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Travel Insurance for Malaysia from India

Ensure a safe trip with Malaysia travel insurance plan.

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Malaysia is a popular tourist destination known for its diverse culture, beautiful beaches, and vibrant cities. It's a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Southeast Asia. However, it's important to make sure you have the right travel insurance policy before embarking on your journey. This is where travel insurance for Malaysia from India comes into the picture. Not only does it provide financial protection in case of unexpected events, but it also gives you peace of mind during your travels.

Why do I need travel insurance for Malaysia from India?
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While travelling to Malaysia from India, it's essential to have a travel insurance policy in place to guard against potential financial risks. Here are some situations where travel insurance to Malaysia from India can be particularly useful.

In the event of these types of situations, an appropriate travel insurance plan can provide peace of mind and help alleviate financial stress.

Key features of the Malaysia travel insurance policy
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The following are the main advantages of a Malaysia travel insurance policy. Note that these features/advantages/benefits can vary from one policy to another. Thus, it’s best to check the corresponding policy wordings for specifics.


Malaysia travel insurance benefits

Accidental coverage

Provides coverage for hospitalisation or daycare treatment related to an accident during the duration of your trip.

Medical emergency coverage

Offers insurance protection for medical expenses related to hospitalisation, as specified in the policy terms.

Adventure sports coverage

If included, covers hospitalisation due to injury sustained while participating in adventure sports.

Flight delay/cancellation coverage

Covers financial losses resulting from the cancellation or delay of a pre-booked flight, as per policy terms.

Loss of passport coverage

Helps to recover the cost of obtaining a duplicate passport if your original is lost while travelling in Malaysia.

Trip rescheduling/cancellation coverage

Takes care of financial expenses related to the cancellation or rescheduling of a trip for a valid reason covered by the policy.

COVID-19 quarantine coverage

If included, covers the cost of trip cancellation due to COVID-19.

Baggage delay/loss coverage

Offers coverage for lost or delayed checked baggage.

Loss of travel fund coverage

Protects you financially if your travel funds are lost or stolen while travelling.

Benefits of the Malaysia travel insurance plan
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Check out some of the top ways in which a Malaysia travel insurance plan can benefit you while travelling.

Online claim process
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Simplifies the process of filing a claim, with no need for lengthy paperwork or multiple appointments.

Customisable plans
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Allows you to tailor a policy to fit your specific travel needs, including the number of travellers, trip duration, and age of insured individuals.

Coverage for unexpected events
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Provides insurance against unexpected occurrences that may arise during your trip, such as trip cancellations or delays.

Peace of mind
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Gives you the confidence and peace of mind to fully enjoy your trip, knowing you are protected against potential financial risks.

Flexible options
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Offers a range of coverage options to choose from, allowing you to select the level of protection that best meets your needs.

What is covered?

What is not covered?

The following are the main coverages that are typically provided by a travel insurance policy for Malaysia.

Medical costs: Protects against unexpected medical expenses, including hospitalisation and treatment for illnesses and injuries.

Trip interruption: Offers coverage for unexpected events that may cause you to interrupt or cancel your trips, such as natural disasters or personal emergencies.

Baggage protection: Covers lost, damaged, or stolen baggage and personal belongings.

Travel delay: Provides reimbursement for additional expenses such as meals and accommodations if your trip is delayed due to certain covered events.

Emergency assistance: Offers access to a 24/7 emergency assistance hotline for help with medical, legal, and other emergencies while travelling.

Terrorism coverage: Offers protection for trip cancellations or interruptions due to acts of terrorism.

Political evacuation: Covers the cost of evacuating you from a destination due to political unrest or instability.

Natural disaster coverage: Provides protection for trip cancellations or interruptions due to natural disasters.

Here are a few Malaysia travel insurance plan exclusions you should be aware of.

Travel exclusions
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These are situations where your Malaysia travel insurance will not provide coverage.

  • The act of visiting Malaysia without a valid visa.

  • Travelling to Malaysia to receive medical care or consultation. 

  • Travelling to Malaysia while medically unfit for the trip.

  • Going on the trip despite being advised against it by a doctor.

The following legal scenarios may preclude your Malaysia travel insurance policy from offering coverage.

  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide attempts.

  • Damage, loss, or injury caused by alcohol or substance intoxication.

  • Injury or loss resulting from criminal activity.

  • Harm sustained while engaging in risky activities such as mining or tunnelling.

Medical exclusions
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Below are some medical situations that may not be covered by your Malaysia travel insurance policy.

  • Pre-existing health conditions or related complications as outlined in the policy.

  • Disabilities confirmed by a doctor with a familial connection to the insured individual.

  • Medical issues and treatments related to pregnancy.

Tips to buy the best travel insurance for Malaysia from India online
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Here are some helpful tips for purchasing the best Malaysia travel insurance online from India.

Read the fine print: Carefully review the terms and conditions of any policy you are considering. Make sure you fully understand what is and is not covered, and consider any exclusions that might impact your coverage.

Things you should know before beginning your Malaysia trip
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Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start your trip to Malaysia.

By keeping these things in mind, you can better prepare for your trip to Malaysia and have a more enjoyable and respectful visit.

Plan your trip to Malaysia
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With its diverse landscape, Malaysia offers something for every type of traveller. Whether you want to relax on the sandy beaches of Langkawi, explore the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, or experience the natural beauty of Borneo, Malaysia has a lot to offer. 

To help you plan your trip to Malaysia, here are a few things to consider.

Research the local culture: Malaysia is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage. Take some time to learn about the customs and traditions of the region you'll be visiting to ensure an enjoyable trip.

Things you can’t miss!
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Here are a few things you won't want to miss on your trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia visa for Indians
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A tourist visa, which permits stays of up to 90 days, is required for Indian nationals visiting Malaysia on vacation. To apply for a Malaysia visa, Indians will need to submit an application form and supporting documents. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Malaysia visa application is successful. You can determine which visa category is most appropriate for your application by referring to the following table.

Type of Visa

Purpose of Malaysia visit


Single entry visa

Foreign nationals who need a visa to enter Malaysia, primarily for a social visit, are given this.

It usually lasts for three (3) months from the date of issuance and is good for just one entry.

Multiple entry visa

This is provided to foreign nationals who need a visa to enter Malaysia, primarily for business or intergovernmental purposes.

From the date of issuance, it is typically valid for a period of three (3) to twelve (12) months. 

Transit visa

This is given to visitors from abroad who need a visa to transit through Malaysia.

Valid for the duration of the transit.

Indian Embassy’s location in Malaysia
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If you need urgent help in Malaysia as an Indian, you can get in touch with the Indian Embassy there. The embassy's contact information is provided below.


High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Level 1, Wisma HRIH Lotus, No. 442 Jalan Pahang, Setapak,53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone number

+60 3-4024 0990 / 2200 / 2211 / 1010


[email protected]

Working hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

International airports in Malaysia
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These are all the airports in Malaysia, according to the Ministry of Transport Malaysia.

Documents required to travel to Malaysia
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When travelling to Malaysia from India, it's important to have the proper documents in order to enter the country. The following are the travel documents that are typically required for entry into Malaysia.

Note that Malaysia has very strict laws, and visitors should abide by the laws to avoid any legal complications. It's always advisable to check with the nearest Embassy of Malaysia or check their official website for the most up-to-date information and requirements for entry into the country.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers about travel insurance for Malaysia from India.


What should I look for in a travel insurance policy for Malaysia?

While choosing a travel insurance policy for Malaysia, it's important to consider the coverage you need based on your travel plans and any potential risks. This may include medical coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and coverage for lost or stolen baggage. Be sure to read the policy terms carefully to understand what is and is not covered.

How do I buy travel insurance for Malaysia from India?

You can buy travel insurance for Malaysia from India online or through a travel agent. It's important to compare policies from different insurers to find the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Is it safe to travel to Malaysia?

Malaysia is generally considered to be a safe destination for travellers. However, as with any international trip, it is always a good idea to take precautions to ensure your safety and well-being. This can include taking out travel insurance, being aware of your surroundings, and following local laws and customs.

What is the climate like in Malaysia?

Malaysia has a tropical climate, with high temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. The weather is generally hot and humid, with occasional showers.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.