes in! Don't worry, we're not here to bore you with all the technical details. Instead, we'll show you how getting travel insurance for Serbia can actually be a fun and easy process. So kick back, unwind, and let's begin!

Why do I need travel insurance for my Serbia trip?
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Here are six reasons to consider getting Serbia travel insurance from India.

If you face any legal issues during your Serbia trip, travel insurance can provide you with legal assistance and cover the cost of legal fees.

Emergency assistance
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If you need emergency assistance during your trip to Serbia, your travel insurance can help you find the nearest medical facility, embassy, or consulate. It can also cover the cost of any emergency travel arrangements you need to make.

Personal liability
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Accidents can happen, and you might be held liable for any damage or injury caused to others. Travel insurance can cover your personal liability and help you avoid hefty legal bills.

Flight cancellations or delays
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Flight cancellations or delays are common, but they can be inconvenient and expensive. If you have travel insurance, you can get reimbursed for any expenses incurred due to flight cancellations or delays.

Trip cancellation
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Your plans for the trip can change due to unforeseen circumstances like illness or natural disasters. In such cases, travel insurance can reimburse the cost of your trip if you have to cancel it.

What is the benefit of buying Travel Insurance for Serbia online?
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You can get the following advantages by purchasing travel insurance online for Serbia.

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Buying travel insurance online is incredibly convenient as you can do it from anywhere at any time. You don't have to visit a physical location, wait in line, or fill out paperwork by hand. Instead, you can easily compare different policies, choose the one that fits your needs and budget, and purchase it online in just a few clicks.

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When you buy travel insurance Serbia online, you can customise your coverage to fit your specific needs. For example, if you're planning on participating in adventure activities like hiking or skiing, you can add additional coverage for those activities to your policy.

Access to reviews
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When you purchase travel insurance online, you can easily access reviews from other customers who have purchased policies from the same provider. This can help you make a more informed decision about which policy to choose and which provider to trust.

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Purchasing travel insurance online can save you a lot of time. You won't have to spend hours researching and comparing policies, filling out forms, or waiting for your policy to be issued. Instead, you can get instant confirmation of your coverage and policy documents, saving you time and hassle.

Key features of ACKO’s Serbia Travel Insurance Policy
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Please find below some of the key features that ACKO's Travel Insurance for Serbia provides. However, please keep in mind that for precise information, it is advisable to refer to the relevant policy documents.



Adventure sports caused injuries

If injuries occur during adventure sports, the policy will provide coverage.

Baggage delay/loss

If your baggage is delayed or lost while travelling by air, the policy will provide reimbursement according to its terms.

Trip cancellation and interruption

The policy outlines a specific monetary compensation amount in case of trip interruption or flight cancellation.

Loss of passport

If your passport is lost while travelling, the policy will cover the cost of obtaining a new one.

Trip rescheduling

The policy provides a fixed sum compensation for flight rescheduling according to its terms.

Illness-related medical expense reimbursement

If you become ill during your trip, the policy will reimburse your medical expenses.

Trip cancellation due to COVID-19

If your trip is cancelled or rescheduled due to a positive COVID-19 test, the policy offers compensation.

COVID-19-related hospitalisation

If you require hospitalisation due to contracting COVID-19 while travelling, the policy will cover the medical costs.

Loss of travel fund

If your travel funds are lost or stolen, the policy guarantees adequate money to complete the trip.

Missed/delayed flight

The policy provides lump-sum compensation for missed or delayed flights according to its terms.

Accident-related medical expense reimbursement

The insurance plan covers any medical costs related to accidents that may occur during travel.

Benefits of ACKO’s Serbia Travel Insurance Plan
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Here are some additional benefits you can experience when you buy Serbia Travel Insurance from ACKO.

What is covered

What is not covered

Here are the inclusions of our Travel Insurance for Serbia, designed to offer a hassle-free and financially secure trip to Serbia.

Repatriation of mortal remains

If, unfortunately, you pass away during your trip, our policy covers the costs of repatriating your body to your hometown, easing the burden on your loved ones.

Compassionate visits

In case you require hospitalisation due to sickness or injury, our policy covers the expenses of bringing a family member from India to Serbia to provide emotional support and ensure proper care.

Cancellation and rescheduling of travel

Our policy offers fixed compensation for flight cancellations, missed connections, rescheduling, or delays to reduce additional expenses or inconvenience.

Trip cancellation due to COVID-19

If you need to cancel your trip due to COVID-19-related reasons, our medical travel insurance will cover your financial losses.

Replacement of lost passport

If you lose your passport while travelling in Serbia, our policy pays for the cost of getting a new one, saving you money and frustration.

Injuries related to adventure sports

With our policy, you won't have to worry about paying medical bills if you get hurt while taking part in adventure sports.

Loss and delay of luggage

In the event that your luggage is delayed or lost while you are travelling, our policy will pay you a predetermined amount of compensation.

Expenses for medical care

By covering hospitalisation, ambulance fees, and other medical expenses up to a predetermined limit, our medical travel insurance for Serbia ensures that you won't be burdened by high medical costs abroad.

Personal liability coverage

Our policy offers monetary compensation and covers legal fees if you are found to be at fault for incidents that cause harm to a third party, such as bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage.

To ensure that you have a complete understanding of our insurance policy coverage, we have created a list of exclusions which fall into three categories, as mentioned below.

Travel exclusions

Coverage cannot be provided in the following circumstances.

  • Travelling without a valid visa

  • Travelling to Serbia solely for medical purposes

  • Travelling despite being ill and not adhering to travel-related medical advice

Legal exclusions

ACKO’s insurance for Serbia travel cannot be claimed in the following situations.

  • Attempting suicide or engaging in self-harm

  • Participating in activities while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Being convicted of a crime

  • Engaging in dangerous tasks such as mining, tunnelling, aerial photography, and similar work

Medical exclusions

The following medical expenses are not covered under our policy.

  • Any exacerbation of pre-existing medical conditions while in Serbia

  • The use of a family member's letter as proof of disability

  • Maternity-related medical expenses

Note: This list is not exhaustive and you should review the relevant policy documents for a comprehensive understanding of our policy.

Tips to buy the best travel insurance for Serbia from India online
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Outlined below are some tips for purchasing the most suitable and affordable online travel insurance to Serbia from India.

Choose an appropriate sum insured
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To save money, choose a sum insured that is financially feasible and adequate to cover any possible risks that may occur during your trip. It is essential to pick a sensible sum insured that isn't too high as doing otherwise could raise the price of your travel insurance policy.

Familiarise yourself with the claims process
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Prior to purchasing a travel insurance policy for Serbia, ensure that you understand the procedure for making a claim with the insurer. This will enable you to file a claim quickly and effectively if you encounter an emergency while travelling, thus saving you both time and money.

Be discerning about the coverage you require
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To minimise the cost of your ACKO International Travel Insurance for Serbia, evaluate your specific needs and opt for only the essential coverage. This will prevent you from paying for any unnecessary coverage.

How to buy ACKO’ Travel Insurance for Serbia
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Follow these simple steps to effortlessly acquire international travel insurance for your trip to Serbia via ACKO.

Step 1: Visit ACKO's website or mobile app at

Step 2: Navigate to the "Travel" tab and specify the countries you plan to visit.

Step 3: Enter the commencement and conclusion dates of your trip.

Step 4: Ensure that all accompanying travellers are covered by the insurance.

Step 5: Select the appropriate coverage options that match your travel requirements in Serbia.

Step 6: Finalise the process by completing an online payment. Your policy documentation will be sent straight to your email.

That's it! You can have peace of mind while travelling with ACKO's Serbia Travel Insurance Cover, knowing that you are protected financially against most unforeseen events.

How to raise a claim under ACKO’s Travel Insurance for Serbia
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To ensure that your claims for ACKO Serbia Travel Policy are processed smoothly, please follow these three straightforward steps.

Step 1: Initiate the claims submission process by either sending an email to [email protected] or giving a missed call to 8061617799.

Step 2: Collect all the relevant documents required for your specific claim type and submit them to us.

Step 3: Your responsibility is now fulfilled. We will handle your claim request and settle it according to your policy's terms and conditions.

Note: The time taken to resolve a claim may vary depending on its complexity. Claims involving more complex procedures may require additional time for processing and resolution.

Things you should know before beginning your Serbia trip
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Here are a few things you should know before you visit Serbia.

  1. Currency: Serbia's currency is the Serbian Dinar. Make sure you have some cash on you, as not all places accept credit cards.

  2. Language: Serbian is the official language, but don't worry if you don't speak it! Many people in Serbia speak English, especially in tourist areas.

  3. Food: Serbian cuisine is hearty and delicious. Be sure to try some of the local specialities, such as cevapi, rakija, and ajvar.

  4. Weather: Serbia has a continental climate, which means hot summers and cold winters. Be prepared for the weather, depending on the time of year you're visiting.

  5. Culture: Serbians are friendly and welcoming people. Don't be surprised if you're invited to share a meal or a drink with locals.

  6. History: Serbia has a rich and complex history. Take some time to explore the country's many historic sites and museums.

  7. Nightlife: Belgrade is known for its vibrant nightlife scene. Be sure to check out some of the city's many bars and clubs.

  8. Transportation: Serbia has a good public transportation system, including buses and trains. Taxis are also readily available.

  9. Nature: Serbia has some stunning natural landscapes, including national parks and mountains. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the great outdoors!

  10. Music: Serbia has a strong music culture, with many festivals and events throughout the year. Be sure to check out some local musicians and bands while you're there.

Things you can’t miss!
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Here are some must-visit places in Serbia that will leave you amazed and wanting more.

Serbia Visa Information for Indians
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Here are the popular types of visas available for visitors to Serbia.

Visa type


Short-stay visa (Type C)

This visa is for visitors who plan to stay in Serbia for up to 90 days within a six-month period for tourism, business, or family visit purposes.

Transit visa (Type B)

This visa is for visitors who are passing through Serbia to reach their final destination.

Long-stay visa (Type D)

This visa is for visitors who plan to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days, either for work, study, or other purposes.

Diplomatic and official visa

This visa is for diplomatic and official passport holders who are travelling to Serbia on official business.

Visa for spouses of Serbian citizens

This visa is for spouses of Serbian citizens who are travelling to Serbia to join their spouse.

Note: We recommend that you check with the Serbian embassy or consulate in your country for specific requirements and procedures.

Indian Embassy’s location in Serbia
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If you experience an emergency while in Serbia, you can use the contact details listed in the table below to get in touch with the Indian Embassy.


Embassy of India Belgrade, Serbia


Djordja Radojlovica 7a, 11040, Belgrade

Phone number

+381 11 2666- 520, +381 11 2667- 990


[email protected]

Working hours

8.30 a.m - 1.00 p.m and 1.30 p.m - 5.00 p.m


List of international airports in Serbia
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Below is a list of some of Serbia's main international airports and their locations.

Airport name


Nikola Tesla Airport


Pristina International Airport


Constantine The Great International Airport


Documents required to travel to Serbia
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Indian citizens travelling to Serbia require a valid passport and a visa to enter the country. The following documents are required for Indians to apply for a Serbian visa.

  1. A completed visa application form

  2. Two recent passport-size photographs

  3. A passport in good standing with a minimum remaining validity of six months after the date of entry into Serbia and with two or more blank pages

  4. A letter of invitation from the person or organisation in Serbia that the Indian traveller intends to visit (if applicable)

  5. A confirmed return flight ticket

  6. Proof of sufficient funds to cover the expenses during the stay in Serbia

  7. Travel medical insurance covering the entire duration of stay in Serbia.

Note: We recommend that you review the Serbian embassy or consulate's website in India for the most up-to-date information and requirements for a Serbian visa.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are answers to frequently asked questions on travel insurance Serbia.


Who is eligible to buy the ACKO Travel Insurance for Serbia?

The policy is available to Indian citizens travelling to Serbia for personal or business purposes.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Serbia?

Yes, it is mandatory to have travel insurance for travel to Serbia.

What benefits does the ACKO’s Serbia Travel Policy offer to Indian travellers?

The policy covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellations, loss or theft of baggage, trip curtailment, and personal accident.

What are the exclusions under ACKO Travel Insurance to Serbia?

Some exclusions include pre-existing medical conditions, self-inflicted injuries, and non-compliance with local laws and regulations. Please read the policy documents carefully to understand the complete list of exclusions.

Can I purchase an ACKO Serbia Travel Plan for a group of travellers?

Yes, you can purchase the policy for a group of travellers by providing the details of each traveller while buying the policy.

How can I buy ACKO Serbia Travel Insurance for Indians?

To purchase the policy, visit the ACKO website or mobile app, provide your travel details, and select the policy that best suits your requirements.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions.